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  1. I use a wide variety of companies for minis. I started doing like you said back when I started playing Frostgrave. The Frostgrave minis work well with various 28mm historical plastic. Reaper minis are all over the place for size too. So the big minis get thin or no bases and the shorter ones get the thicker GW or Reaper bases so they look a bit closer in size.
  2. This isn't marketing but it gave me a good laugh. Always love hearing old swedish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoEiCvOGIeI
  3. Main goal is to just keep doing anything hobby related. Kind of stalled lately. Always lots of minis waiting and things I can do but sometimes lacking the mood and motivation. Wife's birthday is in a few weeks so considering doing either a diorama of the dwarf king's throne room (she loves dwarves) or a spring park scene using the victorian style Bones minis. I have most of what I'd need for either and could make the rest fairly easily. She already bought herself something that she considers my present but I still like to give something with a little more thought and personal effort.
  4. Not sure if I can say I met my modest goals or not. Printed and painted a bunch of tanks and artillery early in March but didn't quite finish. A handful of things left to paint and we've switched what we're doing now so no real drive to finish them at the moment. Did paint a couple other minis and print a few things. Kind of lost my motivation after going real hard on the tanks for a couple months. Floating around not sure what to tackle next. Was thinking about printing enough things to do a D Day battle and Carpiquet airfield but just not excited about it at the moment. I needed my game tabl
  5. As someone who has an ongoing low level war with these rodents I can confirm that they would do this if they could.
  6. I'll happily give any of your homeless stls a place to live. I managed to control myself and not buy stls until I had a printer but it was a very hard thing to do. I've been pretty successful in not buying a ton yet mostly because I'm still printing my way through piles of free ones I collected for the last couple of years.
  7. Well bleep. I've been trying to get some faster settigns working to print dollhouse furniture for the wife and daughter. Doing some kitchen chairs and had bad luck and incredibly weak prints for the legs. Did a bunch of things trying to get it printing better including these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LjbCIGCmd0 Got it printing pretty nice on my small test pieces so decided to do the chair legs before bed. I checked them a couple times and it was turning out good. Then when it was about 60% done I noticed it was using an older temp setting. Way too hot. So I manually dropped the temp 10
  8. As a parent with a child graduating this spring I found this a very timely video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkrTa4RMpDw
  9. I can't believe that the Bren got that low of a ranking but can't dispute the winner. One of my dad's uncles was a Bren gunner at the end of WW2 in Holland and Germany. Spent the better part of the weekend watching Sword Art Online Alicization. Now I need to try and look like I'm doing something useful but have no energy.
  10. Female ranger I found. Printed pretty nice other than some roughness where the supports were and a bit of stringing.
  11. Stumbled across this free stl while looking for other stuff. Liked it enough to print last week and painted him up today. Not my best work but he'll do. For an fdm printer I'm happy with the quality. Only problem is that line across his chest and should for some reason.
  12. He may have trouble disputing that paternity suit.
  13. Yeah, technically that might be true for me too. I don't have hard numbers on exactly how many minis are hiding around here. I know I have well over a thousand painted and likely twice that unpainted. Especially after the Bones V and Battletech kickstarters arrive this spring (hoping). Any time I think that the big hit comes later than predicted. I'm happy that we haven't had excessive snow since October but a lot of people are worrying if there'll be enough moisture for crops this year. We've already had several years of drought.
  14. I've been playing a lot of Blitzkrieg Commander IV with my 17 year old son. -30 C weather closed the school for a week and then midwinter break meant he was home a lot in February. I'm 3D printing all the minis and a lot of the terrain for it. Kind of slowing down on it now because I have so much made and thinking of switching projects soon. No in game shots but I took some pics of some of the minis. Canadian infantry and tank regiments. I lied. I found a couple in gmae photos. here's one with some houses I also printed. I scratch built or 3D printed everything in the
  15. I've been careful to try and stay somewhat close to my printing with my painting. I'm only a couple dozen minis and several buildings behind. We won't talk about the hundreds of minis I bought over the last 30 years that aren't painted yet.
  16. Computer games would probably be the Civ series (over 20 years of playing every year) but most recent was Battletech or Panzer Corps. I haven't played a pen and paper RPG for decades unless you count dungeon crawl or skirmish games. Board games is hard to say as we have a large collection and switch often. Tabletop would probably be Warhammer even though I gave up on GW many years ago because we used to play it nearly every week for about 15 years.
  17. It depends on what layer height i use. I'm generally pushing more for speed than quality. The space dwarf doesn't really have noticeable lines. The sleeping gnome was printed at much thicker layer height so it didn't take hours. But a resin printer is faster and smoother for sure. I just can't afford another printer and don't have space for it so am happy enough with the one I have.
  18. The kids play this game regularly and learned how to rip the images from it. We 3D printed some of the characters and they painted them. I'm pretty happy with how well they did. Too bad painting minis doesn't hold their interest for long.
  19. While resin printers are the undisputed champs for printing minis you can still get some nice prints with FDM. A space dwarf mini I stumbled across yesterday. The wife likes dwarves and gnomes and wants me to print the next one as big as I can for outside. This was a 2 inch long test print using the settings I will use when I do the big one. A little stripey but still pretty good.
  20. I was playing a lot of Mario Strikers Charged the last week with my boys. I'm tired and bored lately with a cold and no concentration so it was a nice mindless change from the stuff I usually play.
  21. I'm down to about a half kilo of filament so went to order more. Every Canadian store where I can get free shipping seems to be out of stock on most of their cheaper filaments. A few days ago the one still had lots of options. Today I loaded up my cart with a few things that were left. While I was piddling today around 2 of the colours in my basket went out of stock. Ordered enough to get free shipping and bought some other options instead of what I was planning on. Should have enough to last me a couple months unless I start printing a lot of large stuff which I had been considering.
  22. I think you're roughly the same age as me so CTV Saturday mornings may have been a large part of your childhood. Rocket Robinhood, Hercules and the 60s Spiderman for I don't know how many years in an endless loop along with a smattering of stuff that wasn't older than I am.
  23. Modest goals for this month because I have important work to do that I should focus on first. Will finish printing and painting my first 2 WW2 forces and some more terrain for them. May start making a late war Soviet force but not a high priority. Me and the oldest have been trying to get #2 son to try some scifi/futuristic skirmish gaming with us so may switch to making and painting things for that. Dug out a large part of my old 40k collection for them to look at. I have a lot of minis but not so much painted for it. Not feeling super obsessed with anything like I was in February. Lots that
  24. As expected February was all about microscale WW2. I found or converted stls for nearly everything the Canadian army and 12th SS had. I printed enough of each of those stls to give me an armoured regiment and infantry regiment plus options for every type of support available. Both forces are 90%+ painted and I'm down to a small handful of things to still print. Could have finished a long time ago but wasn't pushing once I got the core forces done. Also printed a few buildings, pillboxes and sandbag enplacements. Made a lot of simple roads, a few small hills, some trenches and barb wire. We're
  25. I forget what speed we had at the farm when we still lived there full time but the monthly cost was usually $110. I think that was for 10 gigs of data. I used to do things like updating or buying games at my sister's in the city so it didn't eat all our data. And that was before games got to be 50-100 gigs of memory. I switched to Bell for it when we moved to town. Sasktel wanted me to pick a rate and I paid that no matter how much data we used. With Bell I pay $10 a month and it goes up as I use it. I keep it because somedays I need internet when I'm out there. The wife gets after me to buy a
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