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  1. 😅 good medical joke! islets of langerhans are in the pancreas and secrete insulin.!... put a few candy treats hidden in there and it'll work even better as a joke! Chris
  2. Love Michael's! I always look at the plants with sale tags, to see what's available Also check out aquarium plans on sale at PetsMart etc They can make some cool "alien" terrain Chris
  3. Hi again! thanks for the feedback on the non-airbrush thing... so could it be usefull for base-coats and primers? Chris
  4. Hi all! I just saw an item that may be easier than a full airbrush; I found a "quick change airbrush kit" which seems to pretty much allow you to use any paint as a "spray can" It doesn't mix the air and paint, so no painful cleanup, still attaches to a compressor or air can, and only $10 bucks (with 4 jars) Mine just came in the mail so haven't had time to try it yet, but hoping it'll be good for priming and painting large models Chris
  5. Great work! Smallest I paint is 6mm - GW Epic stuff, and 6mm Napoleonic and 10mm Historical (Ancient, Roman, Dark Ages, and Renaissance) I find it helpful to paint the 6mm as units rather than individual figures, think of a base/stand of 10 figures as the "figure" I also like the look of each base of figs being a small diorama (at work so can't link pics) Chris
  6. Thanks, guys! was a fun mini to paint :)
  7. Painted up another bad guy for my players to encounter! Used contrast paints and light drybrushing on the stone Added the chompy goo-gore with glossy red
  8. The green does look fantastic, But the leather effects on the bracer and wraps on the spear are amazing!
  9. I agree with Doug, start with some Woodland Scenics, the ground up foam flock material, and see what you think, then add some tufts to that, if it adds texture/character etc. I mix several colors of flock, and add in some rock/cat litter as well, to get a nice feel, depending on the size of the figs and base (I paint 6mm to 30mm figs, with many to a base for gaming) I've tried static grass from a few companies, never with great success and now mainly use flocking and tufts grab some old figs and experiment! :) hav
  10. Thanks for the brilliant advice! (pun intended...) the 5000K "daylight" 100W equivalent LED bulb suggestion works GREAT in my old desk lamps! I have one on each side of me, and i went from straining to see the details to painting relaxed again! (the joys of middle aged eyes!)
  11. I agree with washes of both, I do that on my Ork buggies etc and on lots of my bones figs for RPG :)
  12. Nice video, thanks! Can you tell how you built the light arch, though? I'd like to see how that works, and do you think it gives you better lighting than the LED panel? I've got three swing arm lamps right now... (1 regular bulb, 1 daylight bulb, and 1 Ott light) and still feel like I'm in shadows :)
  13. Hi all! Finished up my Slaaneshi Cult with some cheerleaders! (Inner Circle painting comp) Used the Golden Skin triad with nice results (to me!) Still working on the edge blending, but I'm happy with them for gaming level! Hair is craft store pink with Reaper Punk Rock Pink wash Metals are layering and washes of three different companies (craft, reaper, citadel) Tried a technique I read here for the eyes, using reddish liner/wash to accent the green eyes Drummer's beard is the auburn and redhead triad (Now back
  14. Very nice! Are you getting the whole set done?! I've tried to, but keep getting distracted... I almost miss the old cardboard standups...
  15. oops! sorry about that, I'll try to edit Chris
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