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  1. Thanks for the advice. I didn't give it a wash and rinse, but definitely would if doing another. Will also try your blacklining tip, always good to have another technique to try.
  2. Thanks smokingwreckage, I agree about the steel parts, would like more contrast on them. I used boltgun metal with a black wash, then Coat D'Arms chainmail...but this is just as dark as boltgun metal, so didn't show up as well as I'd have liked. GW Foundation/Basecoat paints went on with no problems at all without undercoat, Coat D'Arms (which is original Citadel paints) tended to run off or not stick to the plastic, so needed a few coats for those parts. Wasn't sure about the no undercoat claim at first, so this was started out as just a test, but am sold on it now. (Also, for the price, you could do a few tests and pick up another when you had it worked out).
  3. My normal painting approach for ages has been base colour, brown wash. Works OK for some things (grungy orcs, cowboys) and not so well for others (brightly coloured Elves). More recently, I've been practicing using base colour, an appropriate wash for that colour and then a highlight shade. Feeling more confident with that, I've been working on the Bones Ogre Chieftain today, going up to three layers on most parts, and have to say that as well as being a joy to paint, it really pays off putting the extra effort in. At normal tabletop distance it's probably my favourite paint job to date. Just waiting on gloss varnish to dry, then a final matt varnish to stop him being too shiny.
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