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  1. My condolences to Ed's family, friends, and other loved ones. Never got to meet him in person, but he was always a welcome sight on twitch. His passion and love for the hobby really shined through. Mini painting got me through some rough times over the years, and Ed was a big part of making that possible. He will be missed.
  2. but my PLANS! 😧 But seriously, plan is to keep it simple this time, just the necessities. So 9 of each
  3. It's always refreshing to see someone else remember that the SIlverhawks existed.
  4. I believe I found the cause of my issues. You know how the FEP films come with a protective plastic covering that you need to remove before installation? Because I did not. And for the record, the protective plastic does not play well with prints.
  5. prints are still sticking to the FEP, even with PTFE applied. But they're thinner now. I don't get it. And now I can't even try again because all the IPA in town is sold out.
  6. Replaced the FEP. If there's something I"d like to NEVER EVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH AGAIN, it's replacing the FEP. I never want to see a tiny screw ever again.
  7. Poked a hole in it with the scraper while trying to clean off the failed print that was stuck to the FEP instead of the build plate. Ironically, this was done to facilitate lubricating the thing
  8. I broke my printer Specifically poked a nice hole in the plastic bottom of the vat. Guess I’ll be learning how to replace the film a bit ahead of schedule.
  9. There were a couple more that didn’t make it into that image as well, IIRC
  10. Heroquest you say... Signed up for AG, already pleased with that decision.
  11. Nice! In as well, the terrain is too cute not to
  12. I printed a thing! Yay. Now it has to cure for 24 hours or something? The documentation is rather silent on that topic.
  13. Printer is working! I think! And it’s so cute! Smells like a tiny tire fire though. edit: it’s not working. There’s nothing on the build plate edit 2: there were two pretty little circles of plastic in the vat. Assuming it fell off at some point.
  14. I got my resin! What is ethanol and can I use isopropyl instead?
  15. From contrail to fencepost, got it! But seriously, this thing is “need to buy an airbrush” in length and girth.
  16. No pix but I got home and found my Mega Bundle waiting, along with a Hundred Kingdoms mini from Noble Knight. There was much squeeing. And I have to say, the paint sets are very much what I've been looking for for years. Sadie knocked these out of the park for sure!
  17. Hey Reaper I just flew in let’s hang out and stuff I’d live to see Denton oops there’s my flight gotta go byeeeee! DFW never ceases to be a challenge. At least I won’t be spending the night this time.
  18. No joke, peanut butter and jelly and salsa is a pretty decent combo. Provided you use the right brand of salsa.
  19. Brain weasels and heat and surprise thunderstorms this morning that knocked out power to the whole city for 6+ hours..... Thai food helped though.
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