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  1. Will check out doug, may just stop being lazy and set up the light tent land use the proper camera lol
  2. My plan is to paint the orc apocalypse from Bones 1, this will involve re basing them on dungeon tiles and bringing each one to life to this standard.
  3. Dipped into the bones box and built wrymgear. Also finished off a pit fiend and based the bone giant.
  4. Well bones 2 has arrived and have re ignited hobby. Have painted up the bone giant and will post pics later, great to be back on the forum.
  5. Thanks Robinh I haven't been on the forums for a while and missed the competition, will have a look. Am quite happy to have finished deathsleet as he was a pain to start with as he kept trying to kiss the floor. Had to pin through the hip to the base.
  6. This was really enjoyable to paint, Thankyou to whoever has posted a deathsleet model as you inspired me to finish him off. I feel he needs a little more work on the wings. Am pleased with the result so far
  7. Well as stated on a previous thread, deathsleet is back on... Now attached to the base and ready to paint. I can feel a late night coming on.
  8. Well being back in the game after the house move is feeling great. Thought I would get some inspiration so did a search on google. This thread popped up and has re inspired me to finish deathsleet. He is now fixed to base and ready to paint. Has anyone finished deathsleet and can post some pictures.
  9. Now that I have moved house lets get the reaper bones out again hurrah
  10. Nice minatures mate, we have the same painting style.... Lots if minis on the go lol
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