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  1. Master miniature pictures are up and it's off to the caster as patient zero miniature has been unlocked. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1792322775/bio-syndrome-a-survival-horror-table-top-war-game Only a few days left on the kickstarter, support, shares and likes are appreciated! Help support a free wargame that everyone can enjoy!
  2. first digital card pack is available! If you print out the test page and do not get a good turn out, wait for my demo video for some explanation on additional printing options and techniques. Link is on update #11 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1792322775/bio-syndrome-a-survival-horror-table-top-war-game/posts/776933 Obviously these are not all the cards. With the stretch goal unlocked, Jericho will begin work on the tons of missing weapons and armor when the kickstarter is finished. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Wargamers: We have reached stretch goal number 1 unlocking all of the cards! I have completed the cards that I posses artwork for. The rest will be finished as Jericho finishes the art for each weapon / armor / spell. Onto the next goal: Patient Zero miniature!
  4. new stretch goals and additional backer rewards! Stop by the kickstarter for more information!
  5. A few preview renders of the 3d model. It's not quite finished yet, just a few more layers of detail and it will become a miniature master model! Check out the latest updates on the KS page for more information on how to get yours!
  6. actually you could probably use the hero clix to play just fine. especially the rpg version. Some people have been brainstorming ideas for solo / coop play mode for the wargames and rpg version too that they would work great in. Yep the rule set would work great for any miniatures really, there's a little something for everyone. Did you say you shared it on the zombicide comments? that would be stellar, shares and likes are appreciated! The rule book has come along way, i've put my dreams and aspirations into it. A love of the hobby to be sure. Have you thought about backing? If we c
  7. Well i've done it! Launching a small line of miniatures for units in the rulebook that cannot be found on the miniature market or anywhere else. Check out the latest update for the concept art and link to the sculptors portfolio (quite impressive). Starting with the Heavily Mutated Zombie "patient zero". As always more to follow and thanks for reading! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1792322775/bio-syndrome-a-survival-horror-table-top-war-game/posts/754723
  8. Lots of new updates! I've been busy redesigning the rulebook and would love to know what everyone thinks! More pictures can be found on the kickstarter page under updates 4 and 5. Happy wargaming!
  9. I was worried that no one would back a free product. Sadly it would have been easier if i actually charged for my rule book as I could then offer it as a reward.. That means that all my backers are supporting a product for the whole community, really speaks volumes of their character! The game is only really 33% done.. so much to do so little time! Now it's time to go for the 1st stretch goal! I appreciate the interest! Did you have any thoughts on the generic vs specific weapon systems?
  10. New updates! BioSyndrome has reached it's initial funding amount! Thanks for the support! A large update has been posted on the KS page regarding a large rule book update and artwork. I will be issuing a vote at the end of my KS regarding the weapon system. As it stands now, the weapon system is a specific named one (AK47, M16, Desert Eagle, Glock ect). It has been suggested before that we move to a generic system (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Revolver, Pistol ect). Both systems have pros and cons. The generic system tightens the rule set and makes army upgrades and custom armies easier s
  11. New updates: We are now at 50% funding! New backer awards have been announced and some faqs have been posted! Version 1.9 will be pen and paper RPG update heavy. The basic rules for exp, character statistics, driving, bartering, and being a zombie master will be added. If you are planning on running a campaign this will be a must have update! Thanks again for the support!
  12. Fellow Wargamers, I have been designing a free table top wargme in my free time and have recently launched a Kickstarter to finish the rule book. The rulebook consists of three different games, a modern wargame, a medieval/fantasy wargame, and a pen and paper version. You can use any miniatures you want to build armies with as long as you follow the basic unit basing guidelines in the rulebook or have an agreement with your opponent(s) prior to playing. Have some minis collecting dust on your shelf? Re-purpose them to fight off the zombie hordes (or eat survivors, your choice)! Again,
  13. The zombies are looking good! huge fan of anything table top zombie! I am unfamilar with that ruleset, though i will try and take a look when i have some time. If you are interested I have been developing a full table top zombie war game in my free time. It is free, and still a work in progress. You already have a decent sized zombie horde army painted that you could use. I don't want to hijack or clutter your thread with my stuff, just thought you might be interested. If anything else you might be able to get some good ideas for terrain and miniatures to use in your own games. I have
  14. Fellow hobbyists, tabletop gamers, and rpg fans, Firstly I'd like to introduce myself as I am new to the forums. My name is Paul and i like painting and building miniatures and terrain along with designing game systems. If anyone is on the miniwargaming forums, board of the living lead, dakka dakka, or rpg net i go by the same name [oddeye]. This may be a unusual post in the WIP section as most people are posting up only painted miniatures, I am posting up a work in progress of a entire game that I have been creating in my free time over the last 8 months (100% free to download, i do a
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