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  1. imars

    77112: Agramon, Pit Fiend

    I started this figure back in 2013 and stopped halfway through. This month I finally picked him up again and finished him. I tried doing the flaming sphere in purple and green. The results are less than impressive. If I had been brave I would have tried adding the light effects to his hand and arm. I was not brave.
  2. Last week I finished Downstairs Staff from Wargames Foundry. I have to say that I am happier with the details on these models, but not so much my photography.
  3. This week I finished another set from Wargames Foundry. This time ne'er do wells without weapons, for the most part. I am actually quite pleased how this lot turned out. And I am not sweating the gloss coat this time.
  4. imars

    Armed Ne'er Do Wells Wargames Foundry

    I have been using these figures in enworld's Zeitgeist.
  5. Unfortunately I used a gloss clear coat on these.
  6. I finally picked up my brushes again and reached for Oswald the Overladen.
  7. imars

    Iron Kingdoms Unleasehd Party

    *jaw drops* *kneels in presence of greatness*
  8. Now that I have reading glasses, it is much easier.
  9. Thanks! It was simply dry-brushing with Army Painter Gun Metal, Platemail, Silver, then a soft tone over the scale mail. The shield I did a light brushing of Bronze over top.
  10. imars

    77157 Griffon

    Wow! Inspiring! Time to basecoat my Griffin.
  11. This was the last of the Tieflings (aka Hellborn) in my set. I could probably use more, since my campaign is full of Tieflings. This particular familiar set is also done. Yay! Of the other familiar set, I only have the winged-snake left.There is nothing special about the cat. He was just too small for me to do much with. He just got a dry-brushing in gray. The faerie dragon I wanted to give brilliant blue wings, but I imagined that if he folded his wings they would be more camoflage, so I went with browns.The paladin was fun to paint. I should have done something with his shield. I imagined some kind of flame motif, but just did not have any good ideas.
  12. imars

    77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard and Henchman

    Thanks 72moonglum! I knew this forum would not let me down.
  13. imars

    Buckyball's Monthy Mithril Miniature for Feb

    But where are the badgers? My wife loves badgers so I am always on the lookout.
  14. imars

    RP/ADND Marid

    Very nicely done! Mr. Fancypants!