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  1. Which version of the BB rules do you like the best? Printing some teams for it is on my wish list too. I have the 2nd ed box, a few extra minis and supplements. I play once in awhile but not enough to have bothered upgrading my rules.
  2. Having a CR-6 SE has been helping me fulfill life long yearnings for certain things that I could never justify the expense for before. Most of my life I spent a couple hundred dollars a year on minis with the occasionally much bigger purchase. I'm somewhat obsessed with minis but never spent a ton on terrain. A few years ago I started doing a lot of scratch built terrain and the printer has stepped in helping with that. I always spent the majority of my hobby dollars on 28mm fantasy minis with a few scifi, ancients and medievals thrown in. Was always interested in WW2 microarmour, spaceships, big stompy robots and other things. In the last year since I got the printer I've printed and painted 2 large 1/285 WW2 armies and made a bunch of terrain for them. Plans for several more but not sure when. I spent a lot on the Battletech Clan Invasion KS and then doubled the number of mechs I'd bought with 3D prints and have files for tanks and infantry that I'll print someday. Printed a bunch of ruins and buildings for fantasy and historical 28mm vastly improving the quality of my building collection. I still have plans for large fleets of spaceships for Star Trek, Star Wars, BSG and other but have only printed a few ships. #2 son wanted to design a table top game based on a video game so we've ripped and printed a lot of minis and accessories for it. Free stls and less than $200 cad of filament has already printed me what would have been well over $1000 of minis and terrain. Practically all of the files were found for free or made/modified by myself. Spent a lot of time searching for files and learning how to 3D model. I've always wanted to be able to design and make my own models but my sculpting and scratch building skills never matched what I can do now with the computer and printer. Still have lots to learn but getting respectable results already. So the printer has already easily paid for itself in savings on gaming. Lots of plans and ideas and if I can improve my 3D modelling skills there's really no limit other than my imagination. So I'm still spending roughly the same amount per year (adjusted for inflation 😁) as before but increased my output enormously.
  3. No idea but after adding at least double the flour (wasn't measuring. Just dumping and mixing) it turns out about 3 large cookie sheets worth. We decorated many of them earlier making daughter happy.
  4. My dad's maternal gradnmother's last name was Carpenter. Some of her relatives are Zimmermans which is a direct translation for carpenter from german. We always thought she was german but now some info I've found shows she was english/american not german/american like her husband. Haven't traced out how Carpenters and Zimmermans are related yet. My last name is Thomson and we always have discussions about which way it's supposed to be spelt. I always maintain that my great grandpa spelled it this way and he's the furthest back we can trace so I'll follow him. Soooo many Thom(p)sons out there but never been able to find a tangible connection past him. He just appeared as an adult in Quebec 140 years ago and said he was born there of Scottish parents. My uncle did a dna test and it showed a tiny bit of jewish even though we have no record of from where. I just laughed and said we have every other possibility from Europe so why not that too. An Austrian german neighbour started teasing him about it a bit too much. So my aunt (who was a distant cousin of that neighbour) told him, "lay off it already. At least he isn't inbred like us where our families only married between 3 villages for hundreds of years." Their parents and grandparents immigrated for what is now eastern Romania but was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire until WW1. That area was a scattered mix of romanian, german and ukranian villages but each type hated the others so not very much mixing.
  5. A friend of mine from my university days told me this story. His grandpa (maybe great grandpa. It was ages ago when he told me) immigrated to Canada there were so many Petersons that he changed his name to Molberg to differentiate his family. Recipe is Soft Ginger Cookies 1 c sugar 1/2 c molasses 1 tbsp vinegar 1 c milk 1 c melted lard/butter 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp cinnammon 1 tbsp ginger 1 tbsp soda 1-1/2 c flour or enough to make soft dough which can be rolled flat to make cookies. I used less butter, a lot less ginger and a lot more flour. Mom gave me this recipe and I used to make it as a kid so know what consistency the dough should be. Wondering if she mixed it up with a different recipe sometime. I guess the "enough to make a soft dough" is a good catch all. They turned out decent and we have lots.
  6. Finished making a big batch of gingerbread cookies with my 4 year old daughter. Old family recipe which I'm positive has the ingredient proportions wrong. Mixed up everything and ended up with a dough that would be suitable for a cake but not for cookies. Added over twice as much flour and they look ok. She wanted to decorate them fancy with icing bit mom doesn't want to tonight so a bit of hysterics happening. Tomorrow is never soon enough for the young and way too soon for the older.
