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  1. I'm hoping there will be some sort of normalcy returning to the world. Not holding my breath. Pretty much the same as any other day I'm in the house with more sleeping and less moving. Youtube, Netflix or videogames, maybe painting a bit if I can be upright. Food would be mostly the same as always but with higher levels of garlic, honey with cinnamon and liquid soups. I tend to prefer thick soups over hot, salty water most days. 90+% of the time I just drink water but with a bad cold I'll sometimes drink more tea with honey (especially if I have a sore throat) and sometimes a big shot of vodka with black pepper before bed.
  2. Got an email that my stuff should be showing up Friday!
  3. Had 2 parcel cards in the last mail. I'm waiting on 3 parcels one of which isn't due for another couple weeks. 1 I knew would be a boardgame for my oldest's birthday. The other I was sure would be my 3D printer as it's supposedly on it's way. Went to the post office first thing and it was the game and a registered letter from a company I don't deal with any more. Haven't been that disappointed in a while. Instead of setting up my printer I get to write yet another letter to them saying I have no interest in dealing with them ever again. This will be the 4th letter explaining my position.
  4. Yes we have our jack o lantern pumpkin already. It will get chopped a day or two before Halloween. I have roasted pumpkin but mostly I do chocolate chip muffins and pies with mine. The wife and MIL do a porridge with it. I'm honestly not a fan of pumpkin spice flavour for anything except pies.
  5. Another vote for winter tires. @Cranky Dog, loved those videos. They pretty much scientifically proved what I thought just from personal experience. I live with the all season tires on my trucks just because I never seem to have the cash to buy two sets of tires for everything. Our Escape usually has winter tires on it all year round because it doesn't cover many miles and then the Grand Caravan gets more babying because it gets the most driving and is used more by the weaker drivers. Went to the basement to paint and saw a vcr/dvd player we just bought sitting on my work bench. Decided I should really see if it works so hooked it up to the TV in the other room. Showed the wife that it works and she wanted to see our wedding tape. So spent an hour with her and the kids watching a very crappy quality video of our wedding day. Small ceremony 17 years ago in Vladivostok. Half of the few people who were there are dead now including our best man who was younger than me. It was interesting to watch but kind of bitter sweet thinking about all of them. Need to copy it over to dvd and then save it on the computer.
  6. This could be what makes me dig my 40K stuff out of deep storage and start painting it again. I've been focused on fantasy/historicals for a very long time with only a little dabbling in spaceships and big stompy robots.
  7. Last update says we canadians should get our stuff in early November. After a 6 month delay I can handle waiting another week or two. 2 KS I backed should have been delivered in the spring but are now saying in the next month so that's good.
  8. My family and my farm. They're also what makes me unhappy at times but that's life. The farm in particular is a fickle ^[email protected] Purty but tough to deal with at times. I haven't really taken any pics of the farm the last couple of years except for some blown over granaries for insurance purposes. Here's pic of the family at Lake Louise in August.
  9. I chalk this up to a false sense of security; 'I have four wheel/all wheel drive, so I'm invincible'. No, you're not, and I'm sure that I'll see you standing next to your vehicle in a ditch after you fly around me because I'm going 'too slow'. Yeah, what he said plus Cranky Dog's collective amnesia sounds about right. The first snow and ice of the year always seems to show off the worst drivers. Especially if they got caught with poor tires. After a week or so they usually smarten up. Just because your vehicle can get you going that fast doesn't mean you should be. A lifetime of driving on Saskatchewan roads means I've got stories but luckily never anything worse than a minor fender bender. Mom and brother both rolled 4x4s when I was in school. Having a body programed to wake up at the same time is kind of handy. And yet it would be nice to sleep for another hour or two some days. Not terribly sleepy but a little more would have taken some of the edge off. Maybe I'll get some painting in but it's only 9 am and I'm already feeling like a nap is going to ambush me after lunch. I had that happen once while we were on vacation. Lost a wheel nut and broke one of the bolts when we were a way over hundred km from the nearest garage. Pulled a nut off a different tire and kept driving hoping that 4 bolts on 2 tires would get us home. It did but I was a bit nervous.
  10. Yeah, I put good winter tires on the vehicles the wife drives. Without them I even scared myself a few times. My truck has all seasons because it's 4x4. It'll move forward unless I'm bellied out in a bad drift which has happened but sometimes stopping is not quite what I'd hope for. Just a couple days ago I made a really wild turn at a stop sign when I stepped on the brakes and she said, "Naw, not right now." Luckily traffic here is almost nonexistant a lot the time.
  11. Hasn't been this bad here yet but it's a game I've played often enough.
  12. I forgot that a few years ago we did have a real allnighter. Wife likes to have a beach vacation every so often. We picked Cuba and our choices were pay about $400 per person to fly from Regina to Calgary or just drive to Calgary (about 750 km) and head south from there. She decided that we could save some money on a hotel by leaving late afternoon, drive through the night and get to the airport early morning. "Oh, everybody but the driver can sleep and we'll take turns." After pit stops and feeding we got to Calgary about 4am. Nobody could sleep and we were way early so we sat in a parking lot for a couple hours with her crankily telling us to sleep. When we got to the resort mid afternoon we were all totally exhausted and ready to kill eachother. Wasn't worth the $100 we saved on a hotel for the night. She's never suggested we try it again.
  13. Between this and my 3D printer it's like waiting for Christmas (maybe better) except I don't know what day any of it is showing up.
  14. An actual all nighter as in no sleep until late morning? Maybe 16 years ago the last time I stayed up all night drinking and visiting with some old friends. Just a very late night? Been many with the kids being sick or just not able to sleep. Last time was about a week ago with my wife being upset about her mom's health we stayed up until 3 am talking and then I couldn't fall asleep for another hour or so. Getting up at 7 wasn't a lot of fun. And the day before that I couldn't sleep so was up late watching the 70s Battlestar Galactica. Can't go days on only a couple hours of sleep like I used to. Now I feel perpetually tired even when I do sleep ok.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKKSI1OPGa4 What did I just watch? Youtube suggestion. No idea what the rules are or how it was scored except it seemed to be last man standing.
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