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  1. Too many to count lifetime. Even worse are my work clothes. My style of farming is not clean. I do because the mother in law is in the next room.
  2. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Have you named them all yet?
  3. Zink

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Denver's about 1200 km straight south of me but because of the elevation it's amazing how similar the climate is in Colorado. We're about 2,000 feet lower but being further north makes up for it. No snow here for a few days. It's rare to get any this late but we've even had some good dumps in June a few times.
  4. Fear, no. This area blizzards and droughts are generally the worst things we see. Worry, yes. I'm a farmer/rancher and my life depends on the weather. I've had to work outside in all kinds of weather so I know how to prepare for and handle it. Doesn't mean it's easy to deal with at times.
  5. Zink

    Frostgrave female soldiers with guns

    Well there are some optional rules in the first Spellcaster book. I really like how those turned out.
  6. I think around 20 or so GW night goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass box.
  7. Zink

    Happy Birthday Zink

    Thanks everyone. Slept in then went seeding with my oldest for about 7 hours. Had a nice supper and played a bunch of games with my mom and kids.
  8. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Just try to keep her in the crib. My wife moved our daughter into our bed when she was sick and we haven't got her moved back yet. 6 months of sleepless nights in bed with 2 pretty girls isn't as fun as it sounded at first.
  9. Zink

    Happy Birthday Lars Porsenna

    Happy birthday!
  10. Zink

    Happy Birthday Lyssa

    It's a good day for a birthday! Happy birthday!
  11. I actually liked the movie. I've seen a lot worse that weren't slammed like it was. Watched the Great Wall. It was an ok fantasy movie. Liked the chinese costumes. Also started watching the Happytime Murders. My kids are teenagers and I thought it'd be ok with them. I'm not sure I'm old enough to watch it. Puppet porno kind of shocked us all. I may never look at a cow the same way again. I'll finish it someday when the kids aren't around.
  12. Yes and no. When doing warbands and armies I will often assemble, prep and prime whole units or even most of an army ahead of time. I've got a 1/4 painted medieval russian army that's been primed for years but rarely gets worked on. When I bought it I still played a lot with unpainted minis so the important part was having them assembled enough to put on the table. Other times I grab something new and do all the prep work right before painting. Nowadays I tend to try to focus more and do smaller groups from start to finish. So it'll be prepping maybe a week or so ahead of time at most with a lot of the time it being minutes before hand.
  13. Zink

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Ok, thought I was done with this thread but no. Kid's have a 4 day weekend and I was happy to get my oldest in the field today. I have a good week of work to do to finish seeding. If he runs one tractor it'll cut that in half. Started raining when we headed for the farm. Decided I could put up with a bit of drizzle while we did some maintenance and moved equipment out to the fields. While doing that it got colder and there was slushy snow coming down. After less than an hour we were both wet and frozen so gave up before doing everything I wanted. Went to another town where I was getting an older vehicle fixed instead and brought it home. Snow melted as soon as it touched anything and seems to have stopped. Even just a few miles away at lower elevation there wasn't any snow, just rain. Listen to a Montana radio station and they were predicting snow yesterday in all the areas higher than us. Didn't think it would get here because were a long way from the mountains.
  14. Zink

    Duskwardens of Dreadmere

    We finished all of the published scenarios from the main rules, Bloodmoon and Temple of Madness and a couple homemade ones. Took me way longer to prepare for Burning Light than it did for us to play it. The rest were possible with only a minimum of new stuff. #2 son was really getting into making scenarios when my spring work hit and we stalled. Once we finish off the current mission I want to write them up properly to share with people. Nothing really new, just a bunch of ideas pulled from everywhere in a slightly different form. One good part about it is that now we're using things we already have finished with the odd new addition so makes for less work getting ready.