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  1. Totally worth the price if Patrick Swayze guides my hand while painting.
  2. Shipment received. Sadly I do not own a digital camera that is worth a damn. Edit - Still going through the package when I have the time. All of the mini's seem to be correct for thier respective boxes, but I had one box where the unit cards were wrong. Not a major issue at all really. Still processing. Another Edit - One of the Models in my Goritsi Character Boxes was wrong. Well, right bits and wrong body. The other models else seems to be right though some are in so many pieces its hard to tell by looking at the individual baggies.
  3. Received my shipping notification. King Pledge (not ancient king) plus some add ons.
  4. Use the first as a lesser Old One in my upcoming D&D campaign. Then get a second and "shape" it as a Pathfinder Drakainia. Was tempted to do this with the purple work, but I think Mashaaf will look and work much better.
  5. Hi, I actually made one using the body of this reaper miniature; http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hellborn/sku-down/77118 And the head of http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bard/sku-down/77078 Worked out well. It was painted to mimic the Beastbrood Tiefling art from the Pathfinder RPG.
  6. Received my Demons and Devils today. Never got a shipping Confirmation, but that is okay. I do like the sculpts a lot more now that I have them in my hands. Good stuff. I'd take a picture, but with all the money I've spent on various kickstarters I cannot afford a camera :)
  7. My only real issue is Wyrmgears body. Its as if the front half of it was twisted away from you and the back half was twisted towards you (like an S) and it set in that position. When you would place the legs on him and say his center line is 6 o clock then the front legs are at about 5 o clock and the back legs are at about 7 o clock. After several boilings the above issue is almost corrected, but a secondary issue has popped up. There seems to have been severe stretching and warping done to the right wing socket and there is no way that I can fix that without performing hobby knife surgery. If the wings were soft (bonsium) it could just be made to fit but when the socket looks like a soft "S" and the wing is a rigid straight fit we are starting to get getting into round peg square hole territory. Other than that I am super satisfied with my bones. Assembled all of my Giants (one warped sword boiled to straightness), Nethyrmaul (assembled with ease), Kaladrax (mostly assembled, but waiting for some wing boiling) and my elementals and demons (4 armed demon's wings needed some boiling). Cthulhu assembled easily as well.
  8. /delurk Not a shipping confirmation, but yesterday I did receive an email confirming my address and pledge rewards for the packing and shipping of my stuff which is to occur this week. "Center Stage Miniaturessays: Your order is being packaged this week! Please confirm your ADDRESS and the items you selected below. If any changes are required, please let us know. If everything is OK, please respond with "OK to ship" as a reply and your order will go out shortly. Best, Matt S. CSM" Omit address and list o' goodies. I responded in the requested manner. /relurk
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