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  1. Finally found a meme that suits me perfectly lately.
  2. @CorsairI've been looking at this trying to decide if I want in or not. Just as I was going to ask what the different force packs are I clicked on the right link. Very tempted but now that I have a 3D printer and actually already printed many of the new offerings I'm not sure. I already have over a hundred painted mechs after the Clan kickstarter. How many more do I need? The vehicles are more interesting right now but I also have stls for most of them too. $5 for excellent minis or $0.30 for poorer quality ones I do myself.....
  3. Got the email about that. Need to see more of what's on offer before I decide to back or not. The last one saw me expand my collection ten times the size. I've been wanting to add vehicles and infantry but I've got a lot of stls for them.
  4. Never was a big newspaper reader and that hasn't changed.
  5. I'm more open about some things on a forum full of strangers than I am with the people around me. That way I don't have to worry about adding to the drama. I have a cousin who's one of my closest friends and we occasionally get together for b***h days. We help each other out some but have no business conflicts and each have to deal with a different group of annoying relatives. It's good to have someone you can vent on without worrying about repercussions.
  6. I've got a flip phone with no internet. I use it to talk to people when I can't sit in the house or roadside emergencies. I understand that's a radical concept nowadays. Otherwise I rarely use the wife's smartphone for google maps.
  7. We have a small aquarium with some neon tetras, guppies and tiny snails.
  8. I'm not real into super heroes but of the two Marvel was a more common choice for me. As a kid I only subscribed to a few comics and they were Marvel although not part of their main universe. As an adult I prefer the Marvel movies over DC.
  9. Loved the original Muppet Show as a kid. I'll say I remember 10+ because I don't feel like taking my socks off to count higher. Never liked the movies or reboot tv series as much but they're ok. My favourite used to be Animal but now I think it's the Swedish Chef.
  10. Posts like this are when I really need a facepalm emoji. And here I am without a pie to celebrate.
  11. Don't pray as I'm not a religious person. Wouldn't know to who or how. I do use some meditation techniques to clear my mind and help concentrate sometimes but haven't really been able to achieve the proper state to call it true meditation.
  12. My life is a series of malfunctions. I spend sooo much time tinkering and fixing junk for the family and large equipment for myself. I tend to not get too upset because most of it isn't critical. I do occasionally get angry, usually when it's designed stupidly or repeatedly fails after fixing. ManvsMini's stove would get me really mad. Most of the time I just quietly fix things but loud noises can be heard if it's awkward to tear apart and reassemble.
  13. When I was a kid the only thing I knew was that I didn't want to be a farmer. after 3 years of city life I moved home to help my father. Our goal was to have a good sized, well maintained, profitable ranch. We came close but stupid relatives attacking him, bad weather and bad luck set us back over the years. I'm proud of the fact I stuck with my dad through the worst of it and we didn't let idiots destroy us. The farm is a mess now because of the time and money we wasted for so many years. No more outside attacks but the last several years of drought have kept me from doing everything I'd like. My kids aren't interested in the farm so I'm mostly alone trying to maintain what used to take several people. Current goal is to just make enough money to keep the wife happy and maintain the life we have. Be nice to get more debt paid down and increase the size of the cattle herd. At the moment I've rented out 1/3 of my land and that gives me the cash to pay my fixed expenses. Hopefully the weather will turn wetter soon and my fields will start producing normally again and then I'll have the extra money to do some needed improvements. Stubbornness and endurance are the most important traits you need to farm in a marginal area.
  14. In the middle and leaning more to introvert the older I get. I can handle dealing with people but prefer not to. I'm much more comfortable one on one or in a small group. When in a larger group where everybody's talking at once I tend to stay quiet.
  15. Rural. I've lived in cities about 4 years out of nearly 50. Almost 40 years of living on a farm 20 miles from town. Now I live in a small town but drive the 20 miles to work on the farm. I like to visit cities but much prefer to live in the peace and quiet of the country. I'd much rather live without some of the conveniences and instant gratification cities provide than put up with people in my face 24/7. I'd be happier still being on the farm full time but we have a better house in town and the wife likes it here. I like them but it's been ages since I actually went to one in person. Nowadays I'm much more likely to stay at home than actually do anything interesting.
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