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  1. excellent! thank you, I'll give it a try after work tonight
  2. Hi! Where do I click to pre-register minis? I haven't seen that option, and it sounds great! also ready for some fun! (after the 8.5 hour drive) Chris
  3. As the title says... any tips would be greatly appreciated! I've tried stippling and tiny brush strokes without success. thin glaze/shade didnt look right either. even tried gluing basing flock to one fig's back for a truly hairy guy (looked really creepy but awful! lol) this guy needs some belly hair!
  4. excellent find! Thanks for the pic! I've always worried I'm going too bright with my historic minis
  5. Hi! Thanks for the input and tips! water here in New Orleans is indeed hard... I hadn't thought of that aspect! I'll try shaping the brush tips after I clean them as well, Chris
  6. Great info here! I've always wondered if the number of minis plays into brush life... your numbers look about the same as mine I'm hard on my brushes also, and use LOTS of glazes, contrast, washes, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that my brushes don't last that long as well (usually 3 months or so) How do y'all dry your brushes upside down? That is a new one for me, I usually have them point up after a cleaning Thanks! Chris
  7. Hi! For me it depends on the individual color, as some of GWs are way too dark/thick But I tend to use them as a final glaze/wash combo, so base coat lighter layer color lighter highlight final glaze/wash with contrast paint (sometimes thinned) It helps blend the layer border lines for me but I find I do need to use a much lighter base color/highlights and I'm not that good at color theory - so ask my partner the trained artist what under color to use lol they work really nicely over Reapers skin triads (at least for me) hope this helps some!
  8. Thank you for the input everyone! I'll definitely take your advise and spread out the classes I'm interested in Chris
  9. My first time getting to the Con, and VERY excited! couple of quick questions; How quickly do the classes fill up when they go on sale? Are you able to purchase someone ease's ticket if they can't make it? or are there last minute openings available if people don't show? (and how would that work if it is possible) Chris I'd love to sit in classes all day! 🙂
  10. To Rob Dean; yay 6mm figs!! I'm working on 6mm Napoleonic Austrians and Russians at the moment that one of my gaming friends got me into ... I actually prefer 10mm figs for historicals, but must admit the 6mm guys are even easier! Chris
  11. 😅 good medical joke! islets of langerhans are in the pancreas and secrete insulin.!... put a few candy treats hidden in there and it'll work even better as a joke! Chris
  12. Love Michael's! I always look at the plants with sale tags, to see what's available Also check out aquarium plans on sale at PetsMart etc They can make some cool "alien" terrain Chris
  13. Hi again! thanks for the feedback on the non-airbrush thing... so could it be usefull for base-coats and primers? Chris
  14. Hi all! I just saw an item that may be easier than a full airbrush; I found a "quick change airbrush kit" which seems to pretty much allow you to use any paint as a "spray can" It doesn't mix the air and paint, so no painful cleanup, still attaches to a compressor or air can, and only $10 bucks (with 4 jars) Mine just came in the mail so haven't had time to try it yet, but hoping it'll be good for priming and painting large models Chris
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