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  1. I guess we needed another hero after all... I would guess that if it were an issue, legal would have put a stop to it. I am also assuming CMON has a crack legal division at their disposal.
  2. Speaking of viewing the Core Set, those images aren’t showing up for me on the KS page (I use the app), only in the Pledge Manager. Is this a hiccup or intentional?
  3. Core set #s 147-154 (Klocke elves, townsfolk) have all seen metal release in the last couple months.
  4. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Spent far too many hours playing Betrayal at Krondor back in the day...
  5. Birthday moneys spent! Reaper order came in today along with another purchase. You can probably figure out which is which:
  6. Is she missing a left hand, or is it the angle? Love those skin tones, they really bring out the zaftig quality of the figure.
  7. The sheer amount of sprues is frightening! That’s half the battle won already, you can do it
  8. He looks so happy to have been spared from annihilation/recast into a unicorn or whatever. Nice job
  9. Pretty sure the spider part is Heresy Miniatures’ Monstrous Spider: Not sure about it’s other half though.
  10. Nightshade Purple looks like a weird dark blue to my eyes. Maybe it wasn’t shaken enough? Or am I confusing it with Nightmare Black? I know I have one of the two...
  11. Hopefully the first of many, this was an experiment in color - in this case, green. And while his wide stance was a problem at first, I made it work. Karahl Farstep: Hood and cloak are both a mix of Brilliant Green and Linen White, 3:1 for the darker areas and 1:2 everywhere else. The cloak is shadowed with purple (thanks, @Cyradis!), and I think it came out pretty nicely in front. Had to redo the back due to becoming shadow happy. For the light greens I was hoping to achieve something close to mint green, but it came out a lot more washed out and boring than hoped. So I freehanded borders around those parts with some Palomino Gold. Not daring enough to do anything fancier than that yet, but I think it makes a positive difference. Comments and critiques welcome, I’d like to know what works or doesn’t, and what to try and do better next time.
  12. The Clash reference made me giggle . Halflings don’t normally grab my attention, but these are cool sculpts.
  13. Going to try and hop on for a bit, might be in a couple hours if anyone is still around then
  14. No joke, in the time it took OneBoot to speedpaint two or three of these, I managed to paint one figure. And by “paint”, I mean “paint his major clothing areas”. And by that, I mean “basecoat”. And it still won’t end up looking anywhere near as awesome as any of these. Truly impressive work!
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