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  1. Thanks for all the kind words...I wish the picture was better...I'm not much of a photographer...the figure is walking forward (into the wind) with both fists clenched. This figure was done for a customer based on his drawinings of a character he created...it won't be cast ..It was a one of a kind figure. Jim
  2. Hi ..here's a new green I did 35mm figure for a client. what's everyone think? Jim
  3. Thanks for the compliments.....Hey Claudio, I see that you creep around all the sculpting forums too.....just like I do... I should try to post some stuff on the Sculpture Underground too. Jim
  4. Thanks, I've been working with castilene for about 2 years. I started using it in place of supersculpy and I hav'nt looked back since. The one problem is that the sculpts are never permanent, so I've been using more epoxies lately like Magic sculpt and Greenstuff, and I hear Aves Apoxie sculpt is good as well,though I hav'nt tried that yet. I love working in Greenstuff, for the minis it really is alot of fun, especially since it's so tough. I'm used to having to be so carefull with sculptures but the little greens can really take a beating, it's great. Jim
  5. Thanks. I never really thought about it but even though the Destroyer sculpt is in progress it's one I would love to resculpt as a 25mm mini. I've never seen an actual licensed Frazetta mini, does anyone know if any were ever made? That would be a really cool line. I'll be posting some more pics of some upcoming sculpts in the next few days. Thanks everyone for all the kind words. Jim
  6. Thanks for all the compliments. I've been sculpting for about 10 years professionally but only recently have I started to sculpt minis. The funny thing is I've wanted to sculpt mini figures since I was a kid but I wound up getting more involved in working on larger sized figures(between 2 and 9 inches tall). I've started to get more work doing mini figures and I have to say I like sculpting the little guys more than anything else. Jim
  7. Hello, Just wanted to post a pic of a new green I'm working on...let me know what you think. heres a link http://omegasculpture.8m.com/photo4.html Jim
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