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  1. Rulebooks are guidebooks and not the definitive answer to any question that may arise during play. The GM is. But you also don't want to run the game with an iron fist. You want everyone to have fun, so think of the game as collaborative storytelling instead of rolling dice and checking stats.
  2. I've used Liquitex white gesso brushed on and also have added a few drops of black craft paint to it and brushed it on. In both cases, works great as a primer for Bones.
  3. Received mine today and everything was there. Like the previous Bones products, the larger minis are great and an excellent value, but the regular sized and smaller ones are on par with the past Bones minis: floppy swords, poorly detailed faces, etc. The Dark Sword DVDs are really excellent though.
  4. My package was showing Tuesday delivery, but now shows it's out for delivery today. It's making these last two hours of work difficult to focus on, especially when I live right across the street!
  5. I'd recommend buying a can of spray adhesive. It'll make it much easier and neater to attach the paper to cardstock.
  6. I didn't get any results when searching the forum, but has anyone used the dipping method with Bones figures? I have a ton of them left to paint and just want to get them over with to move on to other things and dipping has worked well with other minis in the past to get a decent look with minimal effort. I use Miniwax to dip. Does anyone know whether they stay tacky or have any adverse effects when dipped?
  7. When I was in my FLGS picking up some of the WizKids minis I had the same discussion about D&D vs. PF goblins with the owner :)
  8. I kinda liked the dreadlocks b/c it gave them that grungy, funky feel. I like to collect troll minis that are as different from your typical troll. The Fenryll and Naheulbeuk ones are some of my favorites, but these WizKids ones definitely have a place on the table for me.
  9. I've done the Pathfinder male clerics and the D&D female barbarians and two trolls and have to say, I like them. I just opened them and started painting without any washing or priming and got great results. Unlike Bones, there's no searching around for secret methods to prep them, no boiling to straighten them, they're just great for fast painting to use on the table. I'll still stick with metal for figures I want to display, but these have definitely become my go to minis for tabletop play.
  10. Got my book last week and minis yesterday. Absolutely love the sculpts. Now to get painting!
  11. I back pretty much back anything Damon and/or Andrea put out. Great guys and excellent, unique products. Fightin' Fungi and Project Simian are some of my favorite minis ever. Can't wait for the PSI-Paladins!
  12. Has anyone used this to prime Bones minis? I've got boxes of them left unpainted because of how they react to most aerosal propellants.
  13. I wanted to do this on a grand scale, like 300 pieces. I was hoping to use couplings so I don't have to cut that may pieces. ~125 Reaper bottles ~72 Scalecolor bottles ~18 Armypainter bottles ~10 Vallejo droppers ~8 Secret Weapon droppers So 300 spaces for whatever I end up with (and a little expansion). I'll happily take suggestions from the forum folks on how to proceed. If you don't have an electric saw of some kind to cut, get a cheap pair of PVC pipe cutters. Much easier than a hand saw.
  14. I posted an image of a paint rack I made a while back in another thread recently, but here's the pic again. It's made using PVC, foamboard, and hot glue.
  15. Here's one of the first ones I built a couple of years ago. Not as clean looking as others I've done, but still functional. Latter ones I've done have the sides sticking out enough to put another piece of foamboard over the paints as a lid:
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