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  1. I like apple fritters. Almost always. I use a few different spray cans for different projects and rarely brush on primer. Most commonly I use Krylon white primer as I find it easiest to paint over white.
  2. It doesn't bother me. Where I live it's an absolute necessity. I drive about 40 miles/ 60km a day back and forth to the farm. A lot of my business and medical things are in a town about double that distance in the opposite direction. It's not unusual to travel 1000+ km in a week for things. Price of getting to live in the hills away from the citified hordes. The Running Man/Squid Games. Contestants will be chosen from the political class.
  3. No expert but I've played a few over the years. Cribbage, Uno and Groo are the only ones I've played in the last year. Used to play kaiser, hearts, rummy, canasta and other when I was younger. Tacos are comparable to pizza, you need to work hard to make a bad one. Most often we do ground beef with lettuce, tomato and often other things in a large soft shell so no need for a side dish. Miles and miles of barbwire fence, reconstructing all of the plumbing in my house on the farm because it froze when my furnace went out at -30C in February and on the hobby front maybe finish my WW2 Soviet mechanised corps. Need to print a bunch of trucks and a few tanks/afvs and give them a quick paint job. Wouldn't take long but this time of year I'm not in the basement much.
  4. Seperate unless it's a tiny companion like Boo. My most used brushes are One Happy Choice Size 1. Dirt cheap and ok quality. Good when you have kids that are even worse at brush care than I am. I have various more expensive brushes for better work but never settled on a brand. I've had terrible luck with mail order brushes and when I did by a few recommended brands I got brushes that quickly fluffed out to be unusable. So I by whatever's available locally at a hobby shop or Michaels.
  5. I've seen some good reactions to stinging nettle. For myself it doesn't do much. Mild itch and possibly tiny red dots. Other people get large red, very itchy patches from a minor touch. There's lots of it in the damper spots around here. My personal best encounter was playing paintball. I was sneaking through a waist high patch of it and decide to lay down when I spotting the enemy. I honestly thought my camo shirt would protect me but it was a lighter material and not denim. Wasn't terribly itchy luckily but I had spots from my belt up, all my torso, armpits and back side of both arms. Faded away in about a half hour.
  6. Heard this song awhile back and wanted to play it to my oldest who's home on a break before he starts his first job next week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrkgdj0bVAo He asked me if I new what she was singing. I said, " I saw someone posted the lyrics. Let's throw them into Google Translate." This is what we got. Come my girlfriend down in the orchard, Twice di ro force di ral irl catch If I wasn't there myself, Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch Get the house, and the barn; The cowshed door opens. Low-grade, unbleached, free-flush, Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch. Great branched oak, Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch A very affectionate look. Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch I'll stay in her shadow Until my boyfriend comes to meet me. Low-grade, unbleached, free-flush, Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch. Come the harp, the strings come; Twice di ro force di ral irl catch What am I better at, with no one to play? Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch The delicate hoof is detailed; What am I better at not thinking? Low-grade, unbleached, free-flush, Tw ru di di ro force di ral irl catch I'm recovering from the flu right now and my ribs hurt from coughing and laughing so hard at this. Nothing says love like "Low-grade, unbleached, free-flush" 😁 I know welsh is supposed to be a hard language but I think this melted the program.
  7. Several years at my maximum output. At the rate I painted the last couple of months, decades? How many mls in a drop? I think I used about 20 drops of paint since January and have over 200 15+ ml bottles. Many of which are nearly full..
  8. Yellow. I'm not a fan of the colour in the first place and getting it to look how I want is tricky.
  9. I haven't played actual D&D in about 30 years. I do play a bunch of videogames of D&D at times. Right now my oldest son and I are playing Baldur's Gate 2. I play a lot of strategy and roleplaying videogames. Most of the Total War series included the first 2 Warhammer ones and others. Sometimes they distract me from my painting but often they inspire me. I tend to play video games more when I'm low energy or morale and paint or do hands on things more when I'm feeling good.
  10. Been a long time since I answered any questions so I'll do a few at once. I try to keep them similar in size especially if they're supposed to be a unit. I'm not super fussy and will use things that are mismatched somewhat especially in skirmish games. I do often base short minis on thick bases and big ones on thing bases to balance wierd matches a bit. Depends on how over sized. Most minis have chunky weapons just because of making them viable for production. Surf board sized swords, no. Bolters and other weapons that would be ginormously unusable in reality are ok. Hard to pick one so I'll do this by category Fantasy skirmish Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadowdeep. Fantasy big battles Armies of Arcana.. Big stompy robots Battletech. Micro armour WW2 Blitzkrieg Commander. Those four have given me literally hundreds of hours of playing.
