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  1. I wanna know how Cash does the light from the lamp reflecting on his chest. Any pointers for someone who has never tried that kind of "shading"?
  2. This past weekend I finished painting the bones Harpy. I can only show her back here. If you want to see her front, you have to go to my blog. I don't think I did a good job with her tail feathers.
  3. Here is my first entry: Bones Judas, Necropolis Warlord done in the colors of Cheliax. Need him for a vampire in the Council of Thieves adventure path.
  4. Back in 2011, I was running a D&D 3.5 campaign through D1-D3. For that campaign I needed Drow to be my bad guys. So I bought a box of Wood Elf Warriors from Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line. Now two years later, I finally finished the last five swordsmen that I never finished before the campaign ended. This is an army so the figures are done quickly with but a single layer of paint over the black primer. You can see the whole army along with Shaerlith, Spider Demoness from Reaper on my blog. Shaerlith stood in as Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders.
  5. Nothing actually. Just luck of the draw. I have other figures which I have bathed that do not want to stand straight. Right now I am trying spring loaded grips to hold one figure in place hoping that over time it will remember the new position.
  6. The wings are a single piece that attach at the back. The tail attaches at the *ahem* buttocks. The two lower arms attach at the elbows, and the head attaches at the neck. I can't imagine working with this guy in metal. He must be really heavy. Glad you liked the coloring!
  7. I finished my Bones Rauthuros last night (except for the clear coat). What do you think? (I included Gandalf for scale.) You can see the stages of painting on my blog: Parhoon Naval Yards. Only 235 figures to go.
  8. Vampire arrived in Heidelberg, Germany. €21 customs fees.
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