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  1. On 3/20/2022 at 8:36 AM, Chaoswolf said:

    Just a quick reminder: remember, Ron said that the map they showed wasn't necessarily the final version; changes may be made, so be careful making plans just yet.

    but my PLANS! 😧


    But seriously, plan is to keep it simple this time, just the necessities.


    So 9 of each

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  2. 12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Do you use the recommend settings for your resin?

    Aside from what has been mentioned, you could be overexposing?

    Or..you're using too light supports causing the print to break off and fail?

    I believe I found the cause of my issues. You know how the FEP films come with a protective plastic covering that you need to remove before installation? Because I did not. :down:


    And for the record, the protective plastic does not play well with prints.

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  3. 2 hours ago, TGP said:

    Looks like It is 4 and a half bricks. ((4x8) + 4) = 36 inches. (That is from Taffrail to Stempost. Arrrrrh, if ye be going to acquire a three foot long model ship ye be needin’ to learn those words! )

    Add two more Forscales for the Portion of the bowsprit that extends beyond the stem post. 

    From contrail to fencepost, got it! 

    But seriously, this thing is “need to buy an airbrush” in length and girth.

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  4. 1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

    The lever for my baby is making her feel bad about what she’s done. For example, when she bit a couple kids in class, her teacher read her a book about not using her teeth on people. It made her feel bad for a solid half an hour. And telling her that it makes mommy sad when she headbutts her in the face is a lot more effective than yelling, which she thinks is funny.



    Yo Gabba Gabba taught all the important life lessons.

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