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  1. Ready for action, mostly. Left foot is still slightly off-level though. Not sure what sort of base I’m going to use yet. But first things first, time to hunt some mold lines!
  2. Pinning is currently beyond my capabilities (no drill). (Or pins). I’d likely cut a hole right through the skin in any case. This may be a slight overestimate of my painting abilities
  3. I’d pretty much had it spoiled beforehand, but the ending still works because the pacing is just absolutely perfect during the climactic sequence.
  4. Progress report! Deathsleet was a little wobbly on her feet, and I wasn’t sure if gluing then down to a base would work out well, so I got to boil my first Bones. They sure do feel weird once soft . Got all the materials, but still unsure if I want to do a Star Challenge. If I Blue Liner-ize this thing first, does that count against the challenge rules?
  5. So I went out and tried to start my car, and it magically un-elfed itself! I don’t get it, but at least it won’t need a tow truck to get to the service station.
  6. Looking good! That is the Anhurian Man-at-Arms from 06023: Anhurian Swordsmen, by the way. His shield is a nice spot for a design if you feel up to drawing freehand.
  7. On in an hour or so. (Hopefully ) should have have known better. Is anyone still on?
  8. Whatever do you mean? *whistles innocently* Three of the paints I got are for the Rainbow Dragon Challenge, but looking at the dragon now, I maybe should have ordered more than one each
  9. Ah yes, the “swoop and squat”. The worst part is that the fraudster often gets away with it.
  10. “Nacho” is a Spanish nickname for Ignacio. Nachos the snack food were invented by a (presumably vain) guy named Ignacio.
  11. November order is here. Hopefully will provide hours of fun and less as much frustration!
  12. Stupid car decided to not start just as it’s needed to go to dentist office. Apparently this is “my fault” for “not fixing it months ago”. i don’t want to life today
  13. Actress Demi Moore was born in Roswell, NM. No word on her extraterrestrial status.
  14. I really like how the leather tunic turned out! Nice job.
  15. I was in the mood to try out some metallics, and the victimsubject this time was Finari (apologies for the subpar pics): There were some issues with this sculpt. Most of her face was offset a couple millimeters forward, so there was an odd bump to one side. Additionally, her left foot has a large chunk that just isn’t there, just below the sword. These I hid as best I could. For the majority of her armor, I mixed three parts Royal Purple with one part Honed Steel. Compared to some other combinations I’ve tried out lately, this ended up being a nice metallic while keeping close to the base color. Rivets and ornamentation were done in Antique Gold with New Gold highlights. Not pleased with how splotchy the breastplate turned out, however. There was one detail that still eludes me. You can see in the rear view a lump of some sort next to her shield. It isn’t part of her arm or any bit of armor that I’m aware of, so I made it into a...brownish leather thing. C&C appreciated, armor isn't something I’ve done much of and I need to get better at it.
  16. That troll would make a pretty good Hero Quest ogre...
  17. Dinner is done, time to relax! About to do a few touch ups and take a photo for show off when I hear the sterling tones of “THE CAT PEED ON MY BEDDDDDDDD!” And that is how I got to go on a late nite run to the laundromat!
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