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  1. I've been flipping back and forth between the 0.2mm and 1.0mm nozzles doing either minis or movement trays. Things had been printing nicely until this morning. All of a sudden I couldn't get any bed adhesion no matter how I adjusted things. Swapped nozzles, checked for clogs and tried different settings. Eventually decided it was the extruder not gripping enough. Tried tightening things up and buggered the screw. Tried removing the wrecked screw and buggered the little plastic block it goes into. Looked into getting a replacement and learned I'd need to get a whole new extruder to just get those 2 parts. Found out that an all metal extruder was cheaper than the plastic replacement so ordered it. Then because I'm a stubborn farm boy used to fudging pieces to make them work, I filed down the jammed block until it looked about the width it was adjusted at one other time I had it opened to clean. Put it back together and it's printing perfectly now. Only took me about 2 hours of frustration to get there. And there's no adjustment unless I want to file things more. It just needs to last until the new one comes but I likely won't change it until it quits working.
  2. Very, very rarely. Mostly I use it for my homemade wet palette which I don't use all that often either. I tend to only break it out when I want to do finer work or blending.
  3. Yes, to the hobbying. My weekend was spent smoking various foods and tinkering with the 3D printer and a tiny bit of painting.
  4. Didn't even set any goals this month but have done a bit. Finished printing what I wanted for my late war Soviet Mechanised Corps. May add another battalion of infantry sometime and have plans of adding vehicles for earlier periods. The great part about these 6mm-1/285 minis is that the infantry and a large part of the artillery can be used for the entire war. Not enough detail to worry about. I've also designed and printed a few buildings. Need to work on more terrain. and finish painting the last few models I have. Finished painting a unit of swordsmen for my Warhammer Empire army. Most of them were painted 20 years ago but I added a few more men. Just need to base them. For 2 years now I've been telling myself I'd finish my Empire army and I've only painted a handful of minis. Spent a bunch of time tweaking Cura 5.0 settings and trying out various things with different nozzles. Designed some movement trays for my big armies and testing printing them super fast with a 1mm nozzle.
  5. Love Tristan Loremistress and the rest look very good too. I got the starter set for my birthday a month ago and have painted a few minis with them (no pics). They aren't the be all and end of paints but definitely have their uses and can speed up shading. Good asset for someone like me that mostly does fast tabletop level painting.
  6. So was watching some more videos about Cura 5.0 and various settings and tried tweaking some things and printed a few minis. I bought these Sisters of Sigmus stls from Monstrous Encounters awhile back. Never tried printing any because I didn't think my CR6-SE could do them justice. The white primed one was using my 0.4mm nozzle and settings I've been printing 1/285 scale tanks. I was happy she printed although there are some obvious issues. But it was good enough to make me want to try and dial in my settings even more and try out my 0.2 mm nozzle again. With a few test prints and some tweaking I got the bare plastic green model. Resized her a touch to match the old GW mini in the middle better. Not resin printer quality but I'm pretty happy with her. I've bought worse quality minis in the past. The only clean up I've done so far was to take of the supports and I've managed to get those set so they are very easy to take off, rarely damaging the model. Only major problem is a melted spot on the top of her head. Having a bit of trouble with the weapons but trying to get better prints of them. Fine points are melting but if I reduce nozzle temp then I run into delamination. Here's another mini that I did just before I got my best quality print above. Respectable. Printing a wizard with the 0.4mm nozzle right now to see if any of my setting changes with the 0.2mm transfer over. Next up is to see what I can do with a 0.8mm or 1mm nozzle for big terrain pieces.
