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  1. Oh gosh, I’ve been away so long I forgot people remembered thank you all!
  2. Wait, shipping has begun? Wait, @ladystormretired? Ive been away too long
  3. Absolutely stunning! Totally stealing those wing colors.
  4. I find that hard to believe, since the person who named/popularized That Trope later went on to *write Deadpool* and was even name dropped in the first movie.
  5. Help I have fallen down the Elder Scrolls rabbit hole again! My poor neglected minis Help I have fallen down the Elder Scrolls rabbit hole again! My poor neglected minis
  6. Needed to relax and paint for fun for a change, and wanted to try some new paints. This was a Fun little one, in spite of a slight miscast. Tuilin: It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but I even managed to get pupils in her eyes that I’m happy with, yay! The blue is a Vallejo shade I wanted to try out. It’s turquoise in English, but the Spanish name is Halcón Milenario (Millennium Falcon). I don’t know why they call it that as Han’s ship was most certainly not this color, but it’s pretty. Shadows and highlights were attempted by adding MSP Nightmare Black and Dragon White, respectively. Her hair was another attempt at the Blond Hair triad, which is taking a bit of effort to get a handle on. It didn’t help that all my brushes are failing on me right when it’s not possible to get new ones. Comments and critiques welcome!
  7. They’re still vibrant and impressive! Really digging the dwarf’s beard especially.
  8. Curiously reminiscent of Hero Quest, right down to some of the poses. I doubt that is a coincidence.
  9. Same. Apparently there is a famous person or two in it or something.
  10. Sometimes I hate the pre-assembled nature of Bones. I just had to snap off an otherwise removable bit to be able to paint behind it. Now I feel like a monster, and not the cool kind. Time to learn how to pin, I guess! Now to invest in a paper clip...
  11. Thanks everyone! I did want to make an attempt at flames before doing something...unfortunate to a more expensive mini. I did use yellow for the highlights, unfortunately it was almost all obliterated by a later glaze. I keep failing to take highlights far enough. Also, I apparently need to watch more painting videos, cuz that would have been helpful. Just wish the first step wasn't “grab your airbrush”. Ah well, it’s not like anyone is ever going to see my minis outside of the Show Off forum.
  12. Managed to completely paint this happy little guy up in short order: Threw the base together last night to cure, but the actual painting time on this one was only a couple hours. I assumed that he’s meant to be floating on magical wisps of etherealness, but lack ethereal-colored paint. However, I have fire and lava colors, so I made it flames. C&C welcome, as always.
  13. Thank you for saying this, sometimes it’s tough to notice incremental improvements in your own work. He’ll have to get in line for the dullcote or whatever when I get around to it, too many shiny little people that should not be so shiny on my shelf. Forgot to mention, I used some dollar store “black sand” for the base. It too is a bit shiny, but might make a passable volcanic gravel or something if used properly. Now wondering if it would be paintable...
  14. Sometimes a nice hot bath/shower helps ease the aches. I wouldn’t recommend using ice at the same time though. Is the duck okay?
  15. Just a quick and simple paint, nothing fancy. Couldn’t resist picking it up though, because every tabletop needs a werewolf (even if that tabletop has nobody to play with): He’s very shiny. I couldn’t find my brush-on sealer and had to use PVA sealer, which is always glossier than the label says. His fur is supposed to be mottled grey/white and brown/black, but I never know how to paint the not-obviously furry parts, and usually default to bare skin. In this case, Dark Elf Skin. So I guess he’s a drow werewolf. Also, this: Look at at that eye! It’s a halfway decent eye (even if it isn’t quite human)! Calling the whole thing a win on that basis. C&C welcome.
  16. wheee picking up food for roomies and I can’t afford anything today. Because I needed to feel worthless today. I want to go home
  17. On the other hand, there is a precedent in that organization for VPs to quit without warning...
  18. Yummy, doughy, rising crust pizza is awesome. Stuffed crust pizza is awesome. Chicago Style looks awesome (never had the real deal). New York style is awesome. Pan and Thin crusts have their moments. Grilling pizzas seems to be a big thing in the Midwest, but I’d never heard of doing it until I moved out east. Not a bad way to cook up a thin crust, to be honest. Need to find my pizza stone too. Made a cheapo store brand pizza on the oven rack yesterday. One edge decided to droop between the bars and now the heating element is coated with delicious mozzarella and tomato sauce.
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