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  1. They have now arrived in Western Australia! Yay for the postal system exceeding my expectations.
  2. Will it be possible for internationals to do a combined order - each week order the goodies they want but then it all gets shipped in one package at the end so we can hit free shipping? Or does that just make things too confusing?
  3. They haven't arrived in Western Australia yet and probably won't until the end of this coming week at the earliest.
  4. I'll be travelling for all of August so I'm not going to be able to finish anything this month. I've painted over and above what I needed to in the last couple of months to cover August.
  5. I did the armor a bit differently to the weapons. The armor, shield and some accents on the weapons were painted bronze then washed with yet another games workshop paint ... Nihilakh Oxide ... to give a verdigris effect. Purely because I thought it would more interesting than having all the metal being rusty steel.
  6. I couldn't see any eyes on him. Maybe he has sensors in his branches?
  7. Thanks! For the rust I painted the blade in Vallejo Natural Steel. Then I washed it with Games Workshop's Typhus Corrosion (one of their special effects paints). You could also use Vallejo Smoke or a brown ink. Then I stipple over that with Games Workshop's Ryza Rust,another special effect paint. But any bright orange paint would do. Then I add a really light drybrush of the original metallic paint just so there's a few hints of that colour showing.
  8. July's efforts: 4 x Bones Skeletons Stumpy the Familiar
  9. While I was practicing wood recipes last month with my barrels and crates, I also started on this little guy, but didn't get him finished in time for last month's RP Challenge.
  10. Finishing off the Shambling Dead bundle from Bones II [first 5 here]. I did these basically the same way and with the same intention - their graves had been damp and their equipment rusted and mildrewed
  11. Ohhhhhh. I didn't realise it was short for something. I thought it was, well, y'know, a description of your mental state. Madeleine's a lovely name for a guy.
  12. I don't know if I should take road safety advice from someone who's first name is Mad!
  13. This is an awesome collection of information. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We never planned to drive in Seattle - trying to navigate an unfamiliar, busy city on the wrong side of the road is just asking for trouble! Crossing the street in America on foot is a big enough headache. Look left, then right. Left, right. I think?
  14. We actually are going to Microsoft - a non-gaming friend works there and has offered to show us around - he might get fired if I start lobbing rocks and then I'd feel bad.
  15. So, Wombat Warden and I will be crossing oceans and hemispheres in a couple of weeks to attend WorldCon (in Spokane, WA). We’re spending a week in Seattle first and I thought I’d ask you fine people for recommendations of places we should go / things we should see / hobby/gaming shops where we should empty our wallets! What shouldn't visitors to Seattle leave without seeing/doing? What should be avoided at all costs? Thanks in advance.
  16. Nice job - I like the guts coming out of the middle guy - appropriately gross! I've got this set - I finished the shirtless guy and then I got completely stuck on the female trying to decipher what was skin, what was fabric and what was ... other stuff! I might just pull her out of the "I give up" box and try again, using yours as a guide. Thank you for helping to reduce my pile of shame!
  17. I managed to get a few extras done this month, to cover me for August when I'll be travelling Bones II Dungeon Decor Bundle
  18. I decided to work through the decor bundle for this month's RP Challenge. Going into this, I knew I didn't have a good recipe for wood, so I dug up a few different ones and decided to do each wooden item using a different scheme. I think the two barrels are the ones that look like wood to me.
  19. Mine arrived in Australia yesterday! I wasn't expecting them for another week or so.
  20. You can't see it on the photo, but all the boils have satin varnish on them so they look ... extra gross and oozy.
  21. Thanks for the kind words. When I did a google image search of green dragons, most all of them were the same colour all over. I saw a few with a paler belly and thought that looked better, so went with that!
  22. Two of the hatchlings from Bones II - other than a fairy dragon from a familiars pack, these are my first dragons. Thought it would be best to work up to the big guys! This was a rush job, so they could both certainly be better.
  23. The two rats from Bones II. Followed the same instructions as in the old LTPK1, so they match the two metals ones I already have. The paint job's a bit rougher than I'd like, but I was pushing to get them finished for the May RP Challenge.
  24. I fell off the wagon for April - had my figures painted but couldn't work out how to base the blessed little dears. So, in order to get back on track, I've finished these up this weekend for redemption. 1. 5 x Bones 2 Skeletons (April catchup/redemption) 2. 2 x Bones II Hatchlings 3. 2 x Bones II Barrow Rats
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