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  1. Looks like the necromancer found a use for the last adventuring party foolish enough to enter his tomb.
  2. Love the palette. Really looks like she's bundled up for the snow. The leather is especially well done.
  3. Did you add the moss yourself or is it part of the sculpt. Either way, looks great.
  4. Yeah, some light brushing with a broad brush can really help bring out the texture. But he still looks good. Very good separation between the monster and the base. Eyes, teeth, spines, and claws are all well done. Just the texture that needs a little boost.
  5. All that detail could have been visually confusing. But your painting has made it easy to see both the whole of the mini and the individual parts. The jewel on the cane is a nice dab of color in an understated paint scheme. And yes, the face has some real expression. Like he is interrogating the viewer.
  6. I agree about the stippling. I'm going to have to try that as an alternative to blending and/or for texture.
  7. Blue and yellow are a good color choice, although yellow is a real pain to do well. I also like the idea of the rising sun on his cape. Straight diagonal lines over an undulating surface can be tough to do. Some black for his eye slits would help bring them out. I always give copper a strong brown shading, but I don't know if that's what you're looking for since it can look "dirty" and this guy is supposed to be very clean. But a little shading would definitely enhance the scale-mail and helmet.
  8. Great mini. Good eyes. Also, interesting to see a clear base.
  9. Gold against flesh is difficult to do well, not enough natural contrast. You have managed to mitigate this problem a lot but maybe some darker outlining would help give more separation between the jewelry and bare skin. That skin BTW is very well done. Good highlights and shading. Same with the blue.
  10. Looks like an actual metal sculpture. Great job on the weathering and other "metal work."
  11. I agree that the horns are great. I also like the highlighting on the upper surface of the wings. Looks like the skin is stretching as it billows out.
  12. Quite nice. The gold fringe around the hips is especially well done.
  13. I don't know if it's the camera, but it's hard to make out the face. Maybe some more highlighting would help that.
  14. Very richly done. I like the armor on the shoulders of red cape guy. It looks used but not dirty. The books are great too. I like the illuminated script in the open book and that you even got the shadows right under the book mark. The closed book has great aging on the page edges too. Finally, I really like the gold stripe along the bottom of the white cape. So well shaded and highlighted.
  15. The metal on the spear head looks a little grainy to me. But I like this guy a lot. good colors, both for the armor, and the cloth. The brightness of the deep turquoise contrasts so well with the dark armor. As for the eyes, i'd add a stroke of flesh to barely cut across the top of the pupil and iris to reduce the wide-open expression. Maybe the same with the lower half if it was necessary. But yours is still much better than I usually can achieve.
  16. Really like these guys, especially the first. The softer tones on these guys are great. Combined with the old school sculpting, it gives them a slight "fairy tale" quality.
  17. You can always try a little painting over on the transfers. At least it should help hide their edges.
  18. This makes me wonder if I should paint a dragon blue underneath and ground-colored on top so that it's camouflaged whether you're looking up or down at it.
  19. Shouldn't Denethor be on fire? Awesome work. Galadriel is stunning, both because of your skill and the great design of the mini and the color scheme created by the movie costume designers. Your talent really enhances and is enhanced by those other factors. I like the base work, too. Although having the stone work wrap around the edge of the base kind of takes me out of the illusion. It looks like the character is standing on a stone disk rather than on the bit of floor that's "in frame." It might look better if the edges were just black or some other edge decoration.
  20. Great job on the cloak. It can be tough to make colors vibrant in a realistic way, but you managed it.
  21. A very mellow-looking dragon. So well done. I like the soft color scheme and you really brought out the minis texture so well. I like the base as well, like he's emerging from a cloud with vapor clinging to him.
  22. I would definitely like to see him against a cooler background. On my monitor, his clothes, skin, and the background are very similar. But nonetheless, WOW. What a great paint job!
  23. A very striking mini! I really like the cream colored boots. They're not just well done but also a great difference from all the usual black and brown options. All the metal work is so well done. Really shows good separation and depth. Same with the little tassels on the shield. It's funny how 54mm offers so much more reward but also requires so much more care.
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