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  1. Yeah mate either that or a hydra you can make wasn't keen on the look of the hydra so went for this one.
  2. Hi guys just recently painted up these two models so thought Id share with you all. First one is from scibor miniatures and other was kharibdyss from Games Workshop. Sorry about photo quality. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  3. Looks awesome any chance you could share what paints you used for the wings? Really liking what you did with them
  4. Recently painted up a few of these miniatures what do you guys think? Took the best pictures I could :)
  5. Reaper Griffon I recently painted hope you guys like :) Sorry about the picture quality not got the best phone.
  6. Looks great! I am just about to paint up a few circle of orboros figures myself
  7. Two models I painted recently while waiting for a few more bones to arrive :) Hope you like.
  8. Sweet For a first attempt it is looking really good! Keep up the good work :)
  9. Thanks guys! Yeah I still need to add a few more details with the eyes mouth and the hair but I was just so happy with how she turned out anyway :) For the skin I basecoated with trollblood base (P3) then added a bit of dwarf skin (GC) to give it a warmer tone I then used Underbelly blue (P3) mixed in with frostbite (P3) for highlights and then finally I used a bit of glacier blue (GC) hope that helps you out for the skin tones.
  10. Hey guys I recently painted my cloud giant this is only like the third miniature I have painted so I am still quite new to this :) I am happy with how she come out though so thought I would share it with you to see what you guys think? I still need to do her eyes though :) Sorry for the picture quality it was taken on my phone.
  11. Ive been using a mixture of different paints from different brands for bone figures but I am really liking p3 paints and starting to use them exclusively lately so I highly recommend them if you haven't tried them out.
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