  7. Hey, he's my grandpa! I've mentioned it before that a large part my mom's side of the family has been well documented. They've been tracked since they landed in North America in the early 1600s and the one woman who came over then had royal connections. That gives her a track back for a thousand years or more before that IF you can believe all the ancient genealogies. From the little I've looked at I'd guess at least half of people of british descent have similar connections. I like looking at my family tree on familysearch.org sometimes. Learned a bunch about my paternal grandma's roots off there. For some reason on my dad's side the males' records dead end 150 or so years back but some of the females lines can go back hundreds of years. All you need is to find one famous/important relative somewhere in the woodwork. I have a cousin I don't like much that is trying to continue on with research my mom did years ago. Much harder when mom was doing it because there wasn't as much info online. She called me up recently wanting to know the dirt on why my mom's mom had an older half brother. I said it was the first I'd heard of it. She got a little huffy and said that her mom told her about it but my mom wouldn't confirm it. I asked around with my mom and her siblings and none of them knew anything about it. She called me again even huffier that nobody would tell her the truth about our mysterious great uncle. I finally told her, "your mom's been in a nursing home for 15 years with dementia and wasn't all that mentally stable before that and you want to start a fight with the whole family over something she told you? I can't say whether or not there ever was this uncle so why are you mad at me?"
  8. Timely. I have a funeral this weekend for my favourite uncle. This suits his personality perfectly. He could be a complete jerk at times but he respected me so we never had any problems. He helped me personally more than anybody else in my life. He's something of a legend in these parts for crazy things he'd done and yet had tons of good advice for people. He was 79 and his health wasn't the best the last few years so it wasn't a huge surprise. He checked himself out of the hospital, went home and had a heart attack. My aunt just said he chose when and where to be when it happened. Going to miss him.
  9. I'm almost scared to ask but what in the name of god is Chaotic Evil. It's rare that food scares me but that does.
  10. Have to add my sympathies too. Half of my dad's life was taking care of his parents and a lot of aunts and uncles that never got married. Then after they were all gone he went down the road to dementia himself. Now my mom and MIL are getting to that age and showing signs. It's not easy to deal with. Towards the end when my dad forgot that all the people he cared for were gone he'd ask how they were doing. I'd just say I haven't talked to them for awhile. My older sister was amazed how well I could dodge things like that. She said she had to learn how to lie to not upset him. I told her I never lied, I just had more experience than her with those other relatives and knew how to handle them because dad taught me. It was after I left his nursing home that it caught up to me and hurt. He never saw because I was always able to hold it together while we were together. My wife is having a hard time dealing with the fact her mom (who lives with us) is getting forgetful and occasionally doing or saying odd things. She's not bad yet but it's noticable. And I can't even give her any comfort because it's only going to get worse. I just hope not as bad as was common in my side of the family.
  11. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to figure out. Banged my head on various walls more than once.
  12. Yes. You need to uncheck "automatically drop models to the build plate" under general in print settings. Then you can move the model up and down through the build plate in Cura to get the level you want.
  13. I do print some things with that. These are all larger models so I printed them poorer quality to save some time. I'm not super fussy for most things as long as they're solid.
  14. Sitting in my living room trying to figure out some Cura settings for a 0.8mm nozzle and watching the neighbour's roof blow away. Not getting the snow like further north but got the 100kph winds.
  15. A year and a half ago in late April I ripped a bunch of the trailer wiring off under my pickup driving on the road after a snow storm. It takes more than that to stop most people around here. A few inches is just normal winter driving. Such a nice day today even with the rain this morning. We're supposed to miss the worst of the snow but not really looking forward to the predicted 90 kph winds. Luckily I don't need to be out in it tomorrow if it is bad. Hopefully it'll all be over by Thursday when I need to take the MIL to Regina for cataract surgery.
  16. I'm trying to figure out some decent settings for 0.8mm and 1.0mm now. Want to print some simple terrain at faster speeds. I'm getting pretty good prints with both 0.4 and 0.2. Nothing as nice as that dino but still respectable. I'm using the absolute cheapest filament I can find and I think some of my issues might be because of that. Sometimes it seems to be the stl that just won't print perfect no matter what I do yet the next one prints great at the same settings. I rarely use the 0.2mm nozzle because it basically doubles the print time for a small increase in quality. It does do a noticeably better job on very small details but I seem to be satisfied with hordes of ok minis. I only do a few at my highest quality. Need to work on getting better supports although for the most part I'm satisfied with what I'm doing. Because I haven't shared any pics in ages. All of these were printed as fast as possible at a 0.16mm layer height with the 0.4mm nozzle. 3 Battlemechs and a glyphid praetorian ripped from Deep Rock Galactic.
