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  1. I'd be content with a Station Management mini, and maybe some librarians.
  2. I'm now facing Bensenville and praying, 48 hours from yesterday would mean a very happy Saturday. Of course my wife may not be quite so happy covering for my sudden onset of Bonesitis and have to do all the parental taxi duties. Bonesitis? That's a funny name for a horrible disease.
  3. Wait, how did this even get greenlit? I thought KS rules require you to Make A Thing. This just sounds like he's buying overstock and selling it for more than normal.
  4. It will be a mix of blood red, sword steel, and magic...color...
  5. I am stealing this color scheme for my own purposes. Great work!
  6. That's how it seems to me as well. I think the spikey sides go on the inside? Like teeth.
  7. I'm so sad my box didn't include Khanjira :( Of course, it's my fault for passing it over...
  8. I like the concept, but I don't think everyone else would be too enthusiastic about the house smelling like Moldy Crypt.
  9. Discovered this last night too. I'm guessing the tab is extraneous and can be whittled away to make things right?
  10. How long did you boil them for? They are MUCH thicker and heavier than I'd anticipated.
  11. Werewolf bards. This is an actual need for my campaign.
  12. They're here! Thanks Reaper people for all your ridiculously crazy work of late. Now it is time to disappear for a bit... I was very early in Wave 1, btw. Still, I'm surprised it got here before the weekend
  13. I rummaged through the module. So many choices in there. Edit: After reading Bryan's post I like him even more. Have not seen a response like that since I ran a fan site for Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games with a friend on his server and we had issues with some people on the forums. He would show them how things worked in HIS world. Froghemoth?
  14. I hope we see a pack of wolves/werewolves/other animals. I need a pack of wolves/werewolves/other animals.
  15. What are the specs on this miniatures case?
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