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  1. the bear rider doesn't come apart. The other two were pretty easy to dismount them. But not only do they come preassembled, they apparently came through a chaos vortex because one of my mounts had his right hand glued on backwards, and was missing his left hand. I posted pics in the other thread about bones issues, but for some reason it was deleted. Never did see a replacement thread.
  2. Thank you very much. I wasn't originally going to do that, but when I started, I thought, "Man, black tipped tentacles would work soooo much better."
  3. So I finally decided to tackle Cthulhu last month, but I wanted to do something other than traditional green scheme. So where he is. *Disclaimer* I am in no way a professional painter, nor photographer. Judge quality accordingly :) Also, I still have some touch up to do, particularly with the base. But he's pretty much done.
  4. And please, for the love of heaven, let the female centaurs be sensibly clothed! Wait... what does sensibly-clothed entail on a centaur? I'm usually all for avoiding unnecessary sexualization of female minis, but the vast majority of interpretations of centaurs that I've seen have them all going around naked all the time. This seems like one of the most sensible opportunities for shirtless women. Especially if they aren't overtly sexualized, just naked. And preferably posed in such a way that indicates that they're ready for battle, not, uh, horseplay. I don't know, centaurs are k
  5. I'd like more monsters and less characters myself, but if they do do characters, I'd like to see something along the lines of what Ral Partha did with their 3 stage characters. I.e., a representation of the character in basic equipment, a few levels higher with decent equipment, and then a final one with epic equipment. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_KQD7vZRiVNo/TO_555EpbeI/AAAAAAAAFhs/b2VHAlygkwQ/s320/Partha-3stage-328z.jpg
  6. Also gnolls & dark elves Dark elves are easy. Just paint a regular elf with ebony skin
  7. I am pleased with how the elemental turned out. Now to work on the other one (tree) and see how that turns out.
  8. Doh! I'm sorry about that. Not sure how I missed it.
  9. Disclosure: I am not a professional painter. You could probably see this by the pictures. I consider myself the typical average guy who collects and paints minis. That being said, here is my WIP pics for a few of the Bones I did. This first pic is base+some drybrushing on the owlbear and werewolf, and base only on the elemental And here is the elemental all finished up, with some minor work needed on the base and that's it.
  10. bulette treant werebear/rat far east archetypes (samurai, ninja) *Edit* Oh! And Umberhulk. I have an umberhulk mini, but that was in the days when even the big mosters were only two inches tall. Now, with the new minis having larger scale, he's hardly any bigger than an orc. *Edit II* And a shambling mound.
  11. With the rerelease of many of the old AD&D adventures, and resurgence of the OSR, I'd love to see IP friendly versions of: Aspis Drone Roper and then also goblin wolf riders.
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