  17. Still chugging away at Battletech. Been playing a lot of MegaMek/MechHQ and the occasional game with my oldest when he's home on weekends. Unsurprisingly I did get carried away making my forces. So glad to have a 3D printer and that there are a ton of mech stls out there. Did do some redesigning of some things to make them match the new KS mechs or old school style better. I think I have one mech left to print for my two main forces. Ended up with 60 mechs for each force, 15 of each weight class. No duplicates within each force except a couple Locust variants for each. Plus 15 mechs for a third force that's a low priority for painting and 30 or so Clan mechs that are lowest priority. It's gotten to be a lot of mechs and I'm almost ready to switch to something else for awhile. Really need to take some pics. Not the fanciest paint jobs but I like them. Still a lot left to paint. A teaser of a Thunderbolt I just modified from Matt Mason's files to look a little more like the traditional model sliced and ready to print in the morning.
  18. I'm glad I'm south of you. I piddled around all fall and am not quite ready for that yet. We got a little skiff just enough to make the ground a bit white and it's supposed to melt over the weekend.
  19. Remembrance Day for us in Canada as well. My oldest is back home this week so I'm making the boys watch documentaries about Canada and WW1 today. Between both my parents they had 3 uncles and 2 cousins that served in WW2 and 2 uncles in WW1. Dozens of neighbours as well. Just finished reading 2 books The Guns of Normandy and The Guns Of Victory by George Blackburn. Very interesting books about his experience as an artillery FOO from Normandy to the end of the war. My respects to all the veterans past and present.
  20. If anybody understands what the canadians did in WW2 it's the Netherlands. One of my dad's cousins brought back a war bride from there and one of his uncle's almost did.
  21. Still rolling along with Battletech. I'm working on 2 forces of 60 mechs as a primary focus. I've bought or printed all except 4 which I have stls of. Paint an hour or two every day but haven't even counted how many I've finished. One force (red) needs 1 mech and is all base coated with a bunch finished. Grey force has a few finished and a lot primed. Could finish the printing part in a day or two but got side tracked by my 15 year old's project. #2 son's been thinking of making a table top version of Deep Rock Galactic an FPS video game where dwarf miners fight bugs and dig up stuff. A year ago we printed a few minis that the boys had converted from the actual game files. The last week he got excited about it again and started coming up with rules. So We started working on getting models made which had me doing a lot of test prints to tweak my 3D printer to get higher quality. He's fussier than me and some of the minis are the kind that don't work well on an fdm printer. I'm actually very impressed with what we've been turning out for him. Now I'm trying to get a good profile set up for a 1mm nozzle to print terrain fast. We played a couple of test games yesterday and his older brother said they captured the feel of the video game. Fun but need more tweaking. So plans for the month, keep painting Battletech and maybe expand into printing vehicles and infantry or that and help the kid with his game.
  22. Goals, mechs, mechs and more mechs. Been on a big Battletech kick playing online and in person. Divided all my mechs up into several groups and have been painting some. With what I'd done earlier I have about 40 finished and 80 to go with half of that base coated. And because I'm insane and have a compulsion to have many options (and minis) I've started 3D printing mechs I have stls for so each team can have some of the same mechs. A month ago I thought I had enough yet the hordes are growing. Material costs are minimal so it's really only time to do this. Love the 3D printer, at least when it works.
  23. Haven't been on the internet much lately but I've had major Battletech on the brain lately. Seriously all my spare time has been taken up by it lately. Mostly MekHQ/Megamek. Been slowly working my way through campaigns and tweaking more and more settings as I learn what I'm doing. Play online versus the kid in the city sometimes and we had a tabletop game when he was down on the weekend. Downloaded yet another rulebook to help figure out some things in MekHQ. Think I have pdfs now for every level of play including things I'd never intended. Painted a bunch of mechs over the last 2-3 weeks. Now have red company and grey company finished, 12 mechs each and half a dozen for blue company. Even though the colour schemes are basic I'm happy with how they're turning out. Need to take some pics. Was thinking of doing 4 different basic colours/companies but still haven't decided what the 4th will be. Most likely I'll use all the clan mechs as the fourth faction and just fill out the existing ones with more mechs. Like the red ones the best so from now on any duplicate mechs will be painted red. Wasn't exactly sure how to divide things up so stuck the Kurita specific mechs into red, Steiner specific mechs into grey and then did random rolls to fill things out trying to keep equal amounts of each class in each colour. So far 2 assault, 3 heavy, 4 medium and 3 light for each.
  24. You ain't the only one. I'm not in terrible shape but a few pounds less fat and more muscle would be nice. I guess another bonus of a suit like that would be you'd probably sweat off a few pounds while wearing it.
  25. It's much easier not to have a dad bod when the muscles are built into the suit.
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