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  1. Got a little box in the mail, didn’t think to check it right away. Turns out, it was my Hasslefree order from a month ago, along with some exotic UK sweets and three free minis! A happy surprise for an otherwise dour day.
  2. Mostly slightly less dark than this: The episode “The Demon’s Quest” is one of my favorite portrayals of the character, and one of the only good adaptations of Ra’s al-Ghul out there.
  3. The pipes are frozen in my kitchen. No sink and no dishwasher Luckily the toilets work fine still. Edit: the toilets are not in the kitchen, for clarification.
  4. I’m curious to know what happened that made the plastics industry strike back?
  5. ST:TOS was produced by Desilu. Desilu was purchased (I believe during the show’s run) by Gulf + Western, then owners of Paramount Pictures, and renamed Paramount Television. Stuff got reorganized and sold off, but Paramount Pictures (who make the movies) and Paramount Television remained with the same company all the way through being bought by CBS and then Viacom’s ownership. Then things get weird. Viacom and CBS split in 2005, with Viacom becoming CBS and the rest becoming a new Viacom. This new Viacom ended up with Paramount Pictures and CBS with the television division. Anything made originally for the reboot movies is not necessarily available for use in television shows and vice versa from Discovery or any subsequent series. To make matters worse, the merchandising rights are split between (at least) the two companies. Because that’s where the money is. Klingons are Klingons though, since they appeared on TV first there shouldn’t be a problem with turtle-faced Klingons on TV, that’s probably just some unfortunate writer’s room decision making.
  6. Pretty sure it was meant to border on comical in 1988 as well, if only to emphasize the ineptitude of the film’s LAPD (see also Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson and the shot where a SWAT team member runs in to a thorny bush and says “ow!”). At least, I remember finding it rather comical back then...
  7. There was one review which called it “the worst movie of 2017, and that includes The Emoji Movie.” I kinda liked it. Like others have said, it has an Alien Nation vibe going for it. The plot isn’t anything super original, sure, but it doesn’t need or try to be. A sequel (or series) would really help flesh out the world-building though. Now I want Alien Nation to make a comeback
  8. I believe they can be fried in a pan with some oil or butter? Too long and they get rubbery though.
  9. When she was in her 70s, Eartha Kitt was the voice of Yzma in the Disney film The Emperor’s New Groove. At that point in her life, she kinda looked like a real-life Yzma. And she still had all the hotness. If only we could all be so lucky.
  10. As did mine, though I believe it was to placate the screaming children. Funnily, we never questioned the part where our parents picked out which gift got opened...
  11. Been under the weather, so I didn’t have a chance to properly check out my new arrivals. Bunches of holiday stuff: Oddly, one of my Ametrines is labeled “Ametrine Earthlyte” while the other is simply “Gnome Alchemist”. Which is doubly odd since the other thread describes her as a dwarf?
  12. If only they’d named it the “Glooper”...
  13. A mermaid that is not nude (strategically placed hair does not count as clothed).
  14. It may be a regional thing, but I nearly always get “oprima” or “marque” instead of presione. Some phrases are more common in various regional dialects (Cuba vs. Mexico etc.).
  15. I read the original draft of Lucas’ script many years ago. It was an epic tale of the intricacies of the intergalactic Chrome Trade. It was a bit less interesting than it sounds.
  16. I love the rough cut footage of Star Wars. It’s so bad but also a great example of why a good editor it’s vital to filmmaking.
  17. Did another random pull from the Box of Yesteryears, this time drawing yet another oldie, Nicole of the Blade: Nice bright pics this time, but they have washed out the darks slightly. So. Garrity Eyes strike again, and these were the smallest yet. The first thing that caught my eye was her chain mail. In the past this has been steel/silver, so I wanted to change it up and do a nice bronze. Unfortunately, the closest I had was Antique Gold, so I went with that. Basically everything not flesh or hair got a base coat of Cloudy Gray, then went metallic with Honed Steel, Blade Steel, and Polished Silver, with Antique Gold for the filigree work and the dragon on the shield. Then hit everything with a light Black Ink wash to grunge it up and fill the cracks, and a little bit heavier to line around her legs and skirt and such. Her hair is a mix of 3:1 Desert Sand and Leather Brown, which I only note because I don’t want to forget it. Again. And finally some purple for her hair ribbon to counter the grungy and morose. C&C welcome!
  18. So far I’ve gotten wolf, demon, nymph. This is oddly disturbing as one of my characters was a werewolf nymph in a universe where evil nymphs became succubi.
  19. Thanks Cyr! I think your comments in that other thread were partly responsible for my making this purchase in the first place . My brushes are wrecked. No good points on any of them, which didn’t help at all. I don’t have Ghost or Leather White, but they’re on the list now. I did use some Maggot White as I had it out to do highlighting on the blue sections, and some Dragon White as well. I did want to see what the Linen White would do, though. I think you’re right about it being the source of the dirty look. Also, the waist cords were done with Palomino Gold, mostly because I finally located my bottle of Palomino Gold that would have been super helpful on at least three recent minis. It was in a box that also contained a package of brand new (cheapo) brushes, each with a really nice point.
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