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  1. Modest goals for this month because I have important work to do that I should focus on first. Will finish printing and painting my first 2 WW2 forces and some more terrain for them. May start making a late war Soviet force but not a high priority. Me and the oldest have been trying to get #2 son to try some scifi/futuristic skirmish gaming with us so may switch to making and painting things for that. Dug out a large part of my old 40k collection for them to look at. I have a lot of minis but not so much painted for it. Not feeling super obsessed with anything like I was in February. Lots that I could be doing but going to take it slower for a bit. Try to do something every day before spring hits and I need to work a lot more.
  2. As expected February was all about microscale WW2. I found or converted stls for nearly everything the Canadian army and 12th SS had. I printed enough of each of those stls to give me an armoured regiment and infantry regiment plus options for every type of support available. Both forces are 90%+ painted and I'm down to a small handful of things to still print. Could have finished a long time ago but wasn't pushing once I got the core forces done. Also printed a few buildings, pillboxes and sandbag enplacements. Made a lot of simple roads, a few small hills, some trenches and barb wire. We're now playing with fully painted minis and terrain although some of it isn't great. Actually played games every day or two the last couple of weeks. Still have a bunch of things that I'd like to make plus would like more armies but a bit tired of it now so taking things slower. All in all pretty happy with how everything turned out.
  3. I forget what speed we had at the farm when we still lived there full time but the monthly cost was usually $110. I think that was for 10 gigs of data. I used to do things like updating or buying games at my sister's in the city so it didn't eat all our data. And that was before games got to be 50-100 gigs of memory. I switched to Bell for it when we moved to town. Sasktel wanted me to pick a rate and I paid that no matter how much data we used. With Bell I pay $10 a month and it goes up as I use it. I keep it because somedays I need internet when I'm out there. The wife gets after me to buy a smart phone and get a data plan. I reply that costs $60/month for something I'd use a couple times a month. Seeing as 90+% of my life is either on the farm or in my house in town I'll stick with $10/month for the few times I need to look something up while there.
  4. I have 25 Mbps download and 2 upload. That's the fastest available in town here. It was only possible to get those blazing speeds a year ago. It's faster and cheaper than anything I could find for the farm. Nice having actual unlimited data too. On the farm the most reliable is through the cell system and we had to really watch data usage or it was super expensive and they'd drop us to barely above dial up speeds. Large downloads take time but Netflix and youtube work with no problems. Which is good because between all of us there's usually at least 2 tvs or other devices streaming something 16 hours a day.
  5. Too high tech for down here. Ours is pretty slow for current standards but beats what I'm used to on the farm.
  6. With my 1/285 minis I have a bunch of test minis and ones that broke loose from the plate when 80% finished. I'm saving them for wrecks blocking roads or little dioramas of destroyed vehicles. It'll be a little odd that most of them are missing the front end and wheels though.
  7. And I thought the goblin maggots were disturbing.
  8. You're not the only one with a rolling disability. My dice fail me all the time and when they don't it's reason for great celebration. Cooperative games are good for me because it doesn't seem contagious. The other players can save me when I choke most of the time.
  9. My latest project going strong. Not nearly as pretty as people's resin prints but I'm happy with them, Houses have some serious flaws that I'm trying to figure out how to avoid. Tanks and vehicles are good, infantry not so great but at 8mm tall t hey work.
  10. I call it the snowball effect. The never ending cycle of increasing wants the deeper you get into a project. It's the main reason I've avoided doing some things that I've wanted to for years. I'm not a guy that can stop at the minimum necessary when it comes to my minis. My ten man warbands run to 30 minis to get all the options and larger armies are worse. I need one or two, well if I have two 3 isn't a big deal, I've got ten so why not another few to hit the max....
  11. Well those are disturbing. I like them.
  12. I've had terrible eyes since 3rd grade. My goggles have always been expensive and necessary. Last few years my eyesight has been creeping slowly better! Then last year I got presbyopia and had to go to progressive lenses which almost double the cost of my older glasses. Ouch. But at least I can do things. It was getting so I couldn't read or do anything up close. My optometrist had me trying contacts which I haven't worn in ages. I was on vacation wearing a set that I could see a fly a mile away. Couldn't hardly sign my name though. Furnace on the farm tuned and running ok. It barely kept the house from freezing through the -30 last week. Leaking hot water heater in town patched up. Neither was what I'd planned on doing today but at least it seems successful. Now to go play a game with my oldest.
  13. Just saw this in my email. I don't need another game right now but it does seem like a pretty good deal. Currently reading up on it to see if I should get it and add it to my stash of games I may play some day.
  14. I've wanted to play 5 leagues for a couple years now but never get around to it. We've seriously been considering doing 5 Parsecs because the kids printed and painted some minis from the video game Deep Rock Galactic. Even dug out a lot of old 40K minis that haven't been used since about the time the boys were born. But I've been going hard with Blitzkreig Commander and printing 1/285 WW2 armies. We've been playing every day or two, the printer is churning out things every day and I've even painted a couple battalions worth of bases for germans and canadians in Normandy.
  15. I'd say it printed more than ok. I've made exactly 1 vehicle and while I'm very happy with it, it doesn't look as good as yours.
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