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  1. Whoa, that's a beautiful old sculpt! Great job painting her, especially her face and white dress. I also like the way the gravel looks like a mix of light and dark stones. It's an unusual place to have that kind of contrast. Really cool.
  2. I'd love to see these against a dark background, especially the undead.
  3. I don't know first hand about WizKid's replacement policy. I've never had an issue with any. I've read a couple posts from people who needed replacements and they said they got them. Yes, they certainly do sell out of some popular packs, and it can take time for them to restock since, like Reaper, they seem to order replacements in batches (when they need several SKUs replaced). I think the demand for WizKids unpainted minis caught them off guard and seems to be growing. Material wise, I much prefer the WizKids material over Bones and slightly prefer it over Bones Black. I find it easier to remove mold lines from WizKids minis. I detest the primer coat they use though. Stuff is awful. Needs to be reformulated or simply abandoned.
  4. Whoa! Those feathers on his back are beautiful! Also can't say enough about how well you painted his hands, arms, and the bottom of his foot. Outstanding!
  5. 1 I absolutely love the way you lit that guy, though you sure didn't make choosing easy.
  6. I still like metal minis for many character figures. I also like plastic, but I can almost never pull them out, prime and paint. Still have to do mold line removal, which is usually harder on Bonesium, and sometimes gap fill. A couple preassembled Bones minis have alignment issues, one I couldn't fix at all. For me pinning metal minis is kinda fun sometimes. I usually pin resin minis too. That said, I've also had to pin several larger Bones minis to keep them from flopping over. Every material has it's pros and cons. I'm a big fan of the Bones black and the WizKids material though.
  7. If you want to see them painted up there are a couple nice examples here on the forum. I'll post links. Just click on the names below. Hope they help. 01609 25th Anniversary Lysette 01611 25th Aniversary Ametrine Earthlyte
  8. Great job! I really like your doctor. You nailed the salt and pepper hair and wrinkly face.
  9. Nice job painting up an awesome figure. Really like the way you painted his armor. Man, I love Infinity models. They're poses are so dynamic.
  10. I don't know how evil you are, but you're definitely one crazy halfling! Love the sun hat. Never imagined I'd see a lizardman wearing one! So glad I saw this.
  11. Gruesome rotty goodness! The decay on him looks so convincing I can almost smell it.
  12. Nicely done! I really like the frozen lake base.
  13. Great looking snake! I'm guessing that pirate is gonna be tasty.
  14. Whoa, so many cool pieces. I really want the skelly hanging on that pillar. Not sure why, but these make me want to run a kobold centered game. They would add a distinctive style to a kobold lair.
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