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  1. Acquisitions II: Aquire Harder! Turns out the comic book shop here now carries a selection of minis, paints (MSP HD case, GW, Army Pints), and etceteras. A (pitiful, honestly) assortment of Bones, but a pretty good selection of Knight Models Marvel and DC stuff, plus some...old...things? A few Grenadier blisters and one or two AD&D/Ral Parthas from way back. The heart wanted, but the wallet said “not today”. I did walk out with a Friar from something called 100 Kingdoms. It was marked down to about $3.50 for some reason so I hope it’s not missing large chunks of little metal person. And Squirrel Girl volume 7, because that book is unbeatable. I did want to ask, since somebody here probably knows, these older pewter minis contain lead, and some of them are in various stages of turning a shiny rusty brown. Is this the dreaded lead rot or just normal tarnish?
  2. So after looking over my pile of unopened blisters I noticed quite a few youthful magic-users (and one magic-user-adjacent), and got an Idea. That is not the acquisition. Wanted to put them all on 25mm bases, but one of them has a wide stance and won’t fit, so I went out for tin snips to cut his base down to size. Can’t have three normal sized minis and then have Karahl Farstep manspreading all over a 50mm circle. I can’t find snips anywhere in town. At all. So. Plan B. Went down to the FLGS and picked out a replacement, 03433: Corim the Gnome. Chosen for two reasons: 1) pretty sure a gnome is smaller than 25mm and 2) that was literally the only male wizard they carried in metal. Also picked up 02830: Wolf Pack. Because wolves.
  3. If you use green or purple, can you still use yellow to highlight or would it look weird?
  4. And y’all have the best tricks to steal try and emulate! On the other hand, very few forumites come with illustrated four-panel comics.
  5. I’ll have to try that out sometime. Curiously, this kit had no green, requiring the user to mix blue and yellow. Pregenerated greens would probably work better though...
  6. The second mini from the Layer Up! Learn to Paint Kit, Ingrid the Gnome Thief: A fun little mini. She taught me that I love to overdo shadows. This is very evident on her cape, though glazing did help a little bit. On the bright side, the sculpt has some big, expressive eyes, and I think both came out halfway decent for a change. This one has a fun base, as well. Lots of details to pick out, and the instructions have a neat combo for painting mossy patches that I’ll have to steal for future use. Feedback is appreciated!
  7. Was thinking the same thing. Thanks a lot, @Guindyloo But seriously, that is impressive! And it’s neat to know there’s a word for my painting technique...
  8. Painted (mostly) by-the-numbers, Anirion: This was a departure from my normal style of painting, and I made a number of mistakes, but wanted to stick to the instructions and see how it all turned out. All things considered, I think it looks decent. I didn’t worry about trying to correct the bend in the staff or any mold lines. And I added a third highlight layer (more yellow) to the robes, to make them pop just a bit more. The camera washed these out, it seems. The little details probably deserved more attention, but the focus here was clearly on the robes. I think I did learn a few new things, hopefully for the better. More practice will help. Comments and critiques welcome.
  9. Well, it took nearly six months but I made it through all the Star Trek on Netflix. I SEEN ‘EM ALL! Except for Discovery, because that’s still exclusive to CBS No-Access . I don’t know what to watch while painting now. My routine is broken.
  10. What size bases are you using for these? In some shots they look like 25mm but others 50mm to my eyes...
  11. Need to go through my Bones 2 box before purchasing any Bones, turns out several of my recent purchases were just sitting around the closet already paid for. Not that I wouldn’t mind painting another Marilith, and maybe avoiding all the first time mistakes...
  12. Basecoating the wings, using True Blue for the membranous portions. Unfortunately, this shade is quite a bit more watery than the Cloudy Grey, and given Bonesium’s noted hydrophobic property it immediately proceeded to bead up on the smooth surfaces. Probably should have begun with a liner, but what’s done is done. Another coat or two (or possibly three) should take care of this brushstrokey mess.
  13. Cleaver guy! What did you use to prime the figure? I tried using Reaper brush-on on a HQ mini once and it...didn’t take...
  14. Referencing unproducts is treason! But seriously, I’ve not played much Pathfinder, but what I did was all combat - one encounter took three hours to resolve. It was not fun. If this is remedied I may be interested. in the other hand, we may have simply had a terrible DM for that game...
  15. Kickstarter doesn’t give me the option to use PayPal, etc. This has made it impossible to complete more than one pledge
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