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  1. Great work, the base fits so well with the way you painted up the dragon. This figure brings back some memories. It was the first dragon I painted back in my High school years. Ah, the nostalgia.
  2. Wow, can't believe that been over a month since I last posted. I actually sat down and painted this week. Here is the progress I made.
  3. Ok, so I did managed to get some painting done over the past few days. Yesterday was a bust. Workdays and party for my sister's B-day shortly after work. I did managd to get in a short bit of time the day before. So I did a quick basecoat of all but the shield and sword for the Taskmmaster. Roughgly following the art from the box. hmm still need to work on shrinking the photo dimensions on my tablet. Oh well. Today, I did some more work on Captain Marvel's reds. Basically I added gradually added some ghost white and NMM Gold Hightlight to the Clear Red to create the highlight. I tried to increase hightlight to furrow the brows. Not sure how the look comes out with my photography skills. I might get some more painting time later, but off to do stuff.
  4. Ok, I only managed to get some more work done today. Not as much as I had wanted to, but progress is progress. Basically, I just managed to get more another highlight on the red (clear red). Here is some photo's of the progress. Still trying to get my camara work with my tablet figured out.
  5. Well I just tried tried a 250 point game with my 9 year old nephew. Battle Brothers vs Alien Hive. I lost. It was fun though, and he had a good enough time to beg his mom to let him finish the last round. I only used the basic rules and help with the details. Yet, I let him make all the decisions. All this while, the younger nephew painted on a mini (which he also asked me to let him).
  6. I've been on and off painting lately. So to improve my consistency I decided to paint through my Marvel united core set. My computer then crashed. Well not to let myself be detered I decided to try and use my new tablet I purchased. I am starting with some figures I wasn't going to use in the 1st couple of games. So I airbrushed some primer. Now here is the Captain Marvel as she stands. Also in the pipeline is Wasp, Antman, and taskmaster.
  7. Thanks Not sure. The character bios did sound like they were from somewhere.
  8. Nicely done. I have borrow colored scheme from many a Disney movie in my painting. I think yours came out quite well.
  9. Thews don't come easy, after all. I got a couple more barbarians that are looking at me from my painting desk now, having sat there for ... um... lets just say awhile. Indeed, what is best in life and all that. Thanks I did like painting up these two, I actually had them both primed before I got to the core set. Thanks I followed the old LTPK 3 for most of it save the hair. hmm... Now wonder if I should post a link for people to compare my progress if any?
  10. Thanks, but alas my choice of colors was from the reaper Dungeon dwellers Lanaerel Grayleaf by Jen Greenwald. I liked the color scheme on the figure so I followed it for Theo. Thanks, I liked the was it came out as well. Though, I wasn't sure how the bow came out with it next to it.
  11. Its under the craft corner on there site. Here Is a link to the dungeon dwellers section.
  12. Now the 2nd member of the pair from zombicide: Black Plague special character, Thalia. The traveling companion of Grom. These two are also going to serve as a Savage and Swordsman for my Ranger's of Shadowdeep warband. Went with some NMM, some came out ok, other parts didn't. In the end I decided to leave as is, Since I want to move on and get to playing the games. And the Pair Thanks for any C&C you give.
  13. Finally getting back to painting a bit more consistently and finishing things. Here is one I finished recently, Theo from Zombicide: Wolfsburg. I'm multi-tasking him to also serve as the ranger for my ranger's of shadowdeep warband. Hoping to have my warband finished by the end of the month. Theo Thanks in advance for and C&C you give.
  14. Thanks, me too. I got a few more to show, just need to get them posted.
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