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  1. 1 She's going to be tough to beat.
  2. Very cool set of orc riders! Your story makes me want to listen to "Where there's a whip, there's a way"! *runs off to youtube*
  3. This mini reminded me of something and I just remembered what it was. There was a demon named Goshinki on a show called InuYasha. That thing was one of the most heartless and dangerous enemies in the whole series. It actually bit the hero's magical sword in half with it's teeth. The monster was so powerful that, after it was defeated, another demon took the creature's head and used it's teeth to forge a crazy powerful demon sword that was so evil none of the heroes would even touch it. No wonder I find this mini so menacing!
  4. Whoa, this guy rocks! That unearthly grey skin looks so nice against the rich brown fur. The combo is a touch otherworldly. It also looks like you used the beast's own colors on the base. Gives off the impression that he's in his element, and somehow adds to the threatening feel of the figure. The mini itself is fantastic. Such a menacing pose. The casual way he's holding that weapon screams confidence. Coolest monster sculpt I've seen in a while. Your paint job shows off all of it's best features, though I think the wrist bands might look better if they were darker. Like dark iron shackles. Not sure that would work with the rest of the composition though, unless there were darker areas on the base as well. Either way, love it love it!
  5. Wow! The skin tone, matallics & leathers rock! Nice job on the base as well.
  6. Another close call, but 2 edges it out. The contrast between light and dark on her is exceptional. Would love to see these against a dark background.
  7. Have to agree. I l♡ve his face! OUTSTANDING work on his eyes. They almost look real. I zoomed in on the image to see them and holy cow!
  8. Nice paint job! Not the best Reaper dragon sculpt, but he does look better painted up.
  9. Great paint job on all three! Not a fan of the set though. They're all in almost the exact same stance, each with their right hand on sword and their left on a dagger. Alright, the one with the mustache is pretty cool. Lots of character to that fella. He also looks like he's about to attack, instead of posing.
  10. Nice job! Very colorful version of one my my all time favorite Reaper miniatures. I love how dark the back of her clothes is. It really helps to highlight her skin.
  11. Happy Birthday! Time to bust-out the "Legion of Mushroom and Caeke" cake! \(^ヮ^)/
  12. These are adorable! Great job on their eyes. I also like that tall grass on the little fellow's base.
  13. Sweet! Thanks a bunch @haldir I looked and it says "1 Optional Head" in the description over at MM. Now I know to read the content list.
  14. Have to agree with the wolf. Very nice color choices. They all look nice individually, but as a group they look even cooler. Their bases are great, too. The damaged tiles makes them look more dangerous than an undamaged stone floor would. Great choice. Really throws off a "dangerous part of town" vibe. I'll have to steal that concept if I ever get around to painting up some ruffians.
  15. It comes with an optional breath weapon head! Awe man, I'm gonna have to snag one now. I almost ordered them last time but swapped 'em for discounted Arcadia Quest minis at the last minute. I like dragonborn figures but don't have any that are tossing a breath attack. I wish they shown it in the pictures.
  16. Not sure that I've ever heard of that technique, putting a flat sheet of putty over a ball. It sounds easy enough, and it sure looks convincing. Thank you so much for sharing it! I've only ever tried the one where you make balls, let them dry until almost hard, cut them in half, and then add them to the base. Didn't look anywhere near as convincing as your method.
  17. "LeBlanc and Boudreaux" You sure have your Cajun names down! That candle zombie gatorman really does look like a tough mini to tackle. She came out beautiful though! Love the underside of the tail & those wounds. The water effects & bubbles on the base rock. Man, your whole swamp play setup looks so cool.
  18. All the amazing comments are belong to Holk! Have to say, I really like the dark shadows and nice highlights on the back of her hair. Beautiful!
  19. Lovely paint job! I have the Dark Horse comic version of Rogues in the House. Seeing your painted version brought back sweet memories. Loved all the traps.
  20. Very nice! The skin and apron on the frogman came out extra nice. Does the gator dude have a metal eye-patch?
  21. Really cool! Definitely gives off a "you discover an ancient mage's lair" vibe. Thing has been guarding something for ages. Or maybe it was caught in the rain.
  22. Whoa, that's a beautiful old sculpt! Great job painting her, especially her face and white dress. I also like the way the gravel looks like a mix of light and dark stones. It's an unusual place to have that kind of contrast. Really cool.
  23. I'd love to see these against a dark background, especially the undead.
  24. I don't know first hand about WizKid's replacement policy. I've never had an issue with any. I've read a couple posts from people who needed replacements and they said they got them. Yes, they certainly do sell out of some popular packs, and it can take time for them to restock since, like Reaper, they seem to order replacements in batches (when they need several SKUs replaced). I think the demand for WizKids unpainted minis caught them off guard and seems to be growing. Material wise, I much prefer the WizKids material over Bones and slightly prefer it over Bones Black. I find it easier to remove mold lines from WizKids minis. I detest the primer coat they use though. Stuff is awful. Needs to be reformulated or simply abandoned.
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