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  1. Very cool, I bet Sophie on a lot of people's list as one of those favorites. I also like all the bugbears and gnolls and have added more to my pledge to get another set of them, they are like something that always pops up in my games and I feel that I can never have enough of them. Haven't done CE #2, but I really do like that Shadow Hound, it looks really cool I may have to buy that one at MSRP next year. Because I do mostly large wargames I decided I needed at least 10 of each to have decent units so I'm in for an extra set too. I'll probably do some chopping and weapon swaps to get a little extra variety. The bullette is one of those things that really exemplifies why I like both Bones Kickstarters. I didn't want one, didn't think about ever having one then I see it and go, "damn, we better hit that goal because I needs him".
  2. Jordan Peacock, that's the sort of effect I want when I start painting the elementals. About baking soda bases, would varnish help protect from yellowing? I've only done a couple of snow bases using soda and they're still white after several years. I tend to finish off my bases before spraying them so that the varnish helps to hold the flock, sand, soda, whatever on.
  3. Tough question! Out of the core set Sophie #1, then the gnolls and bugbears followed by the chimera. For add ons the greater demons, demon lords and were rat. Expansion #1 lots. Mountain troll (I want more than 1!), dragon tortoise, hordlings, Ice troll, barrow wardens, goblins and kobolds. Expansion #2 Ursula, shadow hound and shadow demon. I'll probably skip expansion #3.
  4. I usually get mine through a discount store. The Warstore is one place I buy from often because they have a huge selection of almost everything mini related a little cheaper than MSRP. GW paints are more expensive per volume because their bottles are smaller. I've gotten so I don't like the flip top lids either. I know people that use the craft paints and think they are good enough but haven't tried them myself.
  5. I haven't been getting much painting done lately but wanted to show off anyhow so here are some Reaper minis I did years ago. They were originally bought as characters for my GW Dark Elf army but now I've switched over to Armies of Arcana. Unfortunatley most of their friends are still in boxes after many years. I've got way too many unfinished armies. That's why I'm buying more Bones to keep them company Deladrin one of my assassins. Alvhaera, my general or mage/cleric. Female necromancer I was looking at her last night and for some reason she's been scuffed up and needs some cosmetic surgery/painting. Finally a little diorama/photo I did hoping it would be included in the Armies of Arcana rule book when I helped with updating it several years ago. It wasn't picked but I still really like how it tuned out. The minis in the foreground are Thunderbolt Mountain heavy goblins.
  6. I'm using a mix of GW, Vallejo, Coat d'arms and Reaper paints. I used to buy paint more locally and that meant only GW. Now that store closed and the nearest hobby or game store is 260 km from me so I do all mail order. As my GW paints dry up or get used up I buy some other company's to replace them. Started with Vallejo because they really closely matched GW a few years back. Then I bought some Coat d'Arms because I found out they made the original GW paints from my childhood. I still have a couple of bottles that are usuable after over 20 years. Now I bought some Reaper to try out as well. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah how they work! Sorry, got sidetracked with history. Each company is slightly different but they all work pretty well on bones. My only complaint has been that some of my older GW and Vallejo paints have been watered to keep them usable. It's noticable with those colours that they don't stick well to bare bones although they still work over an undercoat. Acrylic medium is on my shopping list for the next time I'm in the city. I want to try it out for thinning. I haven't tried any of the craft brands or other things you mentioned.
  7. Succubi can do that at times. Seriously I love the concept picture. I may buy several and try and convert them and have a nice little group of Sophie clones. I don't get pledging and then complaining either. Do you like it enough to pay? Then pledge. If not then don't. Don't whine about how it should be cheaper/different/better. I may not want 100% of the minis I'm getting but it's still a very, very good deal. I could sell the extras and cover a bit of the costs for what I do keep. Ok that didn't work so well on KS 1 because my kids took the extras. I've been buying minis for a long time from all over the world and I've never seen this quality at these prices.
