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  1. Now there's some shiny legs! Too bad there’s no Clear White/Black, those would be fun to mess around with the other clears.
  2. Batman Forever was okay, it was Batman and Robin that made the world weep.
  3. It is one of their methods of keeping cool, Angoras are notorious for being sweaters.
  4. So it wasn't just me then, whew. Maybe it’s just one of those pigments that overpowers everything else. Perhaps a more naturally runny color would work better. It could be the lighting, but there does appear to be a slight difference between the bare and lined models. The colors on the latter are ever so slightly deeper. Still not shiny, but possibly some useful combos.
  5. From what I gather, there is one. It’s called the “melt table”. Why is it called a ”crunch plate”?
  6. Pfft the box is clearly marked as RED clearance! That should cover everyone on the forums. If they’re not...well, that’s unfortunate. Enablement!
  7. Oh hello pretty snake lady have you come to take my money? Luckily*, this is probably going to be way out of my price range. *dependant on point of view
  8. Sometimes you eat the paint, and sometimes the paint eats you. This one is closer to the latter. Here’s Jolie the blue-themed Scribe: I just wanted to relax and have some fun with this mini, and try out some paints for the first time. So I started out basecoating her robes in Frosty Blue from the holiday set, and it looked pretty good. Used some Rosy Skin and Scholar Flesh on her skin, and it looked pretty good. Unboxed the blond hair triad and laid down the mid tone and it looked pretty good, which was when it became apparent I was painting Disney’s Cinderella. That could not stand, so I threw some gray in front and gave her a pink sash, which was originally a dark blue then an ill-advised red. I’m honestly pleased at how those parts turned out, especially the highlights in front. The rest of the model was a series of small disasters in shadow and highlights, and at some point I decided it was as good as it was going to get, tossed some Palomino Gold on the fancy bits, and put an end to the struggle. Though I did take the opportunity to try painting sheer clothing, not sure if it works (gloved forearm): C&C appreciated.
  9. Randomness XIV: They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! hopefully somebody gets it
  10. Back when it was originally released, the fine print with the alcohol content described it as something like “flavored beer” edit: Randomness XIV: Zomething Different
  11. Randomness XIV: There may just be crumbs. Be careful, it may become a habit.
  12. I guess we needed another hero after all... I would guess that if it were an issue, legal would have put a stop to it. I am also assuming CMON has a crack legal division at their disposal.
  13. Speaking of viewing the Core Set, those images aren’t showing up for me on the KS page (I use the app), only in the Pledge Manager. Is this a hiccup or intentional?
  14. Core set #s 147-154 (Klocke elves, townsfolk) have all seen metal release in the last couple months.
  15. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Spent far too many hours playing Betrayal at Krondor back in the day...
  16. Birthday moneys spent! Reaper order came in today along with another purchase. You can probably figure out which is which:
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