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  1. This mini showed up in a recent thread, and I had to have (and paint) one. It’s an old Sandra Garrity piece, one of the oldest in the Reaper catalog. Once again, Final Fantasy provided the inspiration, this time the White Mage. Here is Gwendalyn (and apologies for the very poor pics): Taking some recent advice, I looked up the Bette Davis eyes tutorial and tried it out. The results aren’t visible in these photos because I failed miserably and painted over it all. Her eyes were simply too small for my good detail brush (a size 1). It was not a bad learning experience though. This was another experiment in white cloth, built up from Cloudy Gray and Rainy Gray, through Linen White to bright whites. It ended up looking a bit dirty, but I think is the proper look for this mini. Additionally, I really like the way her staff turned out looking like a wooden stick. Hopefully I can remember how I made that happen for the next time. The stick, the bag, and the base were all done with varying browns, so hopefully they came out somewhat distinct. As always, C&C welcome and appreciated.
  2. Did not expect Cat Dragon. Here’s hoping money comes in before Car Dragon day.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Cyr! I agree there is too much brown. Her hair was originally black until I messed it up. Brown worked better in the end but I was unable to differentiate the colors enough got lazy. I’ll have to check out the tutorial you mentioned Eyes are the bane of my existence - brushes don’t get that small! Plus, there are normally only two to practice on per miniature. I’ll give the skin tone a shot next time too.
  4. Reaching into my box of Unpainted Things from Four Years Ago, I drew this figure. It looked simple enough, but turned out to have an awful lot going on: This is probably the most fun painting I’ve ever had, there is so much going on! Shirt and boots are Gory Red, and cape is Royal Purple. The fireball is a random assortment of Lava triad colors with some Candlelight Yellow tossed in. Even got to do some freehand on the book pages, to questionable effect, but not disastrous. C&C appreciated, though I am curious as to the origin of her name...
  5. Taking a break from flailing about on Bones to take some time and flail about on metal. Here is “Witch”, as the blister says: Her pointy hat inspired me to paint her up as a Black Mage from Final Fantasy. However, that plan went out the window when it encountered her clothing layers. So I took the opportunity to play with Yellow a bit. Probably needs a lot more work but I’m limited by my paints at the moment. Not the greatest job, but I am happy with the end result, especially the Browns. C&C appreciated.
  6. Was going to join, but it says I don't belong to your organization.
  7. So apparently “100% charged” really does drop to 20% after 5 minutes running hangouts. Might be able to get back on later when charged again. If I’m still there, I’m not.
  8. I never got any Simple Green! Accomplished nearly everything else though, so yay.
  9. Yes. Yes I have. Now I’m all curious .
  10. Y’all are making me envious. By by the time I have spending moneys all the CMON things will be sold out .
  11. I too learned of this rule from NES Monopoly. Still took years to implement when playing the board version. Mega bonus Free Parking rules help speed things up more.
  12. Hey now, they can dance if they want to. They can leave their friends behind.
  13. Got burned out on In-N-Out in college, since it was across the street and I had disposable income. Went back a couple years ago and undercooked fries gave me food poisoning. Gotta ask for them done “well”.
  14. The best way to add condiments is to remove the White Castle burger from the box/wrapper, toss it in the trash, head down to Burger King, buy a Whopper, put the Whopper in the now-empty box/wrapper, eat.
  15. What are you working on at the moment?
  16. At the car surgeon’s garage. Guess I didn’t need to do any Black Friday shopping for yet another year. Or buy a turkey for Thanksgiving.
  17. Dang batteries drained already! Where did my charger wander off to...
  18. It was in a dream sequence once. Beyond that, I don’t recall actually. Who’s to say the elevator isn’t in the cellar though?
  19. It is conceivable there is an elevator in that secret off-camera door they never use, the one in the rear of the set next to the stairs up to Melville’s. The front entrance is right out, though.
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