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    Call me Jason. I'm an educator, a historian, a gamer (pen and paper and otherwise), a nerd, and now I'm a miniature painter. I literally just started painting and I'm still learning, but having a blast while I learn.
  1. Sorry for taking so long, but here is the near finished product. I still have a few places to touch up, but for the most part here is the final look.
  2. Greetings and salutations my brother.

  3. Will do once I take the new pics of him all finished.
  4. Hello again everyone who comes to this lovely little forum to show off and take a look at some of the nicest miniatures around. Today I bring to you not a Reaper mini (didn't have one that fit my character so had to look else where), but one I found for a game called Hell Dorado. So far I've finished only the base coat and a little bit of the highlighting on his body. I'm looking at whitening up his clothes a bit more and then I need to work on his eyes and all of the touchups. So without further adieu, here is my latest mini: When I finish him up tomorrow I'll be sure
  5. Thanks Wren, I'll take a look at the post. I only just now learned about the term being OSL so my searches weren't really pulling up to many results. The pics of your attempt definitely look awesome.
  6. I was looking for a miniature for an alchemist with a considerably low charisma and stumbled onto Hell Dorado (The Alchemist being the name). I imediately changed the character's bio around so that he originates from Katapesh (an Arabian themed country in Pathfinder).
  7. Hmmm...OSL definitely seems like it would be an interesting technique to perform, but I don't feel comfortable enough to try it on something that I'm going to be using a lot. I do have a lot of miniatures come in the next few days though so I'll have to practice it and see how I like the technique. Perhaps what I should go for is less of a glow effect and maybe just go with a normal potion bottle. Which leads to another question is there a particularly useful technique for when it comes to painting a glass bottle?
  8. Hey everyone, I'm working on getting started with the first miniature I plan on using in a campaign. I've been practicing with various other minis and working up my skill with the brush and use of the paints. Well now I feel I'm ready, but I have a few questions in terms of a technique that I'm not familiar with, but would like to incorporate into the min. First here is the mini in question: So as you can see he has several potions and what I was thinking was to add a glowing effect (or at least the appearence of a glowing effect) to them. However, I'm not sure what the best way of g
  9. Hey yall, thanks for the comments and compliments. I definitely realized that plack was probably going to be a pain to highlight, but I luckily managed to find some dry brushing techniques that I think worked out well. I finished the mini last night, but haven't taken any new pics of him yet to show off. By the way I'm glad I took my time with the prep this time since he had a lot of mold lines and flashing to deal with. I'll post the finished product when I get some free time. The next project is a Hell Dorado Alchemist which is a lot more detailed (with some assembly required) and no
  10. Hey again, I figured I would stop by and show my progress on my next project. Like the topic name suggests I am answering the question of "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" the answer being obviously: Reaper 50217: The Black Mist (*Cough The Shadow cough cough*) Now this is only my second miniature and I'm not finished with him yet (lots of touch ups that I need to finish up), but here is my progress with him so far: Biggest issue I had so far would have to be the eyes...between the scarf and the hat it was a pain to paint the eyes. Don't mind the strange text
  11. Yeah, we are playing Pathifinder/D&D/Monsters and other Childish Things/Spirit of the Century. Mostly RPGs, but we always use miniatures when we play.
  12. I used a spray primer on the soldier and my brother decided to try out the paint on primer for the rat. I definitely noticed that texture on the sword's blade and you just answered my question as to why that happened.
  13. Now that you all have the start and finish of our miniatures, it is time to discuss the various lessons we learned during our journey. Painting miniatures is fun: Seriously, it is just as simple as that. We both had a blast and can't wait to start our next projects Good brush=GOLD: We had several brushes mostly inexpensive, but we had the two brushes that come with the LTPK and used those mostly. I've got to say that if you are planning on starting just buy the $15 brushes because they are worth every penny and more. The cheap brushes were awful compared to the Reaper brushes that came w
  14. Here we have the soldier's finished product (painted by myself): And the Rat (by my brother): sorry for the size Had a blast painting these and definitely found a new hobby. Coming up next will be a post all about what my brother and I learned with these two minis.
  15. Alright so a few weeks ago I posted in the Tips forum explaining how my brother and I had decided to begin painting. Well this week the first LTPK arrived and we finally got to put paint to miniature. So since I got a lot of tips from this forum I decided to do a WIP. Of course we have the soldier: And the Rat: Obvious observations include lots of flashing, mold lines and a soldier that just can't keep his sword up in the face of battle. I'll be right back with new post with the cleaned
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