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  1. @cmorse - I had thought about using a hot wire cutter but I was concerned about potential fumes being given off. I don't have ventilation for that type of experiment, unfortunately. @BLZeebub - I am trying to fit them on square bases for warhammer / kings of war. I thought it was going to be best to get rid of the molded base so they would sit better. I might try cutting away just the outer part of the base and then seeing how that looks on top of a square. Probably could build the base up to cover up what's left.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'm okay with chopping everything up and at least I know that I'm not missing some obviously easy method. Wish me luck!
  3. Hello All! Apologies if this doesn't go here, but I figured this was a good a place as any to start. I have a number of the Runewars minis that I have picked up and I'd really like to try and re-base them from their default chunky circle bases. I thought they were just glued on but it appears that they are cast as one part (the base, feet and legs). I tried a hobby saw at first and ended up using clippers to just break the base up but it seems like a messy solution. I haven't had much luck finding anything with googling. So has anybody else tri
  4. I did one of these for Bones (3, I think? maybe 4?) so I will go ahead with my wish list: - Mounts. Not just armored/ unarmored horses but other exotic type mounts like wolves, bears, tigers and flying ones like owls or eagles. Along with that, I'd either like to see legs molded on for easy conversions or a separate set of rider legs to swap around. - Adventurers of different body types. Heavyset adventurers, kid adventurers, slight build adventurers, etc. I think it would be fun to have PC minis that look like they got swept up in an adventure rather than training all their l
  5. Thirded on the war animal mounts. I would love to see large bears, rams, stags. Warhorses that have basic barding (not 5,000 skulls and spikes) would be fantastic. For the rest of my list - Fantasy: Variations of were-creatures with different armor types. Gargoyles that take their inspiration from the old Disney show. Centaurs that take their inspiration from the Shining Force series (i.e. armored knight human top half, unbarded/barded horse lower half). Upsized versions of the Clay Golem, Stone Golem and the Golden Guardian to Giant sized
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