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  1. One of the best coloring jobs I've seen on a dragon. Very realistic, and very nicely done. Something to be proud of!
  2. There are so many aspects to it as well. Below are the things I get out of painting. 1) The experience and joy from just painting alone or with friends 2) The joy from painting something you know you painted very well 3) Dealing with the fear of getting out of your comfort zone (I fear certain colors and am still learning to assess value with just my eyes and not camera b/w image) 4) Emphasizing your other talents (sculpting to offset a lack of painting skill, custom electronics to offset a lack of basing skill (me), etc) 5) The pleasure of creating a scene that evokes feeling and emotion 6) Taking the actual picture of it where the picture brings to life #5. 7) Developing new systems to achieve certain effects, and then optimizing the process so you can do it quickly.
  3. Good work everyone, and congratulations to the winners.
  4. That dragon is amazing. Hopefully you will enter it into the There Be Dragons contest!
  5. Great job on the metal. Impressive!
  6. Hey, great suggestion. I think I will try that! Looking at it through this perspective, it does seem I need to exaggerate it by another 30% to 50%. Let me give it another whirl tonight and see how it looks. I'll post an update.
  7. I believe you are correct. I've been working on getting a deep understanding of "value" and think this lighting job was closer to what I wanted, but there is still not enough contrast for my taste. I think the contrast in values needs to be increased by another 50%. One thing I think I got down is my layering approach, but I just didn't make the highlights bright enough. Another issue is I have just as much fun setting up the "scene" for the pic as I do the painting, so I wonder if adding that contrast would actually take away from the pic I had in mind when I started painting him. I don't know. I'll add the highlights and try another shot from the same angle and we can compare if it helped or not!
  8. It is lit from below, but I also painted all of his flesh from that angle (yellow to orange to red to black). The lighting was intended to amplify the effect so it looked comic book like I think. I've just added a new photo with no under lighting so that only the paint job shows.
  9. Hey all, moved into my new house and finally got my painting set up. I thought i'd try something completely different than I did with Nethrymaul. It's my first time trying to paint with directional lighting and this is how the WIP is going. Let me know...does this approach suck or is it heading in the right direction? I was trying to get him to look like he was looming over a flame pit of lava and about to go hulk on some unsuspecting party.
  10. All these wonderful new dragons being entered! They look great!
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