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  1. From what I understand talking to him he was a last-minute booking to replace someone who had cancelled. He said he does a lot of gaming 'cons b/c he's into them personally and I guess the tables are cheap compared to other stuff? I would have loved to play more games but the signups this year were impossible - I couldn't figure it out at all... Hopefully next year we could go back to paper signups at the 'con - like sign up on line, and then day of they print a list of who's signed up with open lines for empty slots and a line or two for substitutes to leave their phone numbers... Tha
  2. If I can get all of these minis I got at Reapercon sorted, bagged, and tagged, I'll consider that a huge win. If I can finish the insurance spreadsheet, I'll consider that one better.
  3. I'm storing metal minis, so it's a bit different - heavier with sharper edges - but I use a combination of crayon boxes (plastic ones, like you get at walmart for storing crayons, not the cardboard ones) and mini sandwich bags. In around November a few years back, I got about 100 of the crayon boxes for 50c each, and I buy the bags at the dollar tree. Minis go in something based a bit on size & a bit on convinience - multi-part minis and familiar-sized ones go in boxes, single-piece minis and minis with only large parts like dragons go in sandwich bags. I label the bags with handwritten
  4. I doubt I'll be coming - I'll be about a week into my first school year as a full teacher! I guess I'll have to find someone to spend my (admittedly much reduced) melt metal for me :D
  5. I think I will do the cat from 30001: Queen of the Jungle as one of her charming jaguars. It's 54mm so plenty of space to play with - should make a fun celestial jaguar...
  6. I know it exists already in metal but: The gargoyle from this set - just him. Maybe in a 3-pack? I have about 20 of him - I get more every Reapercon, and I cherish them all deeply. I love the many metal gargoyles that Reaper makes - but the reality is, they're all MASSIVE compared to the size I want for my games. Gargoyles are only medium-sized, and, more than that - they're not infrequently fought in groups of 10-20! So having a tall, broad-winged figure that towers over the party makes it tricky to use them in-game. Meanwhile this guy fits neatly on a 25mm base, doesn't overha
  7. There are four days left for this, and they're sitting at 5800/6500! Please swing by and take a look - it's gonna be really cool!
  8. One of my fellow party members is publishing their first adventure path on KS! "Lament of The Widow is a tale of thrilling mystery and cosmic horror, spanning over 20 elegantly appointed and thoroughly haunted rooms in the labyrinthine world of Moorehouse, each of which contains the potential for rich rewards, powerful magical items, or painful, agonizing failure. Behind our beautifully illustrated cover, players and Game Masters alike will be thrilled to find over 100 pages of carefully crafted maps, incredible illustrations, and detailed descriptions, as well as a new setting-app
  9. "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" I like the House one myself. Have each of them framed by two needles, except JnJ, who get one.
  10. Anyone looking to fill a bed Thursday to Sunday or Monday?
  11. LOL why is this forum meat-colored?
  12. Oh man, this is... one of those sets, huh? One of those ones that's like... Hm. Maybe this is not the good stereotype to play into? I mean - don't get me wrong, I love these minis. They're gorgeous sculpts that have a lot going for them, but... IDK. Hmm... With that said - I tried to take them in a bit of a fun direction! They have an obvious tropical flair, with grass skirts and masks, and they're roughly in scale with Reaper's Dwarves, so... Tropical dwarves? I had three study halls and a prep period today, so I had plenty of time to think it over... (just
  13. I have a big pile of stuff to paint! 3x - 03605: Devil Rays 3x - 03622: Sharks (2) 3x - 03497: Pygmy Savages (just the people) 1x - 03297: Female Rogues (3) 1x - 03327: Fighting Women (3) 1x - 03335: Wizards (3) 4x - 03319: Fighters (3) 1x - 02005: Tox Lots of minis but tbh I don't think it'll be too bad - I'm going for tabletop quality so no fancy shading, but hopefully by the end of the month I'll have human mooks out of the way :D Edit, 3/13/21: I finished up the four Wizards, the Pygmies, and the fighters... 25 down, 14
  14. Except Legion of Justice and Caeke!
  15. Now, I'mma let you finish, but... This is the greatest set of crabs of all time. OF ALL TIME. But, seriously - Bushido Miniatures has a gem, here. Three flavors of crab - fiddler, horseshoe, and swarm/sand crab - all sculpted with gorgeous detail, cast in pewter, basically everything I could ever want. I love them. ... with that said, holy broccoli, 19$ a pack? These guys are pricey. Each pack comes with one of each flavor, like crab neopolitan, with no way to order a particular crab seperately - heartbreaking, because I could use about 6 more of the sand crab swarms b
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