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  1. So pleased with the giant spider at the end! Love me some spiders :)
  2. Showed the Tarrasque to the bf, and he's all WANT! Looks like it will get added to my pledge after all :)
  3. Yeah, that would make a pretty good kaiju. But would it ever get used in a game? I'm not sure it would round here.
  4. We've blown through so many goals today! Awesome! I'm not particularly fussed by the not-Tarrasque, but then I'm not an old-school D&D-er. (I played a little 3.5, but most of it's been 4th ed.) However, I am totally stoked that Reaper have brought out something so many of you have been asking for cos A) It will make you guys happy, and B) it will up the total so I get more cool stuff that I am interested. I suspect tomorrow night's Halloween party is going to be decidedly Bones flavoured. (KS finishes midnight in the UK)
  5. Well, it happened. Burrowing Horror gained by the time I go to bed. :D Aaaand the 48hr email is about to go out. It's going to take me even longer to catch up tomorrow! 3" bases AND purple translucents by the time I get up? *flutters eyelashes*
  6. Trying to catch up. Yay you guys for getting Mashaaf unlocked like I asked last night ^^ Now, Burrowing Horror before I go to bed again? Pretty please? *goes back to burrowing through this thread*
  7. Yeah, I really need to sleep now. I'm expecting the Mother Worm by morning... :) (My morning would be best, but the Texan morning would do :P)
  8. Finally caught up with this thread, and it's really time I should be going to bed :( Sat down with my bf tonight to discuss exactly what we are getting from this KS, and it's not going to be one of everything like last time, which is a shame. I love all the minis that have come up so far, but we've got to prioritise which mins will see the most use so we've cut back on add-ons. The UK shipping is not helping that. (Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why Reaper have done the shipping the way they have, and I support their decision. But it does mean I get fewer minis for my $$ which gives me a sad.) Still got $50 left unallocated in the pledge for the cool stuff that I know is coming. Depending on exactly what that is, that extra may rise... We're still getting one of every dragon.
  9. Where in VA? I'm in Dale city. I'll be in Norfolk for work all of November (well it's scheduled for all of November; I'm hoping to be finished in time to be home for Thanksgiving). You crazy Americans stealing our town and county names and confusing me! :P I always do a double take when I see a place name of somewhere in America that originated near me, especially when the details are not quite right. Colchester is south of me. In Essex. Not Norfolk, which is north of me. *twitch* (I live between Ipswich and Woodbridge (both in Suffolk), both of which I believe have counterparts in Norfolk, Virginia)
  10. Ooh, looks like we're definitely going to hit the next stretch by the time the Reaperpeeps wake up :)
  11. Yay more not-Who! Double yay it's in an expansion I've already pledged for! Not-Who is really Reaper's best bet for getting me to buy sci-fi models.
  12. Hmm.. Will probably get the Numenera monsters. Ah, sci-fi terrain. So not my thi- A TARDIS!? WANT! Dammit Reaper I can't justify $50 for all the other stuff in there I don't want.
  13. Ah, curses. I shall have to try this "patience" thing I've heard so much about and wait until next year... Or 10 days... Also, I've tried changing the order of the notes but they anticipated my shenanigans and have them in a secure area. So there's nothing for me to do except peer out of the vents... and wait. But maybe one of the less experienced employees might get slack. Leave the door ajar when they go to the bathroom. Then, bam! TIAMAT scrawled all over everything in big goblin letters! Or is that maybe too unsubtle? It might not be subtle, but it would definitely get the point across. :)
  14. Ah, curses. I shall have to try this "patience" thing I've heard so much about and wait until next year...
  15. Jus under $7k to the next goal! I'm not particularly excited about Under the Sea, although the Wereshark is cool. I want to know what the next goal is going to be! I'm hoping that the final day reveal is going to be not-Tiamat, but I have a feeling Reaper may have already said that's not on the table for this Kickstarter :( Although I also have a feeling they said Anhurians weren't coming either, so I'm not sure what to think.
  16. Woo! Town guard! And I didn't know I wanted a dwarf on a bear until I saw it, but now I do. Probably won't find much use for the regular cavalry, but I'm not complaining! And besides, I quite like painting horses.
  17. That's great to hear. Are you in for KS2? Gives you 12 months to paint 2 x vampire sets ;) Yup, I even managed to get the early bird shipping, so I don't have time to slack on my painting! I seriously doubt I'll manage to get everything painted in a year, but I'm hoping to at least get all the monsters done. @Jack - My cat was also very interested in them. I don't think I should leave her alone with them or they may get nibbled :(
  18. Yes! It's finally arrived! *does the happy dance* I've checked all the add-ons and one Vampire box, and it's all there so far. Just the second Vampire to check now, but I'll leave that till the morning. Can't face more sorting just now, the logic in the packing of the vampire box was... mostly non existant.
  19. Now this has reached the £80k needed for the Sorcerers, I am in for the bard with a tiny dragon wrapped round her leg. (Ffion Ferddig) Why? Because tiny dragon, that's why. There were plenty of others that looked good on the £10 lists, but I can only afford one and that's the one which really caught my eye. Also it's in the UK so I don't have to pay shipping. Woop!
  20. Parcelfarce have finally sent out a letter asking for £72! It has now been paid, and hopefully our Bones will arrive on Monday. I understand that we're still having issues economically, and that lowering import taxes is not an option right now, have to encourage people to buy locally etc. etc. However I am really annoyed that Parcelfarce sat on our package for so long before doing anything about it. It arrived with them on the 27th August, they didn't bother to let us know they had it and needed more information until mid September sometime (which we replied almost instantly to) and they finally sent us the bill last week. We have to pay them a handling fee for the privilege of sitting on our stuff and doing nothing with it for a month. /rant I'd love to be able to support the UK economy more and buy more miniatures from over here, however we don't have a Reaper. I know we've got Mantic, but I think all their Kickstarters have been for entire games or armies, which is not what I'm interested in. I want tonnes of RPG miniatures, so Reaper is the way to go. It would make me a very happy gamer if Reaper set up a UK, or even European distributor.
  21. I have friends arriving in 30 mins. But it's ok, they're here to paint Bones, so they won't mind the constant Kickstarter checking!
  22. I also loved Terra Nova! I was really disappointed when they cancelled it after only one season :(
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