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  1. Have you seen the Yellow Sign?
  2. Here is my attempt. I think my shades don't contrast enough.
  3. I tried using the search to find some advice on this topic and failed. I recently painted a butler from RAFM. He carries a glass decanter on a tray with a glass. I painted the center of the decanter a dark red. Then I hit the edges of the decanter with a light gray then a white. Then I hit the red with a washed out lighter shade. It sorta seems to work, but the glass does not work at all. How could I have improved this figure? Next I want to paint the Townsfolk Wench (with all the mugs of beer). What advice would you give me when I tackle that figure?
  4. The painting may not be awesome, but the photos turned out so cool I just had to share them. I started the set about a year ago. I painted the brain case first....because it was easy. So this weekend I finally picked up the mi-go themselves. I took a long time deciding what colors I wanted to do on the Mi-go. They ended up a little more parti-colored than I had intended. Perhaps if I had kept the blue tones darker. The gloss clear coat works well I think, and I loved the green tone (wash) I used on the heads. The shadows make the pictures a little creepy.
  5. I think I have started something here.
  6. I noticed that some people have the group membership: Bones Supporter. I was a Bones supporter. How do I get to be a member of that group?
  7. A friend asked me to paint some more of his Call of Cthulhu figures. I obliged by picking out one of his three-part RAFM figures: Parapsychologist. It shows a character in three stages of sanity. For this figure I wanted to use purple. I guess I was thinking Miss Marple. The cat I was initially going to do black, but went for an orange tabby just to challenge myself. To enhance the different stages of dementia, I went with different sized and shaped bases and went from verdant to progressively bleaker landscapes. Let me know what you think! Argh! I see now in the close-ups that I misplaced
  8. Got out my paints again. I am switching from Games Workshop paints to Army Painter. I bought myself a full set for Christmas. I am having trouble getting used to the thicker paint. Strumpet Blacksmith
  9. I painted Burl Oakfist for a friend of mine for our Zeitgeist campaign. Unfortunately the contrast between his skin tones and the robe was not what I had hoped. I tried to fix it using a strong tone from Army Painter, then still not satisfied I drybrushed the robe. The outcome is serviceable, but not stellar. There are more pictures in my blog.
  10. For a new Pathfinder campaign, I painted these two Bones figures. I had a lot of trouble painting Cassie. I found the details hard to see, but my eyes are getting older. Goldar was much easier to paint and benefits from a dark wash. Comments and feedback welcome!
  11. I mounted three Bones rats on a 50mm base to make this swarm. There are a few more pictures on my blog along with an explanation of how I went about it.
  12. I have painted and stripped and painted and stripped and painted and stripped this mini. Hmmm. Maybe I'll give him another go. Thanks for the inspiration!
  13. I painted this minotaur on the weekend. I am pretty sure it is Ral Partha. You can find the sculpt on Iron Wind these days. He sat in my junk minis for a long time. I picked him up cheap because he had a case of lead rot. I recently cleaned him up and based him. He was easy to paint for the most part. All the metal is drybrushed in two shades. The cloak is similarly done. For the detail, I really wanted a white minotaur and tried to realize that in this paint job. I finished the model off with a dark tone wash from Army Painter. The base is flocking from Army Painter, torn bits of cork for the
  14. Thanks for the tip. I did not think about the nudity.
  15. Ask and you shall receive... Drow army from Lord of the Rings elves. Some Nudity, so you have to follow the link. And now.... Blood Bowl Hobbit Army Battlefield
  16. Good criticism. Thanks for the feedback. My painting does intend to be impressionistic. Painting this piece has made me realize that I need to replace my brushes. It is really hard for me to get a defined point. I also need to think about getting some reading glasses, because I find that I have trouble focusing on some of these details these days. You are correct that the "blood" on the knife is a stray blob when i was doing her hair.The pink on her shoulder was an attempt to give her stole some eyes. In the end it does not really work. I will keep at it.
  17. Last night I painted Chammady Drovenge in about 2 hours. What do you think? You can see her and her brother on my blog.
  18. With this figure I managed smother transitions in the yellow. Then again, on her skin I only used one layer. The rings under her eyes are still a little dark and I kind of missed her mouth with the lipstick. Who wears heels to a garden party? Isn't she going to sink into the lawn? More on my blog.
  19. Actually I photographed this in my cellar under a halogen lamp, using my Samsung Galaxy as a camera.
  20. I have not posted in a while. Here is my Virina, Female Demon. My style is definitely on the blotchy side. My hope is the in the distance from where you are standing to where the figure is on the table, that your eye will interpolate the colors and make for a smooth transition. I did not quite succeed here. If you want to see the full-frontal, you gotta check out my blog.
  21. Nice work. I really like how the bones and musculature came out. On the other hand, I had to laugh, because the figure reminds me of a stand-up comedian with a dummy. I imagine a captive audience of adventures facing him, "So Mr. Bones, I just flew in today and boy are my arms tired. Funny, aye?"
  22. Which part in particular? It's a pretty simple paint job, really. I did the whole thing in the limited moonlit palette and then applied the OSL palette over the top of that. As with all my projects, I keep a running Work In Progress thread. I keep an index in the first post (linked in my signature below), the gravedigger's WIP starts here. If there are any other questions you have, feel free to! Thanks for your interest. Here I show my ignorance. What is OSL?
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