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  1. I haven't had or even thought about Baby Duck since high school. Must have subconsciously blocked all memories of it. Thanks for the cheese info. Next time we're in Regina we need to swing buy there.
  2. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Welcome to parenting. If your sense of humour is anything like mine it'll be a common occurence.
  3. No, but I did try to raise support for National no bras day. I figured all those poor constrained things could use a day of freedom. None of the women I know were in to the idea. Don't drink much wine. When the wife moved here she wanted to find a nice wine. I told her could give her a lot of info about various beers, whiskey and a few other things but not wine. The main wine I drank (rarely) when younger was Royal Red and that was because it cost a few dollars a gallon. Had one friend that liked it for cheap drinking. And where can I find that selection? Some of those look interesting. For me I tend to use a lot of plain cheddar and parmesan with mozzarella thrown in as well on baked things like pizza or lasagna. Mostly because they are what's available everywhere. The handful of times a year I actually drink wine I don't usually have any cheese with it.
  4. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    What do you use for cat repellant? This town is infested with feral cats and the wife isn't happy with them crawling and urinating on her things. I rarely show off my insides so it's not a high priority for me to polish them. A friend of mine drinks coke by the gallons. When people tell him about what it can do he just says that his stomach is stronger acid than the coke so no worries. I'd be more worried about my teeth but he's from eastern Europe where lots of gold or other metal teeth are popular. I don't drink much fizzy stuff anymore and I think 90% of my cola intake is when I'm hanging out with that friend. He loves his rum and coke and if he's pouring I'll drink.
  5. Zink

    Duskwardens of Dreadmere

    Burning Light is 9 scenarios if you play them all. Temple of Madness is 4 scenarios. I spent about 2 months getting things ready to play Burning Light and we cruised through all of it over a few days. The good part is a lot of the stuff got used in lots of scenarios and will be useful in the future. The kids wanted to do Temple of Madness so quick that I didn't have time to make and paint all the special stuff. Came close but had to proxy a bit.
  6. Too many to count lifetime. Even worse are my work clothes. My style of farming is not clean. I do because the mother in law is in the next room.
  7. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Have you named them all yet?
  8. Zink

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Denver's about 1200 km straight south of me but because of the elevation it's amazing how similar the climate is in Colorado. We're about 2,000 feet lower but being further north makes up for it. No snow here for a few days. It's rare to get any this late but we've even had some good dumps in June a few times.
  9. Fear, no. This area blizzards and droughts are generally the worst things we see. Worry, yes. I'm a farmer/rancher and my life depends on the weather. I've had to work outside in all kinds of weather so I know how to prepare for and handle it. Doesn't mean it's easy to deal with at times.
  10. Zink

    Happy Birthday Grumpy Cave Bear

    Happy birthday.
  11. Zink

    Frostgrave female soldiers with guns

    Well there are some optional rules in the first Spellcaster book. I really like how those turned out.
  12. I think around 20 or so GW night goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass box.
  13. Zink

    Happy Birthday Zink

    Thanks everyone. Slept in then went seeding with my oldest for about 7 hours. Had a nice supper and played a bunch of games with my mom and kids.
  14. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Just try to keep her in the crib. My wife moved our daughter into our bed when she was sick and we haven't got her moved back yet. 6 months of sleepless nights in bed with 2 pretty girls isn't as fun as it sounded at first.
  15. Zink

    Happy Birthday Lars Porsenna

    Happy birthday!