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  1. Silvervane

    a Second Zombicide Black Plague Abomination

    Thanks the green is the same green I used for my DSM sitting mage I linked to in my Zcide Necromancer post.
  2. Silvervane

    Zombicide Black Plague Necromancer

    Thanks for your kind words. But when I compare it to some of my other works I painted for RCon or just because I wanted like Rasia (that got me a silver) or My DSM Sitting Mage. I think of it as Tabletop.
  3. Silvervane

    Zombicide Black Plague Necromancer

    Thanks you. Thanks, for the kind words and giving me the excuse to go back and fix it up. Yeah, I liked the idea of green more for the contrast to the red to help it pop. Yours is coming along nicely as well. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
  4. Silvervane

    a Second Zombicide Black Plague Abomination

    Thanks, there was definitely a lot of skin to do on this figure. Thanks, It is not what I would usually pick to paint up myself. But I like the idea having a painted set of Zombies when I play the game. Now I just need to finish up a set of Heroes for the game. Thanks, the green was from SC75's green set. I rather like that color as well.
  5. Silvervane

    Legion of Justice and Caeke 01429, 01428, 01427 01424

    Nice work. I really liked thee figures. Pity the villain was never made. Great work painting them all together.
  6. Silvervane

    Zombicide Black Plague Necromancer

    What game of Zombicie black Plague would be complete without the Necromancer. So I decided to paint up the core Necromancer for my second Necromancer. I know the art work has a red tattoo, and I'm trying to decide if I want to go back and paint it on?
  7. Well here is my second Zombicide Black Plague abomination that I finally got around to finishing. I decided to go with the more human looking skin tone similar to the art work from book.
  8. Silvervane

    Ruined Hirst Arts Wizard Tower

    Ok, well I finally got around to start painting this today. Which means basically, I got a base coat down. You'll also notice that the tower breaks down into 3 parts.
  9. Silvervane

    May the Paint be with You (May Hobby Goals)

    Last month was a bit of a bust for completion of anything. This month I'm going to try for the same projects. 1) Finish my 4 Bones Steampunk Tin man 2) Finish painting my Hirst Arts Ruined Wizard Tower 3) Paint Zombicide Ann 4) Paint up GW Skulker and if I managed to finish this... 1) Paint up 4 treasure tokens
  10. Silvervane

    New Site conversation

    Same here as others now. I had change my password to get access to site on my Samsung tablet. Then when I tried to log back on with my pc I wouldn't let me log on with my new password I had just changed on my tablet.
  11. Silvervane

    New Site conversation

    It is acting weird for me as well. When ever I try to change pages in a subforum or topic by the page links at the top and bottom of the page nothing happens.
  12. Silvervane

    Zombicide Grom by Silvervane

    I totally agree on both critiques. I was thinking the same things about both. I had already spent way more time trying to give the ax the little bit of shading it has and just gave up. I think the lighting kinda washes out the shading on the ax.
  13. Silvervane

    Zombicide Grom by Silvervane

    I can't believe I haven't posted anything here since October. Well I managed to finishes some Zombicide mini's back in February. Camera went and broke on me so I've been procrastinating on taking show offs with my cellphone. But I decided I might as well. Here is my Grom from Zombicide. He's was a promotional figure with I got with the Kickstarter. He was painted up to be a gaming piece. I tried to keep to the art work somewhat. Thanks for any C&C you feel to give.
  14. Well, awhile ago I started making some terrain for my Frostgrave Dark Alchemy solo mini campaign. Longish story....Then squirrels happened. I then decided not to wait to finish my terrain, and just go with what I had made and not painted. I'll nether confirm nor deny that I also used Lincoln Logs to make wall to fill out that first board (and there are no picture left to prove it). That round went well. I then managed to finish up building the hirst arts wizard tower in a ruined form. Next round went way worse... TPK. You take 4 character and your wizard or apprentice. They all got taken out by a series of bad dice rolls. The bad dice roll continued and I failed all my survival rolls for the characters in that mission. Well I decided I really wanted to finish this piece so here is a thread showing the before painting it. Here is some shots of built with my now deceased WIzard, who is roughly the same size as Sir Forscale.