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  1. I like that heraldry.  Both the symbol and the colors have a sort of southwestern US/Spanish feel to me.   Like a crusader who veered off course and ended up in New Mexico.  The dark gold goes well with the theme.  Overall a great demonstration of how a simple mini can still be a great mini when done properly.

  2. Great color choices. And well executed.  Getting raised details painted sounds like it should be easy.  But we know the truth.  It's hard to get it consistent from letter to letter. Or properly shaded and highlighted. Or keeping the top color from getting on the sides of the raised parts.  Or applying the paint onto the sides of the raised parts without smearing onto the lower areas.  and eliminating obvious brush strokes.  But you were pretty good at getting all that right, resulting in clean and ornate-looking decoration on her coat. 

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  3. I like it.  Both the painting and the color scheme are well done.  My only personal issue is that I like a more saturated color scheme.  Some deep blue and purple washes or glazes would really bring out the intensity of the colors.  But again, that's just my personal preference.

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