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  1. This was one of very few GW games we didn't play back then. Looking good.
  2. Ok, Cr-6 paid for. That gives me a few months to start collecting stls to prep for it's arrival. Because I haven't had a bunch saved for years already. This was an interesting thread about the quality current fdm printers can do. http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=531427 Plan is to use it mostly for terrain or making accessories for terrain but the odds of it not getting used for minis is pretty low. I mean I don't have hundreds of unpainted minis already and more on the way. Seriously need to upgrade my CAD skills because there are a bunch of non hobby things it might be able to make for me that I'm having trouble finding.
  3. Why is it when I had a longer post and accidentally exited the page it never saves but otherwise stuff I didn't post can sit in the autosave forever? Don't feel like retyping it all so I'll just say good morning instead.
  4. Yep, I'm already telling the kids about the dark ages before everybody had a home computer, unlimited internet and a smart phone up their....
  5. These are all so much like me too. Don't own a smart phone and hate using the wife's or kid's if I have access to my computer.
  6. Talk to people. I'm not the most sociable person but when I want/need to talk to people I prefer it to be face to face.
  7. If it's my immediate family almost anything. Most often fixing broken toys and heavy lifting. If it's friends or acquaintances generally help with cattle.
  8. That makes the decision a lot easier. For a bit more I might have been tempted. For double no. I'm already spending more on this than I originally wanted for a 3d printer.
  9. Like chicken. I know they're edible but it's something I've never tried. I think I have a cookbook with really old recipes that has something for beaver. One thing is that they are incredibly fatty. When I was young and trapped one winter we gave the first carcass to the dogs. Poor dogs and it was a good thing they didn't live in the house then. You may have heard the saying "like @#$% through a goose". Let's just say they didn't squat to do their business.
  10. No, but different people have been telling me to use tannerite. I said the main problem with that is the three main dams bother me are 2 rods with culverts and a walking bridge between my house and barn. Kind of don't want to blow up the stuff I'm trying to save. May have to try the diesel on the houses nearest my problem areas.
  11. I did it a little back before the big explosion. Have been considering it again but just too lazy to skin and tan them so far. Not sure what they're worth now. I liked skinning them a lot better than other animals because they smell like willow and don't have fleas and other vermin. I let anybody that's interested trap them on my land and as they are considered a nuisance we're allowed to just shoot them. Trouble is they're rodents. They can rebuild their numbers fairly fast.
  12. I still haven't added all that I want to. I've been less excited about this KS than earlier ones and yet my wish list is still in the hundreds of dollars. I'm starting to stare at the pics again and see if there's anything I want to trim from the list. I haven't bought any toys for about a year if you don't count another KS last summer that won't deliver for awhile and I'm starting to feel the itch to buy.
  13. I also had to look it up. Secondary question: Did you know what it means without looking it up? I've heard of it but don't know what it means. Didn't google it yet. My special plan is I slept in. Not for religious reasons but because the wife wants to got to the farm to finish planting the garden and it takes her awhile to get going in the mornings. I'm like Grumpy Cave Bear celebrating Christmas and Easter. My grandparents on both sides had bad experiences with a couple churches so my parents and my generation grew up with very little religion. Good morals always seemed more important.
  14. My 15 year old made a fried naan bread earlier this week that was sooooooo good. First time making it too. I suspect it will become a frequent thing. We had some excellent naan last year and while they are supposedly baked in our province and sold at most of the big name stores we've never been able to find them. This has led me on a quest to make decent ones myself and I have been attempting different styles of flat breads every couple of weeks lately. I'm not a super cook but can usually make a reasonable facsimile after a couple attempts. My flatbreads have been giving me troubles but the latest try a few days ago was respectable. Almost what it should have been and I think I know how to tweak it for the next try. I've been fencing with the boys and it brings out what I love about my farm and some of the things that I don't anymore. The one day we saw geese with goslings, ducks, herons, pelicans and one lone crane that was chasing the geese for some reason. We don't usually have cranes here. A tiny mule deer fawn that wouldn't move even though we were working only a couple feet from it. Mule deer, elk and a mama moose with twins. Moose are new around here too. On other days coyotes, foxes and various other little animals. When we told the wife she said it's like living in a zoo and complained we didn't take any pics. I don't carry a camera or phone with me 99% of the time when I'm working. What I see is a regular thing for me. On the bad side is beavers. There are 3 creeks starting with springs on my land. They used to have a narrow strip of willows and poplars along the banks and in a few spots nice little groves that were fun to play in. One valley and creek has enough trees the beavers haven't killed them all. The one that starts at my farm yard has lost all the poplars (used to be 1/2 mile on two branches) and 90% of the willows that used to cover a mile and a half. I'm fighting with them to save the trees in my yard. The last creek looks like a bomb went off for 3 miles. 90% of the poplar are gone or dead and lying in tangled piles. Over 50% of the willows have been mowed or drowned out. There's large dams everywhere and it's only possible to cross the creek in 2 spots, one of which is getting tricky excpet late summer. The other is the next story. For the last several weeks the beaver have been plugging the culvert and buidling a dam on two of my trails. The one trail I abandoned to them because it's my mother's land and she said at least it keeps the trespassers from sneaking in that way. The other I've been cleaning every few days because I need to get to the far side to work. The one night they went totally nuts, completely blocked the culvert and built a foot high dam down the middle of the road. That doesn't sound like much but it meant I had about 50' of sopping wet mud to try and drive through plus all the trees they'd used. Cleaned it out somewhat and unplugged the culvert. Kept the culvert clear and gave it a few days to dry before attempting to cross. Looked good but at the far end the ground was a dried crust on top of mud soup so I sunk the 4x4 to the frame in it. Kid told me I should have brought the tractor over just in case. I told him this was a lesson for him. Do what you want but be ready to accept the consequences. So I had a 2 and half mile jog to go get a tractor. Luckily the jog was on a grid road and a neighbour lady found me and gave me a ride half the way. I've jogged that road many times in my life because of things like this and only twice gotten a ride. Pulled the truck out, piled a bunch of dry dirt in the mudhole and got back to work. I'll take this over a desk job any day. Plus while I was going back and forth the kids were enjoying themselves destroying the dam over the end of the culvert.
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