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  1. Took out the Box O' Bones 4 the other day and the little one decided she wanted to paint minis too (::o::winkthumbs::blush:). She wanted to pick one out so we took a trip to the FLGS that she didn't know existed, as they have a nice selection of Bones.


    I got myself a metal Rictus the Undying and a Bones Sir Forscale, and got her a couple brushes and Hajad the pirate so she could try out the LTPK without having to buy a new one (sorry, Reaper). Not one for subtlety, she picked out Yephima.


    I hope she has fun.:wub:

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  2. 1 minute ago, Crowley said:

    Then you'll be generally happy with what they've done. I highly recommend Storm King's Thunder, and Ghosts of Saltmarsh is a solid sandbox with adventures sprinkled around it. 


    Skip Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  It's just a bad one... 


    Guess which one I do have...<_<


    Saltmarsh does call to me, as does that one with the some of the old modules adapted. Now if they'd only go back to the old school Erol Otus artwork...

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  3. Rumbling around the house is that I should start a 5e game. Kinda regretting not paying attention to releases the past few years, as they have seemingly listened to my advice and made the books adventures foremost. 


    I like adventure modules. I do not much care for endless splatbooks.


    I don't know if I'm good enough to run a game though :(

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