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    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Nope and don't plan to. I don't do so well on the larger stuff and don't think I'd enjoy it. Seeing as I have sooooo many minis I do want to paint on hand there's not much interest. Maybe someday.
  2. Oldest son was supposed to go for his driver's test today. Last week the air bag light came on and this morning was the first chance the mechanic had to look at it. Not huge problem but no fixing it in time for the test so that's delayed for 2 weeks. Plus there's a huge stone chip right in front of the driver's face that they may not allow so looking at a new windshield as well. The wife wants me to only let him drive our 2006 Escape and I've had a running fight going for months over him driving the 2016 Grand Caravan. Now she wants me to fix all the things wrong on the Escape so he won't drive "her" Caravan anymore. Keep telling her I'd rather spend the money keeping our main family vehicle in top shape than on one that could start having issues anytime. Like to fix both but never have the money in hand to repair everything the way I'd like so we juggle constantly. Once he gets his license he can drive the well used and slightly banged up but still mechanically sound Escape. For the test he needs to show up in a vehicle in ideal condition which isn't easy with our crappy highways and modern vehicle electronics. She asked me if I could borrow someone else's car just for today. I told her every vehicle I know of has some warning light on and a cracked windshield. Plus taking your test in a vehicle you've never driven before just isn't a good idea. Really wanted a cheese omelet for lunch just now. Started warming up the pan with oil when I found out we had 1 egg. 1 egg does not make an omelet my size. Wasn't a total loss as I quickly switched over to grilled cheese sandwiches. At least we had bread.
  3. That's one thing that's always interested me in history. Even tiny countries like the Netherlands and Portugal were able to become major world powers with holdings all over the place. England's not exactly big either and yet formed the core of the largest empire.
  4. I'm glancing at a website showing the results from time to time. I'm not a political person at all. Most politicians disappoint me more often than not. I don't want to get into beekeeper territory but this election has me worried. I've never seen people here (including myself) so upset with what's been going on in Ottawa. Was really hoping the people in the east had seen enough too but it's not looking good for western Canada right now.
  5. I agree and yet it seems they're just close enough to truth to keep them perpetuating. There's always got to be one person there that fits the description.
  6. You've got mountains!!! I thought the whole country was flat swamp under sea level!
  7. I'll probably throw $50-100 at it before long.
  8. Haven't pledged yet as funds are low and several things are competing for them right now. Yeah, I know I won't be charged until the end but still. Most likely will have to start with a minimal pledge and add more later on. Not as excited about Bones 5 as earlier ones and yet my minimum is looking to be over $250. Well done Reaper when you can get that much out of me when I'm not excited.
  9. Looking really good. I've done something similar a couple times using acetone to make the indents. The torch is probably faster but acetone's pretty quick too. Want to make more but it's been lower priority than other stuff.
  10. Wife bought a blow up Halloween decoration of a cat coming out of a pumpkin. The 2 year old is very interested but scared of it. It's a bit taller than her. Getting some hilarious reactions of having it in the dining room. Finally put it in the garage because we were getting tired of the dramatics. Birthday season here so took the kids to the city and played laserquest, jumped on trampolines and ate at a decent restaurant yesterday. Was hoping to get some work done today but got home at midnight and moving slow.
  11. Zink

    Happy Birthday Green Eyed Moster!

    Happy birthday! You squeezed in between my boys. One birthday was yesterday the other tomorrow.!
  12. Come on it's WAaaaayy to early. I haven't even posted my October goals yet. Mainly because I've only managed to paint an hour all month and have no idea if I'll actually finish my Halloween idea. Simple goal for October and November, paint anything to completion.
  13. Wasn't sure what this would be but really like how they look. Always upsets me when people with no painting experience can outdo me on their first attempt!
  14. Zink

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Baba Yaga's house. Have an idea for a Halloween diorama with it as the center piece. Having motivational issues so not sure I'll finish on time or not. Pics later if I get a chance.
  15. Zink

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    No real phobias but some things like extreme heights make me nervous. Almost broke that on a trip to Yellowstone a few years ago. We went over the Bear Tooth Pass. The road from Red Lodge, Montana follows the valley slowly climbing until there's nothing but a solid wall of vertical rock in front of you. I thought, "Where's the road?" and then realised it starts doing near vertical switchbacks with 1,000 foot drop off the road edge. Oh, bleep. The wife who is normally scared to ride with me on our big hills was all excited at the view. I was sweating heavily and trying to stay as close to the inside of the road as I could without being in the oncoming lane. Long drive to the top. The only other spot that bothered me was one "bridge" nailed to the side of the mountain with a huge drop under it. The wife likes to take thousands (literally) of pics while on vacation had me go back and forth over the damn thing several times to get photos from different spots. Since then I haven't been so nervous. Oddly enough flying doesn't bother me at all other than the standard discomforts of no leg room and air pressure changes. Other than that I don't like tight places but they're bearable as long as it isn't for a long time or I get stuck.
  16. Zink

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I'm pretty hit and miss. Some people I can remember easily, others I can't ever it seems like. Recently called 2 different people I've known for 20+ years by their brothers' names.
  17. Zink

    Frostgrave: Perilous Dark

    I'll be buying it when it comes out. We like Frostgrave but like ROSD better partly because of the coop play.
  18. Well seeing as a lot of our weather comes from the direction of Alaska you could say we are just returning the present you gave us! The last 2 snow storms we had here actually came up from the southwest out of Montana. It's colder and whiter along the border than it is further north. Got a lot of things I want to be doing but have been wimping out. -5 C or less in the mornings so I wait until it warms up closer to 0 before doing my outside work. Supposed to start getting thawing temps soon.
  19. Zink

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Chemistry in high school. I also did well at the various maths and sciences. Oddly enough tanked at chemistry and physics in university. Too big of a jum in difficulty and other more interesting things going on. I love to read and love history. In school english literature and social studies were my least favourite classes. Didn't like their focus. All through high school we had the same social teacher. He could make the most interesting subject soooo boring and lots of time he was lazy and just said, "go read chapters x-y. He loved long essays on politics. I dislike writing essays and prefer keeping my politics as a background to the interesting facts.
  20. 2 inches or so of hard frozen snow overnight. Forecast high of -3 C/ 27 F for the next few days and then slightly above freezing after that. Nasty windy right now too. Yay, I love October! This sucks but I can't say that it's the first time. Global warming and all that.
  21. We were in Moose Jaw this afternoon for a doctor's appointment and it was snowing like crazy then. Had let up and melted by the time we left around 5:30. Was snowing pretty good here when we got home at 7. Was hoping to get a week or so of decent weather. The snow was mostly gone from last weeks storm and people were just starting to get moving again in the fields. I managed to get the last of the garden dug up and a few hours on the tractor in the couple days of nice weather. Don't have much grain and have no idea if when it'll finally get combined. It doesn't look very good and will most likely go as cow feed anyhow.
  22. Zink

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Farm work. I don't like October because it's always a miserable rush to get everything done before winter in ever worse weather. Wanted to say the garden but I finished with it this morning. Haven't managed to paint much lately but am starting to get a little time in once in awhile.
  23. Zink

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    In town not much. The odd fly or mosquito. The wife is ever vigilant and obsessed with keeping them out. At the farm I'm fighting a losing battle against mice and in the fall we have swarms of maple bugs that get everywhere. The mice I'm fighting with traps, poison and aromatherapy. The various bugs I mostly ignore because they aren't harmful to my stuff.
  24. Zink

    Happy Birthday Dr.Bedlam

    Happy birthday!