  7. Yes. I try to keep my personal hygiene good but I am a farmer/rancher. I've been arms deep inside of cattle both living and dead, covered in oil and dirt until I looked like a coal miner and never scared of doing what needs to be done. My work areas tend to disorganised and when left alone the clutter tends to grow. I'm not the best at keeping everything in it's proper place especially when I'm using it. I live with a neat freak so other than my painting table in the basement I put things away. She spends more time cleaning and organising than doing anything else. For me that is definitely a lower priority. I focus on getting the job done and then clean up sometime. I'm playing Shadowrun videogames now so I'll go with what happened in it or Rifts. Magical energies return with a bang bringing many mythological critters along with it. Civilization is nearly destroyed as humans try to adjust to the newcomers wanting their piece of our world. I'm located far from the main focal points and large cities that attract creatures looking for snacks. I'm able to survive the initial disruptions because I'm a jack of all trades that is used to dealing with any problems by themselves. I'm surrounded by other people who are relatively well armed and as capable as myself. We have the knowledge to keep our vehicles running for some time without new parts, hunt and grow food. We're not a large enough group to attract much attention and capable enough to put down the few wanderers that try to mess with us. My personal niche is militia captain because of my hobbies of military history, paintball and self defense. Lacking any professionals for the position I'm in the group of the best of the bad choices to organise the defenses. The biggest challenge is that nothing here is easily defendable. We lived on scattered farms miles from our neighbours and in small, sprawling villages. We have no heavy weapons capable of handling the big monsters so we try to use distraction to keep them away from the remaining towns where people have congregated. We only have enough people and resources to fortify a few places and rely on highly mobile patrols and scouts for warning. As our survival depends on scrounging and working away from the towns speed and mobility are important. Standard tactic is everybody is armed and every work party has dedicated guards. If anything too powerful is encountered the guards try to lead them away from the workers/gatherers while they avoid pursuit and head for the nearest safe place. Our area has wood, coal and oil which we are struggling to maintain the pumps. When able we take caravans to the nearest surviving cities to trade our crude oil, food and scraps for other materials that we can't produce ourselves. The biggest problem is a lack of refining for the crude oil but so far convoys of trucks have been able to keep us somewhat supplied. It's a tough life but at the moment we're doing better than many.
  8. The Guns of Normandy and The Guns of Victory by George Blackburn. His story as a Canadian forward observation officer from Normandy to the end of WW2. If you have any interest in WW2 or military history they were a good read. Canada's part in WW2 is often overshadowed by other countries and books like these help to correct that a bit.
  9. Too bad you're on the other side of the border. I have several interesting surplus rifles that my grandpa and uncle butchered. They shoot well enough but the stocks are atrocious and some of their "improvements" are pretty crude. The only ones I really want to keep is a Winchester 07 and sporterized Springfield 1903. Never sold the others because the resale value was low and never found anyone nearby who even wanted them for free..
  10. Debt. What he said works for me too. My paint collection is very slowly growing and the mini collection fairly fast.
  11. Glad I could help. Only took about 10 minutes including finding and modifying the shield.
  12. I'm willing. What's the proper term "non Euclidean logic" or something like that. Too long since I read any Lovecraft. It might make more sense than what our world wide idiocracies are doing lately. I surely don't understand the political logic currently being used.
  13. I've used meshmixer for things like this but I'm getting better with Blender now so use it more often. Does this fit what you want? Not sure how big it is but resizing in your slicer is easy enough. It can be downloaded here https://www.mediafire.com/file/nisqaepmk0ovgvq/charhead.stl/file If it doesn't want to print as a single model I can upload the head and shield separately.
  14. Well my wife really wants to go to Florida but we're not allowed out of Canada and my helicopters are only about an inch long so don't fit 4 people.
  15. Don't remember. I'm generally very aware of the time and lately don't have a long attention span for anything. I bounce from project to project with my hobbies and topic to topic when killing time online. It's been ages since I really got absorbed in anything.
  16. You mean chop the head off of an stl and just print the head on a shield? Probably take a few minutes to do the modelling. This sort of computer kit bashing is something I've been learning how to do. If you have an stl of Charizard I could do it for you. I'm not so good at creating organic shapes but I have been making a few of my own buildings and vehicles.
