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  1. Oh wow, this will be truly epic!
  2. Took out the Box O' Bones 4 the other day and the little one decided she wanted to paint minis too (). She wanted to pick one out so we took a trip to the FLGS that she didn't know existed, as they have a nice selection of Bones. I got myself a metal Rictus the Undying and a Bones Sir Forscale, and got her a couple brushes and Hajad the pirate so she could try out the LTPK without having to buy a new one (sorry, Reaper). Not one for subtlety, she picked out Yephima. I hope she has fun.
  3. Hero Quest! It's amazing how good those little guys can look when painted. Nice work!
  4. Trying to get back into painting and out of my comfort zone, here is Silverhorn: Nothing wild really, but it was a good exercise in painting up from gray to white. Not perfect but he turned out much better than anticipated, so I’m calling this one a win.
  5. I was already sold on Greek expansion, part 3 is just icing on the cake.
  6. Hope everyone in the Dallas area is safe at the moment. Tornado took out power and a bunch of buildings apparently
  7. These are incredible! Keep up the good work, @Rainbow Sculptor
  8. What about Heart? how will we summon Captain Planet?
  9. oh cool, I'm backer #141 and as of that email we're almost halfway to being funded Kid Heroes look super cute! I know a few kiddos who'd probably like some just to play with
  10. got in just before the payment servers went kablooie yay!
  11. Guess which one I do have... Saltmarsh does call to me, as does that one with the some of the old modules adapted. Now if they'd only go back to the old school Erol Otus artwork...
  12. Rumbling around the house is that I should start a 5e game. Kinda regretting not paying attention to releases the past few years, as they have seemingly listened to my advice and made the books adventures foremost. I like adventure modules. I do not much care for endless splatbooks. I don't know if I'm good enough to run a game though :(
  13. as soon as I think I'm out, they pull me back in!
  14. I wish I'd gotten in on that one, heard lots of good things. He certainly has style
  15. Got mine yesterday! Still haven't had a chance to check on much, but it appears I got both paint sets even though I only ordered set B. I hope this doesn't cause problems :(
  16. So I was reasonably sure of being the last of Wave 2 (especially having ordered the frosties and tree IIRC), as I was originally in Wave 6 until someone dropped their pledge before the deadline, but got a shipping notice today!
  17. Oh gosh, I’ve been away so long I forgot people remembered thank you all!
  18. Wait, shipping has begun? Wait, @ladystormretired? Ive been away too long
  19. Absolutely stunning! Totally stealing those wing colors.
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