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  1. Here's a little guy I picked up a while ago but just got around to. I'm not as happy about this one for the most part. Just feel like I didn't do the sculpt justice. Happier about the hair and overall color scheme, though.
  2. You know, in the first set of pics he looked like the Engineers from Prometheus. I liked that since it was different. He still looks good with the more accurate photos. The face tattoos really help give him some character and liven up the large extent of "blank" flesh. I like the sharp progression of shades on the ax. Tell us about the base.
  3. Picked up a bunch of Privateer Press minis at half price when my local game store folded. Anyhow, Here's one of my first PP minis. I used what is sort of an old standby scheme for me. Red cloak and gold armor.
  4. It could be fun to have the guy being held up by the women and vice versa.
  5. Here's the pilot mini to go with the Iguana Tactical Armored Gear I posted recently. Same color scheme, roughly, as his TAG.
  6. Took me a long time to find out what these minis even were. I got them loose as part of a huge grab-bag offer. Had to find a new shield for Cliodna to stand on and used a GW horse base for the whole mini. Also had to use a GW kite shield for the Female Bondsman #2. Pinned the hell out of Cliodna. The bearers are pinned to the base and Cliodna is pinned through the shield into a bearers head. I will have pics of two more from this line up in a while. Just need to get them emailed to the right PC.
  7. That first guy is really interesting. He looks like he was originally chrome-plated but has been corroded beyond even that metals resistance. It's a cool effect.
  8. All the version I've seen before have been in an old, antiqued motif. It's great to see a "new" one. Love the freehand on the wings and shoulder and hip plates. Gives it more atmosphere than great looking metal alone.
  9. Great job on the gnome. I like the eyes and lips especially. A little highlight on the cheeks, nose and forehead would really bring it to life.
  10. Excellent "Desert" scheme. I would not have thought to use orange, but you demonstrate how well it works. I like the secondary colors, as well. The bone bits are a nice touch and the dark brown plates provide a nice contrast but within the overall motif. What colors did you highlight the orange with? And yes, scorpions are shiny. But more like semi-gloss than outright glossy. I would not use any amount of gloss on a light colored mini. It goes best with dark colors which it accents whereas gloss visually "competes" with light colors to the detriment of both the gloss and the color.
  11. that battle damaged shield is awesome. The free hand design alone is noteworthy. But you really rock the cuts, slashes and blood stains. Everything else is great too. Like the guys reddish nose.
  12. that color scheme looks rather Star Wars-esque. Like an Eldar Jedi. Love the blue gems, too.
  13. Absolutely awesome. I have GOT to try some grayscale some time.
  14. I really like the idea for this guy! Maybe I could try the same thing but with bricks, concrete, and asphalt. An urban earth elemental.
  15. That's one thing I like about infinity minis. There's usually a pretty clear indication on the abutting faces of how the parts should be aligned.
  16. Great mini. The red-green-brown combo is excellent. Natural and realistic. Good to see a red-headed valkyrie for once. Love the shield. I'm going to have to try that pattern somewhere. A broken blade might have been more dramatic!
  17. Both sets of the arms go one pretty well on their own. But I pinned the legs and tail for strength. The ammo feed is a bit of a pain because a) you have to bend it into shape, b) there are no firm anchoring points for the ends, and c) it's too small to pin. I addressed this by having it brush up against the mini in the middle of its length, giving me another glue point.
  18. I forgot to mention that the base is liquitex textured medium, ballast, and shredded Melaleuca bark mulch. All primed black to help hold it together and then brushed with various earth tones. Then lightly washed with GW Devlan Mud to visually tie it together. And yeah, that little bit that sticks out the side of the main base is a separate piece that one must glue on. If I'd thought about it sooner, I'd have pinned it.
  19. Almost certainly. I may make a few changes if there's a suitable place for it.
  20. A good paint job. My only thing is that the hair, face and cape are very close in color and may benefit from some increased separation or variation through the highlighting.
  21. Just supporting what everyone else said. A paint job that complements the mini and shows off its best aspects. Love that griffon.
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