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  1. Keeping an eye on this one, that’s a nice Medusa. Never heard of RBJ Game Company before, wish they’d name the sculptors in their store though . On another note, I’ve never heard of “Popular Company” miniatures as shown in the scale shot...
  2. Opened up my recently-acquired Shardis, primed, and started painting. That’s when I noticed the significant offset running up her entire right side. i don’t know if I can make it work yet
  3. This was a trio of orcs I recently acquired for cheap and liberated from 20+ years in blister packurgatory. They are from Grendel’s “Leviathan” line, and the sculptor is unfortunately not credited. These are some seriously hefty minis, slightly larger than (but still to scale with) Reaper’s Orc Berserker, et al. Mostly I wanted to try out my new basing stamps and these guys made a good excuse for that. I also wanted to experiment with orcish skin tones. The remainder of the figures I wanted to make less “nice” and more “uniform”, so most of the details were simply basecoated, hit with some GW Nuln Oil, and occasionally highlighted. First up, the spear carrier: For the skin, I used a base of MSP Brilliant Green. This is, in my opinion, a poor choice for orc flesh. Great for a tree frog though, probably. For all three, the square leather armors are Leather Brown, and the fur fringes/hats a mix of Desert Sans and Mountain Stone (to match the orc from the LTPK). Cloth areas are Templar Blue, marking them as the Blue Team, I guess. Next up, the...standard bearer? Very similar in attire, with the addition of a big fuzzy cloak done with Intense Brown. I actually attempted to do some layering, but big and fuzzy isn’t the most conducive surface to work on. His skin is a 1:1 mix of Naga Green and Tanned Skin, and I think it came out quite nice. I really loved his expressive face and big tongue. Finally, the swordsorc: By this point I had ceased caring about quality (aside from skin) and my brush control was fading rapidly. Came out good enough in the end, though I wish I’d done his vest in a different color. Despite looking a bit greenish (to my eyes) in the pics, his skin is a 2:1 mix of Palomino Gold and Tanned Skin. I like it, it’s sufficiently “non-human” and a nice change of pace. Comments and critiques welcome, leave them below. Additionally, if anyone can identify who sculpted these it would be much appreciated. The molds are currently owned by Scotia Grendel, but they don’t list the sculptor either.
  4. Its not that it has gone bad, it’s just that I keep forgetting it’s there in the first place
  5. He’s so pretty! Looks like I need to give Mahogany Brown another try, loving it in these pics.
  6. Had this happen with a video card for my desktop once. It arrived undamaged, but the packing box had clearly been opened and resealed. I think Homeland Security was snooping around in random UPS boxes.
  7. In a pinch, you might be able to get away with a halfling in armor (provided you can’t see the feet).
  8. Supposedly they’re going to offer hard copy versions at Gen Con
  9. So I just finished painting a mini, got it to the point where anything more would make it worse and went to brush on the sealer. This ended up taking the paint off his face all the way down to the bare metal and now I wanna cry. Apparently the bristles in my crap brush had become stuck together in a hardened mass and acted like sandpaper. Always check beforehand.
  10. It just occurred to me that Dr. Wyrm is no longer a mod and I forgot to ask about that name change. elves
  11. Thanks, I was trying out a few of the examples and the shield was my first attempt. For some reason when I put the red on over the orange it all mixed together. I think I may may have inadvertently discovered wet blending. And done it wrong probably, but the end result worked out for me. It was harder than anticipated, everybody else makes it look so easy. I dunno, it was like, not enough of the grit stayed down and then I covered it up with too much fake grass. Suppose practice makes perfect though.
  12. Wish he’d been this clever when he was the submissions rejector for Dragon and Dungeon.
  13. Thanks everyone! It’s reassuring to know that it won’t cause paints to randomly turn a variety of exciting new colors.
  14. Recently picked up several old minis. Now most are young enough to be of the unleaded variety, but nearly all of them are turning colors, like so: Is this something that needs to be dealt with, or can it be primered and painted and forgotten about with no ill effect? If care is required, what is the best course of action?
  15. Retook some of the images, hopefully the effects show up better.
  16. *chews cigar* “Listen up, men! The only good Natzy is a Dead NatzAAAAAAAGH THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT AT ALL!”
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