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  1. So I have finished painting 2000 points of miniatures for this army... But the writing took a back seat, so I will be trying to remedy that in the upcoming weeks. After much wait, we have reinforcements for Lord Calder's Host in the form of Mummies, taken off my shelf of shame, from a box I bought in the Late 90s... ----- “God's below Ashem, would you look at the size of those?! What unit is that and where did Calder even find men that large for The Host? Yes, yes, I know there was some big blokes in the 42nd back home, but if you, me and Gillian all stood together, I bet one of these lad's would still be able to wrap 'is arms around us. Would you look at that one! Would yah!? Holding a haliberd with one hand and a sword in the other! I can barely even hold my spear with two hands, let alone swing it around like a dirk. Plus, that armour! I tried on one of the regular old heavies' kits one time, you know, Moorgan's regiment. You know as well as I ain't a weak man, but I collapsed on the floor. My lungs was almost crushed. Yes, literally crushed Keen, it was that heavy. Theirs looks at least twice as thick. Giants!? They ain't Giants dummy. Giants ain't been around for years, plus giants are 15 feet tall, not 7. Maybe though... maybe their kids? Could be. No, not Demons, shut it Pully. Quit trying to spook the recruits. They look human enough. Clam though... Clam said he saw one of em get stabbed right in the face a fight few nights ago. No, I agree, who'd be dumb enough to try to take one of em, but Clam says it happened, and Clam always tells it true. Says one bloke pulled out his sword and swung. One of the big blokes put up his own just a little too late and it bounced off the crossguard, snip, schick, thwick, quick as a stick, he had a blade through the eye. Blood was shooting out all over the table and chairs, a right blood bath. But get this though. Clam says he didn't go down. He grabbed the idiot by the collar and smashed him into the table and didn't stop till he was holding a uniform dripping piles of mush out of every opening . Now everyone expected this to be some death rage or something, expected he'd go down once the blood stopped pumping, but Clam swears, he swears to me, that the big bloke sat back down, hole in his face, clean through his skull. He held up his hand ordered a new beer, and kept drinking. Clam says he was pretty heavy in the drink, but by the end of the night, it looked like the hole was closing up. No, it ain't a lie. Why would Clam lie? Good point. He does love a good tale... though who knows. Magic is strong now lads. Stronger than it ever was when I was your age. One thing we can all agree on though, tonight we thank the Sweet Sister's they're on our side."
  2. I have recently been invited to a Kings of War Escalation campaign. I looked around my hobby room and much to my dismay found hundreds upon hundreds of unpainted models because I am a bad, bad procrastinator. As a result,I decided to do an Undead army, and have decided to use as many miniatures I already own rather than buying new ones, many of which come from the Bones Kickstarter 1, very very old GW models and some Mantic stuff I have had for years, the idea being that the undead army is a mishmash of former armies of ancient which all fought under the same banner, sworn to never rest until a great evil has been banished from the land. Plan is to work it up to 2500 points in a few months... We will see if I can keep my painting game strong. Here's the startings of Lord Calder's Host... Pictures after the drop. -------- "Before you sign this, you need to understand that swearing fealty to Lord Calder is no small measure. I've seen those eyes before. Dreams of adventure and romance, tasting the first blood on your blade, and helping slay the evils of the world. Maybe you're in it for the coin, dark knows I was. I know the rate of pay is high, and I promise Calder can pay it. Whatever your wildest dreams, you sign with us, you'll get it. But you gotta understand boy, Calder don't give nothing for free... This contract don't end with you toes up towards the sky, the ravens feasting on your soft bits, your family safe in the wealth Lord Calder pays after you take a stray arrow in the face. No lad, this contract is binding. For today, tomorrow, and the hereafter. We all die. Maybe you'll die on the field of battle a month from now when some unknown evil claws its way out of the earths to tear apart every man, dwarf and elf across the realm, dying in a pool of your own entrails to protect whatever sweetness you keep at home. Or maybe maybe you'll die old and wrinkled in your bed, a legend among men, songs sung and glories burned into the histories. We all die. All of us. But son, you gotta understand that someday, he will call again. It don't matter how long you've slept. I swear you boy, You'll wake." ------ Comments and criticism welcome! Promise Reaper minis will be included soon.
  3. Some of the nicest zombicide paintjobs i've seen! What is your homemade zombie wash if you don't mind giving away trade secrets.
  4. My May goals are to ... Take photos of all my minis I have painted since last updating my WIP page (Lots) Paint and base 5 new minis from the original Bones Set Finish 5 nearly completed, half painted minis from original Bones Set
  5. I am very very fond of the regular Vallejo paints. They don't have the separation issues other people mentioned about the Game Colour line. I got a large number of the Reaper paints with Bones 1 Kickstarter, and they aren't really my thing. Find them a little too thin. I have a friend that swears by them though.
  6. What are you painting the bases with? I cannot for the life of me find a colour combo to make realistic looking desert sand.
  7. What you managed to do in 6 minutes looks like my 4 hours.
  8. No Critiques, only comment. And my comment is "Wow".
  9. This is fantastic stuff man. Honestly stunning!
  10. You have painted more Bones 2 that I have Painted Bones 1...
  11. I've actually got the Vallejo Pumice paste, and it has seen ridiculous amounts of use on my bases! This other stuff looks like it would be great for water and wave effects though.
  12. Fantastic colours man! I need to find out where I can find that molding paste in Canada.
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