  11. Painted yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks. Gonna stick with simple goals. Finish my 1944 Soviet Mechanised Corps. I'm almost done printing them and they paint real fast. Finish painting a handful of old plastic GW Empire Swordsmen. Anything over that will be a bonus.
  12. I have an options contract with a wind power company on my farm. When my accountant saw my first pay cheque from them he asked how I could agree to it. It would upset my cattle and make a mess of my fields. I laughed and said for the potential money my family could get my cows can adapt. 1 or 2 towers per quarter section and a small gravel path connecting them. For the loss of a few acres of land and the inconvenience of them having access to my land it would have doubled my families gross income for practically no expense. I'd still be able to farm and graze everything (except the paths) right up to the towers. But the project got built 50 miles from me instead.
  13. Didn't finish as much as I'd thought. political events in Canada and eastern Europe caught my attention and I wasn't in the right mood to paint my toys. Need to get away from the news for awhile but haven't been able to.
  14. Lottery. I'm content with my life except for the fact that I haven't had the cash to properly fix some things that need to be. I don't need to be rich, just want more stability.
  15. You know it's kind of hard to feel sorry for Batman in that photo. Some guys would do almost anything to be in the same position.
  16. Yeah, I can't tell you too much other than what sandy loam is. My land is poor and the best I own is a sandy loam (sand with some good nutrient bearing matter mixed in). The soil classifications mean nothing to me because I'm only really familiar with my area. For my area we'd call that fairly flat. A quick search shows that Class 6 soils have severe limitations that make them generally unsuited to cultivation and that limit their use mainly to pasture, range, forestland, or wildlife food and cover. Soils in Class 2 are suited for cultivation over a long period of time, but they have some hazards and limitations such as gentle slope, slight erosion, or moderate wetness that reduce the choice of plants or require moderate conservation practices that are easy to apply. So I'd say your set for a large garden and a few goats. Not sure how much rain that area gets and what the grass is like but here we consider average to be 10+ acres of land for a cow/calf pair for the summer. It's been a couple of years since we had that much to shovel. Not missing it but I wouldn't mind if the drought would end sometime.
  17. I find most rodents have more honesty and integrity than many people on TV. I know a few completely and many that I think I know until I actually try to sing them without listening along.
  18. Like Pezler said our weather will be what it wants' to be. None of the popular sayings and thoughts about when the seasons change really fit here.
  19. The joy of the Saskatchewan freeze/thaw cycle. My ideal winter would be -10 to-15C a foot or so of snow on the ground and not having to shovel it continually. Instead we hit that average by bouncing between +5 C to -30 C. Chilly today but I'm kind of happy that we didn't get a ton of snow it the big windstorm even though we could use some moisture. Sunny too so I guess 6 weeks more winter. Big shock there. Since when is up to the middle March not winter for us?
  20. Going hard on printing and painting my Soviet Army units for Blitzkrieg Commander. It's pretty fast and I'm already about 30% finished. So first priority is them. Second priority is paint any of my old Warhammer Empire minis. And I'll probably do a few random things when I get bored with these. Important part is I seem to be getting a few hours of hobby time in every day lately. That won't last so do it while I can.
  21. Hitting here now. Roads for most of the province are closed. Not terribly cold yet but wicked winds. Ruined the hinges on my tractor door at about 1 pm. Even though I was opening it carefully holding on with both hands it still yanked hard enough to crack the stupid plastic. Back then it was +3 C and sunny and the wind was just starting.
  22. While I agree that was stupid it's amazing that many people are together and it's that calm. Look at what's happening in other parts of the world. I want to live in a country where people aren't shot for acting stupid but not causing any harm. When dancing and putting a hat and flag on a statue are the biggest crimes committed it's not so bad. Considering the police never filed charges when the BLM supporters destroyed statues of Sir john A MacDonald and Queen Victoria I don't suppose they'll waste much effort on these. My biggest worry about the protest right now is that the government will try to do something stupid to make people angry in an attempt to discredit the protesters. But enough politics from me.
  23. 2nd vote for both Black Magic Craft and Sonic Sledgehammer Studios. I watch and use a lot of things I've learned from them. Like that they are good for beginner to intermediate hobbyists. Sonic Sledgehammer Studios style and methods are very similar to my own just better quality on average. For Terrain Lukes APS and Terrain Tutor are also very good. Tons of info and good explanations on a huge amount of subjects. For painting I watch a lot of Vince Venturelli. Vince is well known and has videos covering practically everything in great detail. Recently I've started watching Don Suratos and need to try out some of his suggestions for using various mediums for thinning paints instead of just water. There are a lot of others that I'll try to list later if no one else mentions them.
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