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  1. Wanted to try something different, so here is another oldie, Cleo the Weretigress, done up as a tiger lady: Front Back Another view Could have gone a few ways with this mini. There are parts of the sculpt which are clearly feline (face, tail, extremities) but most of the rest seems intended to be human form. This presented a dilemma, as I was unsure painting tiger all over skin-sculpted areas would produce the proper effect. On the other hand, painting those areas in skin tones would preclude the inclusion of tiger stripes. And I really wanted to paint some freehand tiger stripes, y’all. So I split the difference. It’s hard to tell from my awful pics (best available lighting, unfortunately), but I used the red hair triad for fur, basecoating with Carrot Top Red, Auburn Shadow for shadows, and slowly highlighting by layering with increasing amounts of Highlight Orange up to 100% For skin, I used Scholar Flesh. However, this color always seemed far too pale for my liking, so I mixed in a bit of Carrot Top. The result was a surprisingly neat pinkish tone that I will definitely find use for again somewhere. Her hair is Ginger Cookie with various brown highlights and shades, and white patches of fur are mostly Dragon White over Rainy Grey. This was an experiment with quite a few things outside my comfort zone, so I must ask: does the mid-transformation effect work or no? Are my colors way off? I’m not really satisfied with the color scheme on her face, what would have made it more tiger-like (and anywhere else)? Comments and critiques would be much appreciated.
  2. Are the incoming texts being sent from Apple devices? If so, they may not be texts, and would not go to an Android device.
  3. So back when the song was new, my stepdad was dating my mom. And by “dating”, I mean “having an affair with”, as he was married at the time. He was a lounge singer back then, and took requests. One day his wife came to the show, walked up to him, and with (I’m told) a wicked gleam in her eye requested “Every Breath You Take”. And that was the moment stepdad knew that she knew. I’m also told he has never before or since completely butchered a song that badly.
  4. Very nice! Out of curiosity, what sort of base is the older mini affixed to?
  5. Okay so it’s been awhile, but I finally got the basecoat down for the Cloudy Grey. am am thinking I may need to stick her onto a 50mm base before proceeding further. And writing that realizing that would make it nigh impossible to paint her underbelly. Not sure about doing a star challenge either, better play it safe.
  6. Unable to connect. I could use my other device, but then I’m stuck using headphones as it won’t route the sound through main speaker
  7. They shouldn’t take long, they’re SHORTbreads after all... Fresh baked Toll House cookies are the best thing ever though.
  8. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I’ll have to experiment some next time. Anyway, in this case I used a mix of BCA Pink and Tanned Skin (which was darker than my midtown). Unfortunately, BCA Pink looks suspiciously like Pepto-Bismol, and my mix ended up looking like Pepto-Bismol with some tan paint mixed in it . Also, my mini seemed to be lacking a sculpted nipple, which threw things off. As for the skirt and wings, both are MSP Blood Red, with a drop of Tanned Highlight added to the wings. Added a thin layer of GW Agrax Earthshade (was in a hurry and don’t care about cheating) and some Candlelight Yellow for highlighting and that’s that. It’s not going to win any awards, but looks very nice for tabletop.
  9. Another older sculpt I wanted to knock out real quick, this was maybe three hours’ work (not counting stepping away to let paint dry, etc.). To be honest, it looked amazing when everything was just a basecoat, it’s the parts after that that throw me. Anyway, Sirithis (links for nudity): Front Back Still haven’t found a nipple color that works. The search continues. Comments and critiques welcome.
  10. Shipping costs are given separately, so I’d assume the latter
  11. The caveat being that fruit juice contributes to diabetes... I wish my food wasn’t actively trying to kill me
  12. While painting, I kinda thought that from certain angles he bears a striking resemblance to Rocky Balboa.
  13. While painting, I kinda thought that from certain angles he bears a striking resemblance to Rocky Balboa.
  14. Sometimes you need to see a miniature in person to appreciate it. This is one that would come up on the site and I’d scroll right past without a second thought, but I saw him hanging on the rack at the FLGS and was immediately smitten. Figure was prepped and primed as my previous show off thread went up, and was painted pretty quickly over the course of a couple evenings. Apologies for the picture quality (yet again), here is Alfred Redlute: The sculpt holds up pretty well, despite its age (S. Garrity 97 is engraved on the rear of the base). Minor flash and a small but noticeable pit on the lute’s fretboard, but no real mold line issues. Paint wise, nothing really fancy going on. Tunic is Templar Blue and it’s associated triad with Palomino Gold around the bottom and cuffs. Found some GW shades along with the mini, so the yellows and browns got a dose of Nuln Oil. His lute is red for the obvious reason. Sadly, some of the paint on the lute’s strings came off when sealer was applied. I believe the problem was the old brush I used being too stiff and rough. I fixed the damage best I could, but it’s nowhere near as nice as before. Al’s pantaloons are Dark Elf Highlight mixed with some Linen White. Turns out that triad is good for more than just drow skin! The base is meant to represent grass, as that was evidently the original intention of broccoli bases, so I painted it green. With MSP Grass Green. Because my imagination refuses to be bridled. All in all, not terrible for the time and effort, for me at least. Though I do regret the last glaze which made the blue highlights very hard to see. But I was too scared to try again, and they aren’t completely gone, so something to work on next time. As always, comments and critiques are welcome!
  15. Evidently I’m “gross” because I said Shortbreads are the best Girl Scout cookie. i like them
  16. This is a valid reason for a Kickstarter delay. Get well soon, metal spinner guy
  17. Ah, a valiant hero battling a wicked, winged horror. Classic adventuring! And a very impressive work to boot, both the sculpt and the painting.
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