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  1. I was searching for a grindylow mini over at Miniature Market when, lo and behold, there was a paint from the Colors of Golarion named Grindylow Blue listed for preorder. They have 51 Golarion colors listed. Looks like they will be sold as singles straight out of the gate.
  2. I checked on my 2 Wizkids figures that are soaking in 91% ISO again today and confirmed a couple of obvious things. The primer is harder to remove where it is thicker, like in recesses, or the cup like areas of capes. The primer is straight up thicker there. It's also quite thick on the top of the base. The other thing is that scrubbing is vital. ISO won't remove much unless you scrub the figure. I hit them with a soft toothbrush again, then pulled out a wire interdental pick with nylon bristles to get at the tricky crevices. Wish I would've tried using it last night. The thing works. They're about 80% clean and the details are easier to see now. Once I get them scrubbed clean I'll try to remove the mold lines. Those suck, but they seem fixable. Something else I want to mention, even though these Air Genasi rogues are tiny figures with thin parts, they are very sturdy. Both of them have bows with thin sculpted bowstrings and nothing has broken or bent. The one posed on one foot stands solid.
  3. I used 91% ISO alcohol and a toothbrush to get the primer off a beholder. It worked great so I decided to give it a go with the Air Genasi Female Rogues that ced1106 said had terrible mold lines. After a quick look it was apparent that he was right about how nasty the lines were on those figures. so I dropped them into the same cup of alcohol that the Beholder was cleaned up in. Same alcohol too for that matter. After a few hours I took the minis out and scrubbed them with the toothbrush while dipping the brush into the alcohol cup to keep the mini wet. The first mini was about 60% cleaned of primer after the scrubbing, but the second one was closer to around 30% cleaned of primer. Plopped the little buggers back in the alcohol cup for another soak. I'll leave them in overnight and check again tomorrow. I'll snag some 99% ISO to check if that works any quicker. The used milky alcohol left over from the beholder still seems to work, but it may be loosing some of it's punch. It might work better with some fresh ISO but I'm a tightwad.
  4. Thank you for getting this thread back on topic @haldir I just added the Spectator & Gazers to my MM order that was waiting for this set to release. It still wasn't mailed out, so I was able to add to the order. Also added a couple Reaper paints that Anne recommended a few times in her videos and 1 color I needed to complete a triad.
  5. Only place I ever saw something like that was on Steven Universe.
  6. I love how bright you painted the highlights on her taupe hooded robe. Her teal dress is the real star of the show though. Beautiful. Holy cow!
  7. Okay, I just pulled the beholder out of the 91% ISO and it's looking about 91% clean. With my visor and painting lights I could see some spots with a little primer left, but they were in places I may have missed with the toothbrush. The inside edges of the big eye, under a few scales, in a deepish crevice running along an eye stalk, etc... Otherwise, it's a bare mini. I'm a little afraid to leave my precious beholder in the ISO overnight to handle the last few bits, but I'll do it for science. I wanna see if it messes with the mini or the clear plastic.
  8. This will be an unpopular thing to say on this forum, but I think Reaper waited at least two years too long to upgrade the Bones material & color. Bones fans pleaded for a firmer material since Bones 1. Year after year of floppy swords, slouching dragons and unseeable details (even on nicely detailed Bones minis) took a toll on the line's reputation. Now, instead of Reaper leading the way with higher quality PVC minis, they are playing catch-up against WizKidz. It may be too late for Reaper to stay on shelves in a lot of stores. If Reaper had made the move during Bones 3, like they claimed they would, things might be different over at All About Games. Honestly, it seems like while Reaper was dismissing their customers pleadings for improvements, WizKids read all the criticism people had about Bones minis and tried to address every complaint they could before rolling out their unpainted line. Firmer material (but not brittle), better packaging, spell effects, uncolored clear plastic, clearly visible details, no drooping dragons... Their primer is my only real complaint, and I'd guess that it was WizKids answer to the Bones 'hydrophobic' and 'bad primer reaction' issues. It's poorly executed, but a commendable effort. Now the question is, will WizKids address their own drawback and start using a reformulated primer? That said, I'm currently painting a Bones 4 mini and loving it.
  9. Get this, after reading that your beholder is showing more detail I decided to give IOS alcohol a shot. I grabbed a coffee mug that I don't drink out of (used to be a paint rinse cup), plopped a beholder in there and filled it with 91% ISO. Went to the kitchen to get a zip top bag to put the mug in. Before I threw the mug in the bag I decided to pull off the removable eye stalks. When I did, primer was all over my fingers. Seriously, the beholder was in the alcohol for less than one minute and the primer was getting it's clock cleaned! That was just a couple minutes ago. I don't know if I should start scrubbing now, or give it an hour or so. I was preparing for an overnight soak but...
  10. Couldn't agree more WhiteWulfe. The primer goop is without a doubt my biggest gripe with these minis. I'm crazy about nearly ever other aspect of the unpainted Wizkids line. Many of the sculpts and poses are pretty bangin'. I just don't understand why they plaster on such thick primer. Not even sure how they get Vallejo primer to be that thick. Do they mix it with joint compound or something? As far as taking it off, I've seen at least two people recommend using ISO alcohol to remove the primer. Might be worth a shot. I can't vouch for it though.
  11. Happy Birthday! Hope it's full of shenanigans
  12. Of course I remembered! So cool you actually wore an oboe player T-shirt to work! All the oboe players I ever knew were total sweeties. I played alto sax. Not as pretty a sound, but still fun to play. Ooooh, gluten free is a rough diet. Been on it for about 5 years. Now I'm craving brownies you saboteur! lol
  13. Happy Birthday! *attempts to play birthday song on oboe*
  14. Great job! Lovely paint job and a fun story.
  15. Holy cow! That owl is amazing! The softness on the yellow dress makes it look like it would be soft to the touch. Amazing.
  16. Wow, those colored metallics came out beautiful! They give off a softer look than most metallic paints. Are they Jacquard Lumiere paints, or another brand?
  17. Paizo made an interesting comment about this situation in their blog. Very glad they clarified the situation a little more. The first line is a quote from another community member there. Sounds like firm confirmation that a nw licensing agreement was made. So Archon definitely got the licence. Guessing they got it for a steal, too. Paizo was over the proverbial barrel. Ninja Division was sucking the trust out of many of Starfinder's most dedicated and willing-to-spend customers. It is a little baffling that Paizo licenced Starfinder to such a shifty company, only to turn it over to another shifty company. That said, Archon is better than Ninja Division. More or less.
  18. Man, those paints really do work well for painting fur and feathers. Very nice speed paint. You even killed it on the base, too. Good grief, I can't even base coat half a mini in 30 minutes. Color me impressed.
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