  8. That's why I mostly read this thread. Thanks for the updates and saving the rest of us from the insanity!
  9. A lot of people seem to be upset with the ROW shipping charges too. It does seem a bit high for just the core set but I still feel it's worth it for the amount of minis we'll get. Once you start throwing in expansions and add ons the shipping isn't bad at all. I think it was $38 to Canada for just the core set. I've added on $200 more and it's only $45 now. I'm not sure about the CEs myself. I went for the first one fairly quickly because I liked what I saw and felt it would fill up. I just upped my pledge yesterday for the 2nd CE because the purple models were cool. I was sitting on the fence until then because while I like the angels and Anhurians they just aren't something I had to have for another $50. I haven't pledged for CE #3 because even though I really like the Bathalians I don't know if I can afford another $50 for some scenery and those 3. I know the kickstarter is a good deal and I like almost all of the minis but it's getting to be a big expense all at once for me.
  10. I'm still holding out against Verocithrax (it got harder after seeing him) but the demons had my soul even before I saw the video.
  11. This is what I do too. I'm a long ways from a hobby or art shop where I can get replacement brushes. I do a lot of my base coats and rough work with cheep, crappy synthetics and my kids ages(10 and 7) use them to paint. Then I have a few higher quality brushes that I use for detail work or the odd high quality job I do. I'd never recommend the synthetics over a good brush but they can get you by. I don't feel so bad when me or one of the kids ruins a $1.50 or less brush but I try to take better care of the quality ones.
  12. Yeah, this is what's happening to me too. I liked Expansion #2 but not enough to shell out another $50 when I'm already close to $300. But the purple guys just cracked my resolve. Again.
  13. I really like how those turned out. It makes me wish I had some matte medium and clear paints to play around with.
  14. I'm not exactly a newbie painter and I still get that feeling sometimes. It's a fine line between minis that are awesome and inpire me to try harder, fancier techniques and ones that are awesome and make me depressed because I just can't/won't put that much effort into anything. I tend to go for mass tabletop quality and rarely try for real intesive work on a single mini. Beautiful mini, CashWiley.
  15. Thanks everyone. Inara, where's the contest? I'll have to try and get some better pics if I do enter. And finish the base I suppose.
  16. Hah, I never thought of that. I was just trying to stay away from plain steel everywhere.
  17. He's actually the easiest to paint once I figured out how.
  18. I'm finally getting around to showing off my work. First up is the bones that I've painted in the last couple of weeks. Not the best photos, just quick snapshots on my table. I really need to do a better photo set up if I want to show things off. They will eventually be based on square bases and finished up a bit more. 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon 77151: Darkrasp, Evil Priest 77073: Freja Fangbreaker 77097: Grave Wraith Here's a link to my photobucket. http://s1080.photobucket.com/user/Zinkala/library/?sort=3&page=1 It has a lot of minis I've painted over the years in it if anyone is interested in browsing.
  19. Matrissa, it was 2 years ago and IIRC it was Toys Я Us. We wanted to buy a big Thomas the Tank Engine table for my youngest boy. It was way cheaper in the US than Saskatchewan. I have a cousin that married a guy in Montana and travels back and forth continually so we wanted to ship it to him for free shipping. It weighed about 50 pounds so shipping was high. They wouldn't let us so we ended up getting a cheaper quality and price Imagination set in Regina.
  20. I wanted a bone dragon is why I picked Kaladrax. I knew he would be big but I didn't think he'd be too big for my shelves and take up so much table space that it's not really practical to play with him. I hate to let him go but I'm thinking of using him to finance the new bones.
  21. I've still got a bunch of my old grenadier minis but don't plan on doing anything with them. They're to small to fit in with the 28mm-32mm minis I buy now. I keep them more for nostalgia than anything else. Plus I don't think I'd be able to get more than the shipping charges out of them if I sold them. They all fit into a tiny box and don't take up much space compared to the rest.
  22. I live 15 minutes from the border and another 10 to the nearest american town and I am down there a few times a year. A lot of people here (not me) have US mail boxes. When I tried shipping something to their address I ran into a problem with my shipping address doesn't match my credit card address and the company refused to ship it. I don't order that much so never bothered getting my own box and don't know how common that problem might be.
  23. I have those skeletons and that knight from Grenadier! They were the very first minis I ever bought. I was using testors back then too and my paint jobs were about the same quality as yours.
  24. Will we be hit with duty and taxes? I've ordered a ton of toys from the states, usually a few hundred dollars worth once a year and haven't had problems with it. I agree that UPS adds a lot of extra fees to things but I get all my stuff sent USPS if at all possible.
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