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  1. Had this happen with a video card for my desktop once. It arrived undamaged, but the packing box had clearly been opened and resealed. I think Homeland Security was snooping around in random UPS boxes.
  2. In a pinch, you might be able to get away with a halfling in armor (provided you can’t see the feet).
  3. Supposedly they’re going to offer hard copy versions at Gen Con
  4. So I just finished painting a mini, got it to the point where anything more would make it worse and went to brush on the sealer. This ended up taking the paint off his face all the way down to the bare metal and now I wanna cry. Apparently the bristles in my crap brush had become stuck together in a hardened mass and acted like sandpaper. Always check beforehand.
  5. It just occurred to me that Dr. Wyrm is no longer a mod and I forgot to ask about that name change. elves
  6. Thanks, I was trying out a few of the examples and the shield was my first attempt. For some reason when I put the red on over the orange it all mixed together. I think I may may have inadvertently discovered wet blending. And done it wrong probably, but the end result worked out for me. It was harder than anticipated, everybody else makes it look so easy. I dunno, it was like, not enough of the grit stayed down and then I covered it up with too much fake grass. Suppose practice makes perfect though.
  7. Wish he’d been this clever when he was the submissions rejector for Dragon and Dungeon.
  8. Thanks everyone! It’s reassuring to know that it won’t cause paints to randomly turn a variety of exciting new colors.
  9. Recently picked up several old minis. Now most are young enough to be of the unleaded variety, but nearly all of them are turning colors, like so: Is this something that needs to be dealt with, or can it be primered and painted and forgotten about with no ill effect? If care is required, what is the best course of action?
  10. Retook some of the images, hopefully the effects show up better.
  11. *chews cigar* “Listen up, men! The only good Natzy is a Dead NatzAAAAAAAGH THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT AT ALL!”
  12. A pair of skeletons from Grenadier packaged in 1992, item #3123: Skeleton Command. The first mini was my first time trying to use basing materials. The attempt dissuaded further experimentation for now. They weren’t going to be based at first, but the standard bearer turned out to be dangerously top-heavy. Didn’t have any better ideas, so I went with trying to make them look rusted by following Sirithiliel’s guide: I hope they turned out okay. Comments and critiques appreciated!
  13. In 1968, Twentieth Century Fox released The Detective, billed as “[a]n adult look at a police detective.” The film was based on the novel of the same name by author Roderick Thorp, and starred Frank Sinatra as Joe Leland, the eponymous NYPD detective, and also featured the likes of Lee Remick, Jack Klugman, Lloyd Bochner, and Robert Duvall. 1968 saw the end of the Hays Code, Hollywood’s self-censorship rules, and eventually the advent of the MPAA ratings system we know and love today. Thus, it was Open Season on what was going into movies from this point. And The Detective dove right into the previously verboten, when Det Sinatra is called to investigate a case involving some romantically-involved men. By today’s standards, the film is pretty tame (if not dull). But the subject matter was quite edgy at the time, as the Hays Code had explicitly forbidden any mention of homosexuality, in any context whatsoever. This, combined with characters written to talk like “real people” as opposed to “movie characters”, brought in the moviegoers. It ended up being one of the top 20 highest-grossing films of the year, and is regarded as one of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ better performances. So naturally, they wanted to make another one. Mr. Thorp wrote a sequel to the original novel in 1979, with the intention of getting a movie adaptation made. It was titled Nothing Lasts Forever, and Fox had a screenplay by the mid-80s. So where do you go to follow up a gritty “real” look into the secretive fringes of society? Well, the late 70’s/early 80’s was a golden age for action films, and with this in mind the sequel follows Det. Leland (now retired) as he visits his daughter and grandkids at a party at the oil company headquarters where she works. In a skyscraper. In Los Angeles. On Christmas Eve. Where they are all taken hostage by German terrorists. The sequel is Die Hard. Now, Fox was contractually obligated to offer the starring role to Frank Sinatra. He turned it down though, mostly due to “being too old for this broccoli.” This cleared the way for a younger, more marketable actor to appear in the film, and the producers eventually found their 80’s Action Star: Richard Gere. Gere turned down the part. It was also rejected by Arnold Schwarzenegger (as a possible sequel to 1985’s Commando), Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson, Burt Reynolds, Harrison Ford, and Clint Eastwood, among others. With things looking desperate, they made an offer to Bruce Willis, known for his work on a declining TV series and making some awful music. And they offered him $5 million, a payday unheard of in those days outside the very top of the A-list, let alone someone who’d only starred in one previous major film. These days, Die Hard is known for making Willis a star and spawning a franchise, and is regarded by many as a classic Christmas movie. But one can only imagine how things would have turned out if it had been Frank Sinatra jumping off that exploding roof. Edit: in addition, Die Hard featured actor Hart Bochner, son of The Detective’s Lloyd Bochner, in a major role.
  14. Got a couple stamps from Happy Seppuku today. The envelope smells like tires (in a good way). Doing babysitting duty today, so I dragged the roommate’s little one with me to the FLGS so I could get some bases. Failed a will save vs. puppy dog eyes and got talked into buying a Giant Spider off the Bones rack as well. I should stop buying Things this month...
  15. You’re all joking, but all the old packages I’ve seen have BIG SCARY WARNINGS saying something like “don’t chew or eat these things they aren’t food!” Even after they went lead-free. Was eating the minis some sort of popular 80’s gaming pastime? Reaper stuff today just has some words about choking hazard. I assume this means you need to chew your DHL and Bones thoroughly before swallowing. Anyway, Reaper order arrived today! Not a whole lot, but enough to get two sets of Buglips Goblinses. The not-drider has been on my want list for ages, and I just couldn’t pass up the Sphinx or the three new Klockenelfen. Not quite in frame is the Blond Hair triad, and not pictured are the 30mm round bases (that I forgot to order but need right now ).
  16. Do you have any BCA Pink? Curious how it would mix with metallic medium. Tried making a demimetallic with it once and it either got lost in the other pigment or completely overpowered the metallic-ness of the mix. Needs some pink armors.
  17. Got a pair of snips and some files in the mail today, some pretty Vallejo paints from the hobby store, and the other 3-pack of orcs from the FLGS. The latter even came with a free comic book!
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