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  1. While Saskatchewan is famous for being perfectly flat it isn't. We've got a lot of areas of beautiful, big hills including where I live. It's just that our cities where there are the most visitors and people living are on the flats.
  2. This made me think of my favourite LOTR moment. I bought the movies to watch with my wife while I was in Russia so it was dubbed into russian. At this part Gandalf tells them , "Begeetye goluptsi!" My wife and I look at eachother and ask, "What did he say?" Goluptsi is russian for cabbage roll. After listening to it several times the wife finally realises what he said was, " run gluptsi!" Which is one way you could translate fools. But ever since my standard warning to people in danger has been, "Run you cabbage rolls!"
  3. Go a bag of plastic succulents for scifi scatter terrain. Wife needed a bigger order to get free shipping so that was my contribution. She ended up snagging a few for a tiny ornamental pot in the bath room butt still lots left for me. Need to stick them to some bases.
  4. It would be easier to list finished projects than unfinished ones for me. I'm still working on some things I started in the 90s.
  5. I live out in the hills and think I've seen those occassionally. Best to keep your distant as you would with any other dangerous animal.
  6. If only I'd known I would get a 3D printer and that there were so many mech stls out there I might have saved myself a lot of money on the Battletech Kickstarter. Had a handful of metal mechs most of my life and now a lot of plastic ones, more coming soon (hopefully) and a huge pile of standees. Time to go download some of those.
  7. To be honest I am that stereotype of cheap gamer with a 3D printer. I've spent almost nothing on files, only the printer itself and filament. I've scoured the internet to find free stls of things I'm interested in. I haven't been printing much lately but have a pretty big backlog of terrain, vehicles and spaceships along with more than a handful of minis even though my printer isn't the best for them. 2 things have kept me from buying more stls, #1 being I don't like spending more than a few dollars for an individual mini so not inclined to spend a ton on an stl. #2 is while I love my CR-6SE i
  8. I don't remember them from Star Trek! Haven't assembled any gnolls yet. Over the weekend I did pick my starter crew, assemble and prime them. Just need to pick powers for my rogue Captain and mystic First Mate. Oldest son has designed his crew but not assembled a bunch of them yet. We haven't been working very hard on this but should have enough terrain made up to try a game later this week.
  9. One of my dad's cousins was in a Sherman DD. I never knew him but his daughter is a close friend of mine so I've heard a few of his stories from her. Another man from my home town who's grandkids are about my age was on a canadian hospital ship handling wounded from the beaches. Didn't know him well but he told a bunch of us about what sort of hell it was on his ship. I don't know what's worse, being at the very front or trying to patch together what's coming back. Need to see if I can find The Longest Day and make the kids watch it.
  10. Leftovers. I have 2 teenage boys. The most that gets leftover any more wouldn't make a light snack. I'm pretty pale skinned but usually don't burn if I'm careful. Usually once in the spring and then I'm good for the summer. Right now I'm starting to bake into my summertime pink/ light brown. Quit working outside in the afternoons just at the right time so only my nose is slightly glowing. After this week I should be safe as long as I have my shirt on. If I take it off the dazzling white will blind anybody nearby.
  11. 30 yesterday half baked me fencing. Mild sunburn on my nose and neck, almost burnt the rest of my head and face. Today I'm doing my best to avoid going outside. Wasn't even used to 20+ temps yet. Tomorrow I'll get up early and try to do a bit before it gets too hot. For the next month all my work is physical and outdoors so need to pace myself. But for today my big decision is play Civ 6 (oldest kid bought it), play Homeworld Remastered (was on sale for $4 today) or go paint things in a nice cool basement.
  12. Finally got my Stargrave order that I wanted for my birthday a couple weeks ago. The rulebook, 1 box of each of the plastic sets (60 minis) and a couple handfuls of metal minis. I've dug out all of my old 40K minis and some other odds and ends of scifi/futuristic minis. Time to read the rules and make some crews.
  13. I've been using Krylon varnishes because they're locally available and haven't had any issues.
  14. Got a lot of physical work to do this month so not expecting to do much with minis. Just got my Stargrave book and minis today so hoping to get enough things thrown together to start playing soon. Shouldn't be too hard to make up the crews even if we don't get them painted right away.
  15. Didn't have big goals and under acheived on them. Printed a few odds and ends for Stargrave or other scifi games but only painted a tiny bit on a female adventurer I printed months ago.
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