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  1. Looking good on this guy. I like the fur and hooves especially. His skin looks sort of reddish. Is this just the lighting? If he is actually red, then that's a pretty cool idea. I hope the horns are attached to his helmet. Otherwise he's never going to be able to take it off. Also, are you going to string the bow? (I just realized he's a lefty. he's holding the bow in his right hand).
  2. Great job! Love the armor, shield, and cape. In the second picture it looks like Arthur throwing the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
  3. It actually went pretty quick because I had the scheme totally worked out in my head before I started. It did, however, take a lot of effort.
  4. I need to get better lighting on this guy. His hunched over pose is casting too much shadow. I also forgot to mention the base. It's sand and styrene I-beams all primed black. Then I highlighted the sand with gun metal and gave the beams a rust-job with scorched brown and fiery orange. Since Aleph is the "technological" faction I wanted to give the impression of standing on a pile of metal shavings and factory ruins.
  5. I'd like to try that. But It was quite possily the fastest non-commission sale that I've ever had. I'll keep the brown ink in mind, though for future work.
  6. This is more of a model kit than a mini, really. But I like it a lot. The red turned out well. I went with the red instead of the usual silvery look for the grey knights. Wish I'd gotten better shots of the base. Went to a lot of trouble making those paving stones out of card stock.
  7. Had this guy sitting on my shelf for quite a while. It's so different to work with 54 mm minis. Some things become way easier, but the expectations go way up too.
  8. This is one of my favorite Infinity minis. He's a lot bigger than most "human" minis in the game since he is the result of an project to make a living Tactical Armored Gear.
  9. Looks as good as that Nurgle dreadnought. One way to brighten them up is to try depicting parts of them as faded or sun-bleached.
  10. Straight up nasty. Looks great. Especially since this one looks more "infected" than rusted out. A lot of us sort of cheat with Nurgle machinery by just concentrating on dirty and decrepit rather than Nurgles real focus of rotteness and corruption. I like that you extended the Nurgle-ness to the base. makes me think that it's corrupting the very ground it stands on. What shades of green did you use?
  11. Really like this work. The skull looks just right to me. And I like how you continued the stonework of the bases around the edges so that the base becomes a sort of stone platform.
  12. For what its worth, I like the metal paint for the gold armor. Looks great and has the advantage of not needing a specific light angle to look correct. What really impresses me is the gold stripe on the cape. I can only get gold to look good if i realy spend a lot of time working it. So for someone to just lay down a single stripe of it looks really skilled. Especially next to white which is another unforgiving color.
  13. Everything looks great but I really noticed the excellent shading.
  14. I really like Halbarands cape and the sun symbol!
  15. That apron really looks like buckskin or chamois. Great job.
  16. I like the fleshy bits. They stand out well against the black and gold.
  17. I really like the texture of the carapace pieces.
  18. Looks like he's about to run right off that base. Very well done. I'd like to see the other side.
  19. Yeah, the shield definitely has problems standing out on the back. Maybe i should have made the shield bronze. Or maybe a darker shade like gunmetal. That would keep the robot theme but still provide separation. This makes me want to find a skeleton mini and try a techno/terminator conversion.
  20. Good job on that base. I was wondering how much was your work and now I know: All of it. I like bases like that. They suggest a setting and theme but don't distract from the mini.
  21. Nice Idea. I wonder if making the back of the shield black might help. It could help define the figure better.
  22. That armor is glorious. The highlighting and shading give it such a rich, lustrous appeal.
  23. The work on his face is awesome. You managed to give him a very fierce character. The tattoo patterns go well with the unique weapon and color scheme. Reminds me of an Indian monk rather than a Tibetan or Chinese style martial artist. Also, good job separating the various cloth parts with different shades of orange.
  24. The yellow and black mark is my "signature." Sometimes I forget to put it on a mini, but thats pretty rare. It doesn't work so well on a broccoli base as I first started using it on minis with nice smooth base edges like Ral Partha and GW. I didn't want to change it after I started doing minis with difficult bases. Sanael, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS.
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