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  1. Wow! You did it! That is definitely the game. Time to go read up on it. I played this about 40 years ago so barely remembered anything.
  2. Been collecting recipes for awhile now and happy to finally get to try some. I need to wait another month until I get a beef butchered before I can go real wild with it. It was a snap decision to buy so don't have much on hand to try. Today was a mild disappointment with a bit of learning. Sausage was good but not really any better than fast cooking on the BBQ. Potatoes were good but undercooked a little because I should have upped the temp and supper was running way late. Asparagus can be done quicker and tastier in a frying pan on the stove. Tomorrow will be a chunk of pork belly and roast beef. Jerky is high on my list but I'm low on beef and not quite ready to poach a deer for it. Will be doing a bunch of smoked sausage over the summer.
  3. The smokening has begun!!! Wanted a smoker for years and had my kid pick me up one on sale yesterday. Got it set up and first batch of sausages going right now. Got plans of smoking a lot of things once I get more organised.
  4. 85 is too hot for me. It got up to over 70 here earlier this week and I was overheating trying to do medium physical labour. So in the afternoon I went and soldered pipes in a cold damp basement. But that's mostly because I was sick for a couple weeks and haven't been outside or doing anything physical much in May. One of these days I need to start putting some real hours in on fences but I'll wait until it's not drizzly and snowing.
  5. That's what it looks like here too. Now I feel slightly better because I'm about 650-700 km north of you. Misery loves company. Pezler's about 400 km north east of me so can't say for sure but haven't heard about any huge dumps of snow. It's starting to melt faster than it's coming down here now and we had just enough to cover the grass when I got up at 7. Had plans of being in the garden over the weekend but now need to wait for it to warm up and dry out a bit. Generally we don't have frost after the Victoria Day weekend (right now) so it's when we like to plant. But we do get snow in early June some years. Here's a typical spring/fall forecast for us.
  6. I just got the starter set. I've slapped a few colours on some Dungeon Saga minis today but can't really say much about them yet. So far they seem to do what I expected but want to try out more.
  7. Thanks. I didn't know we had a seperate area for birhtdays. Explains why I haven't been seeing any for a long time.
  8. Thanks everyone. I don't think I imagined it all but no luck finding anything similar. There's a very small chance it's packed away on the farm but I doubt it. Only a handful of things from that long ago left.
  9. Every so often I get nostalgic for some of the things I had as a kid. Most of the time I'm able to find things on my own. Not really interested in buying most of them again. Just kind of fun to read about them or look at the pics. Anyhow I just thought of a boardgame that I had when I was very young. Probably belonged to my older brother but he never really liked playing games. I don't know what the name of it was which makes it tricky to search for. It was a cowboy game and the board had trails made of horseshoes for the spaces and every so often a circle that was some sort of special place. IIRC most players were bandits trying to escape and 1 was the marshall trying to catch them. pieces were cowboys on a horse. Would most likely have been made in the 70s or earlier. Sound familiar to anyone? Closest I've found was Bandit Trail with Gene Autry buy the board isn't what I remember. Also don't remember anything about Gene Autry in it either.
  10. Me too. My fantasy stuff probably outnumbers scifi 5-6 to 1. I haven't even played with any scifi stuff except some space fleets and Battletech for many years.
  11. We have a community mailbox like Pezler described beside a small community hall out in the country. It used to be just a bunch of small green boxes that only fit letters and magazines. They upgraded it a few years ago so that the personal boxes were a bit bigger and there are two parcel boxes. The parcel boxes aren't all that big so we still need to go to the post office for anything large or odd shaped. Mail is only delivered twice a week so for much of my life I've timed my trips for the days it was delivered so that my mail wasn't sitting there for days. I'm not into Scifi but I make an exception for the Green Ones. What he said except I do read and watch a lot of scifi.
  12. I like apple fritters. Almost always. I use a few different spray cans for different projects and rarely brush on primer. Most commonly I use Krylon white primer as I find it easiest to paint over white.
  13. It doesn't bother me. Where I live it's an absolute necessity. I drive about 40 miles/ 60km a day back and forth to the farm. A lot of my business and medical things are in a town about double that distance in the opposite direction. It's not unusual to travel 1000+ km in a week for things. Price of getting to live in the hills away from the citified hordes. The Running Man/Squid Games. Contestants will be chosen from the political class.
  14. No expert but I've played a few over the years. Cribbage, Uno and Groo are the only ones I've played in the last year. Used to play kaiser, hearts, rummy, canasta and other when I was younger. Tacos are comparable to pizza, you need to work hard to make a bad one. Most often we do ground beef with lettuce, tomato and often other things in a large soft shell so no need for a side dish. Miles and miles of barbwire fence, reconstructing all of the plumbing in my house on the farm because it froze when my furnace went out at -30C in February and on the hobby front maybe finish my WW2 Soviet mechanised corps. Need to print a bunch of trucks and a few tanks/afvs and give them a quick paint job. Wouldn't take long but this time of year I'm not in the basement much.
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