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  1. If you channel your inner Archimedes, it is conceivably possible to determine if the mini is vintage leaded pewter or (as these apparently are) white metal. This would of course require having possession of the miniature first.... Are any of the ones being offered here Garrity sculpts? I haven’t looked. If there are, that could cause...issues...if she decided to make a fuss directly to KS. Didn’t see any sculptor names in the project description, but that seems to be an issue all around with Mirilton. If the above turned out to not be a dealbreaker, this probably would do it anyway.
  2. I don’t know about anybody else, but without an answer either way to these questions this is by default a “pass” for me.
  3. Not having backed this, part of me is tempted to pick up a mini or two at fire sale prices. But I don’t know if I’m entirely comfortable sending money that way. And nothing seems to actually be discounted (unless it was already insanely marked up).
  4. At 75mm, is “miniatures” really applicable still? Saw their Dark Crystal game at the comic shop today, the sculpts looked pretty good. If they can keep the level of detail up, this may end up quite nice.
  5. Lately I’ve had this burning urge to gather the roomies together and run a game of Paranoia. I’ve never done so, but my reasons are: 1. I want to run SOMETHING 2. Something not D&D for a change 3. and I want them all to suffer the way they make me suffer every waking moment. But mostly that last one.
  6. A friend’s brother used to work at KFC. He said the bowls were devised as a means to make some easy profit off of whatever bits didn’t sell the previous day. I’ve never tried one because of that statement. This is accurate.
  7. The glossiness is from the sealer (which I assume is supposed to be matte). I may have to search for some Dullcote here...
  8. Sometimes you have to force your way through the rough patches. Fortunately, I recently found Valloa here at my FLGS. Given that she’s been on my “want” list for a while and their selection of metal minis was sparse at best, I snapped one up to dispel the painting melancholy. Apologies in advance for the bad images, lighting didn’t want to comply, and the closest to true color I could get has bad shine from camera flash + sealer. Here she is: I didn’t originally have plans to paint this one as a drow. But, I wanted a chance to try out the dark elf skin triad and didn’t have any other available elf minis to mess around with. The paints are fantastic though, and will likely see use outside of skin in the future. This is the second mini I’ve done with a purple cloak. I think the shadows and highlights turned out better (and more varied) than the previous attempt. And working upon previous advice, used no less than seven shades of brown overall (not that you can tell). Please feel free to comment and critique! I need to improve on things next time.
  9. Cesar Romero didn’t shave his mustache when he played the Joker. Nobody thought the Joker wasn’t clean-shaven... edit: unless I read your meaning wrong?
  10. 03:30 is a magical time of day to finally have the energy to get out of bed and toddle off to the bathroom. Doubly so when the dream you’ve been having for the past three hours refuses to end, meaning your brain is diverting resources away from things like, say, walking upright in order to continue Sorting the Dragons.
  11. Roomie’s little ones brought home a stomach flu from school, so everyone eventually caught it and started barfing up everything. It’s finally hitting me. Problem is, I don’t normally vomit. And this time is no exception. So now it feels like Sonic the Hedgehog is doing that spinny move in the pit of my stomach. I don’t like it
  12. Having never eaten a clove cigarette, I’ll take your word for it. Clove gum is awesome, but whenever it came around my dad would always bring home a big bag of Black Jack instead
  13. Hello, earworm. On a related note, know what this is? The mostly dead carcass of a brain weasel.
  14. Was there a bowl of petunias nearby thinking “Oh no, not again”?
  15. The heart wants to paint but the brain is under constant weasel assault. whoever invents self-painting minis is going to make a fortune.
  16. “Ceremonial”. The stegosaurus is known for having the smallest brain-size-to-body-size ratio of any dinosaur. Big ol’ Lizard had a brain the size of a walnut. It was once hypothesized that stegosaurs had a second brain near their pelvis to help control their hind legs, thagomizer, etc.
  17. FLGS has a job lot of Citadel painting handles so I got one. Nabbed a pair of DHL wizards and a weird GW shade while while I was at it. Because I have good impulse control.
  18. Or not. Devices aren’t cooperating. Rest assured, painting is happening!
  19. Going to Get on soon, need to get out of my post-holiday slump...
  20. Young Justice did get renewed, at least. Season 3 is set to air late this year. Probably as a direct result of all the negative press as seen above.
  21. Just finished Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the first time. Whoever said it got better around season 3 wasn’t kidding. Still, there were several moments I recalled from watching its original run before giving up on the show entirely. Apparently I made it all of three episodes back then.
  22. Wertham’s witch hunt also forced DC to introduce Batwoman and her sidekick Bat-Girl. That way they could say “see, Batman and Robin totally dig the ladies!” Bat-Girl was written out of the comics after a relatively short while, but Batwoman hung around until being retconned out of existence by Crisis on Infinite Earths. She was slightly reimagined and reintroduced following infinite Crisis and is still around today. Perhaps not ironically, this new Batwoman totally digs the ladies as well.
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