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  1. Thank you for saying this, sometimes it’s tough to notice incremental improvements in your own work. He’ll have to get in line for the dullcote or whatever when I get around to it, too many shiny little people that should not be so shiny on my shelf. Forgot to mention, I used some dollar store “black sand” for the base. It too is a bit shiny, but might make a passable volcanic gravel or something if used properly. Now wondering if it would be paintable...
  2. Sometimes a nice hot bath/shower helps ease the aches. I wouldn’t recommend using ice at the same time though. Is the duck okay?
  3. Just a quick and simple paint, nothing fancy. Couldn’t resist picking it up though, because every tabletop needs a werewolf (even if that tabletop has nobody to play with): He’s very shiny. I couldn’t find my brush-on sealer and had to use PVA sealer, which is always glossier than the label says. His fur is supposed to be mottled grey/white and brown/black, but I never know how to paint the not-obviously furry parts, and usually default to bare skin. In this case, Dark Elf Skin. So I guess he’s a drow werewolf. Also, this: Look at at that eye! It’s a halfway decent eye (even if it isn’t quite human)! Calling the whole thing a win on that basis. C&C welcome.
  4. wheee picking up food for roomies and I can’t afford anything today. Because I needed to feel worthless today. I want to go home
  5. On the other hand, there is a precedent in that organization for VPs to quit without warning...
  6. Yummy, doughy, rising crust pizza is awesome. Stuffed crust pizza is awesome. Chicago Style looks awesome (never had the real deal). New York style is awesome. Pan and Thin crusts have their moments. Grilling pizzas seems to be a big thing in the Midwest, but I’d never heard of doing it until I moved out east. Not a bad way to cook up a thin crust, to be honest. Need to find my pizza stone too. Made a cheapo store brand pizza on the oven rack yesterday. One edge decided to droop between the bars and now the heating element is coated with delicious mozzarella and tomato sauce.
  7. “We” somehow never refers to “the one who broke your stuff”, does it? On a happier subject (scrambled eggs), I find it easiest to just whip them in the pan with a little silicone spatula. At least, nobody ever says they’re gross that way.
  8. SO MUCH THIS. Last year I splurged and got some new nonstick baking sheets, within the week my roommates had used them to slice pizza. With a knife. They’re sticky baking sheets now. Not buying another one. The worst part? We have a plastic pizza cutter that wouldnt have scored the surfaces. They just didn’t bother. EDIT: this is also why the pancake griddle has a giant X scored into it
  9. And now I must know! I do remember the rules conversion one. As I recall, it was a pale imitation, but that’s why I have the original.
  10. Dad didn’t drink, but he would occasionally buy a six pack of beers to make beer batter pancakes with. Best pancakes ever.
  11. Wait, so it’s a third Tomb of Horrors adventure? Do I need this to place next to my S1 and Return to ToH box set?
  12. Odd that you say this, I’ve found the shadow to be nice and deep but the base and highlight colors to be nearly identical. At least, I think I used them straight from the bottle... Time to experiment, I guess. And add the Olive Skin triad to The List. Looking good! Not sad anymore, and almost...wicked? Didn’t realize Red Brick was so purple.
  13. Found at the Dollar Teee: Black and white basing materials. Not sure how the black will work out but the white looks almost identical to Army Painter snow. Hey, it was $2 total. Oddly, each package weighs 1.1lbs/498g. I guess they couldn’t decide on imperial or metric and split the difference.
  14. With Bones IV only about 10 months or so from fulfillment (barring delays), ive noticed my box of Bones II staring at me. It disapproves of my neglect. Im a bad mini owner
  15. She is a fun one! The tree and base add a lot to it. Unfortunately, the moss triad is still on The List, and I didn’t feel like waiting around for it. I didn’t mix some Candlelight Yellow into the flesh tone for highlights, and it came out really well (though my photos always wash out the highlights). You are right about her skin looking “flat”. I think a less pale flesh tone like Tanned Skin would have been better, it worked out well when I did these orcs recently. It seems this one crossed that threshold of “no longer reads as skin”. Saving for next time. Am I just seeing things or is Coal Black ever so slightly greenish? Thanks, and you should totally go for it! It’s surprisingly fun to do and aesthetically pleasing in my experience. Thanks, and I’ll keep this in mind for next time as well. Guess the rest of the Olive Green triad is going on The List now too!
  16. We were more put off by how Dr. McCoy’s machine guns had 17000 round clips...
  17. Thank you woofs. I think the next one’s skin should be more fleshy-tinted. But every mix I tried like that ended up with a yellowish tint instead of a green one. Mixing paints is tricky
  18. Had an extra one of these lying about, and decided to experiment with a limited palette. Here’s how she turned out: Front Back Main colors used were MSP Woodland Brown, Brilliant Green, Scholar Flesh, and Yellowed Bone (and it’s triad). Not completely happy with her skin tones, I tried everything up to Moth Green trying to get a light tone that still read as green. Wound up using one of the darkest greens I have, go figure. Shaded by gradually dropping the flesh tone until it was straight green, but it turned out to be a rather extreme color shift. I like how the base and tree trunk came out, however. The ground shade was achieved by throwing some blues and yellows together until they stopped being bad and then painting some gray on the rocks. All in all, I think it turned out all right for just messing around. Definitely something to practice in the future. Comments, critiques, and suggestions appreciated.
  19. That’s odd. Usually they recommend putting them in your eye(s).
  20. Now that’s service! If only the rest of the universe responded to my whims so effortlessly. Still holding out hope for that Werewolf Sophie.
  21. Had a similar thought earlier today too, though the movie was the Neverending Story. I needwant a Rock Biter.
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