  17. No, I've been interested in getting one for years but space, and lack of experience with them means I never buy one. My too most common sammiches are PB&J or ham and cheese with mayo and BBQ sauce.
  18. I got my farm cheap. Only took me 20 years of way below minimum wage work for my parents. I don't know how the people buying land at the current prices think they'll pay for it. I'm struggling at times to pay bills and I owe less than a quarter of what market value is. I'll go with a 308 because it's a versatile round and not all that expensive. Salesman told me I could get it in a .223 but that kind of goes against the whole purpose for me. Can't shoot very far relatively and can't use for deer or other big game. Wouldn't mind something in .223 or 7.62x39 for plinking but most of my shooting might be at the edge of their accurate range. The land around here has a fair amount of flat land and then a lot of big hills and coulees with a little bit of trees. So unless you only want to crawl the low areas you need something with some range. I'm hoping I'll be good enough for the rifle. As a kid and young adult I was a very good shot because it was my main form of entertainment. For way to many years I haven't done much target shooting or hunted. Only shot pests and cattle to butcher. That was another good thing about my SMLE, a 10 round magazine. My dad brought me up to hit with almost every bullet. The last few years I've been saying I need that extra capacity because I can't hit [email protected]#%. Need to change that and get back in practice.
  19. If I could get ammunition I'd stick to my SMLE. Love those rifles. The main reason I'm looking at the MDT stock over a more traditional one is easy adjustability to fit me better. I'm pretty tall and find a lot of rifles have too short of stocks for me. Makes it awkward when using scopes. With this I should be able to get a perfect match for easier more accurate shooting. I don't have a range near me but owning over 3,000 acres of land means I have somewhere to shoot. The last few years coyotes have been a big problem for me, killing a lot of my calves. They got smart and stay out of range when they see my vehicles. This may double my effective range and let me get at them without knowing I'm there.
  20. I've had my PAL for ages but never used it for anything other than buying ammo. I have a bunch of old rifles and a couple shotguns that used to belong to older relatives. My go to gun for most of my life is an earlier 40s SMLE Mark III but I can't find ammo for it anywhere lately. So the wife is letting me buy a new rifle with still available ammunition. I'm about 90% settled on getting a Savage Axis II MDT. Accurate to 900 yards with decent ammunition.
  21. We've used them but didn't play much after starting with them. The biggest advantage I noticed was getting the third group action. We tend to forget about their special abilities a lot of the time. Ours tended to die before they got much xp but I think they could get pretty nasty after a few upgrades. Mostly we started using them once we had maxed out the better henchmen slots to get someone that can use xp.
  22. We have a lot of badgers around here. They are every bit as friendly as they look in the picture. You don't mess with badgers. Tough and vicious. They'll usually run away when they see people but if you ever get too close you better be ready to run. Only ever got charged by one once and I didn't stick around to see who'd win the fight. At least it didn't really want to catch me because they're as fast as I was in my younger days over short distances.
  23. One of my dad's cousins was a tank commander with the Sherbrooke Fusiliers on Juno Beach. One of the regiments that recruited heavily locally, The Regina Rifles was in the first wave as well but not sure if anyone related was with them then. A few people I knew, including one of my mom's uncles and several neighbours, were definitely involved in later fighting in Normandy.
  24. When I read this the number of a girl I liked in high school popped into my head. I only called her a couple of times and yet that's in my permanent memory. WE graduated 30 years ago. I can't remember passwords worth [email protected]^$. Might have to use your advice with those old phone numbers. Surprisingly enough a lot of those old numbers are still used by family of the people that I went to school with even if most of my friends from the are long moved away.
  25. Wasn't expecting to do much and met those expectations! Got some of the Army Painter Speed Paints for my birthday so had to try them out. Prepped a lot of Dungeon Saga minis to test on and completely painted 6 of them. Also printed a handful of things for my Soviet Mechanised Corps and painted a bit of them. Need to figure out exactly what I have left for them but I'm thinking it's not very much.
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