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  1. "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" I like the House one myself. Have each of them framed by two needles, except JnJ, who get one.
  2. Anyone looking to fill a bed Thursday to Sunday or Monday?
  3. LOL why is this forum meat-colored?
  4. Woo! For sure gonna be there this year <3 Scorpion time! At long last!
  5. Oh man, this is... one of those sets, huh? One of those ones that's like... Hm. Maybe this is not the good stereotype to play into? I mean - don't get me wrong, I love these minis. They're gorgeous sculpts that have a lot going for them, but... IDK. Hmm... With that said - I tried to take them in a bit of a fun direction! They have an obvious tropical flair, with grass skirts and masks, and they're roughly in scale with Reaper's Dwarves, so... Tropical dwarves? I had three study halls and a prep period today, so I had plenty of time to think it over... (just
  6. I have a big pile of stuff to paint! 3x - 03605: Devil Rays 3x - 03622: Sharks (2) 3x - 03497: Pygmy Savages (just the people) 1x - 03297: Female Rogues (3) 1x - 03327: Fighting Women (3) 1x - 03335: Wizards (3) 4x - 03319: Fighters (3) 1x - 02005: Tox Lots of minis but tbh I don't think it'll be too bad - I'm going for tabletop quality so no fancy shading, but hopefully by the end of the month I'll have human mooks out of the way :D Edit, 3/13/21: I finished up the four Wizards, the Pygmies, and the fighters... 25 down, 14
  7. Except Legion of Justice and Caeke!
  8. Now, I'mma let you finish, but... This is the greatest set of crabs of all time. OF ALL TIME. But, seriously - Bushido Miniatures has a gem, here. Three flavors of crab - fiddler, horseshoe, and swarm/sand crab - all sculpted with gorgeous detail, cast in pewter, basically everything I could ever want. I love them. ... with that said, holy broccoli, 19$ a pack? These guys are pricey. Each pack comes with one of each flavor, like crab neopolitan, with no way to order a particular crab seperately - heartbreaking, because I could use about 6 more of the sand crab swarms b
  9. And here's ANOTHER another mini I'm knocking off my list! Beetles are... well, they're beetles. Not too many beetle enemies in D&D - there are massive ones, and scarabs, but I think most small-sized beetles are fire beetles? Which aren't particularly good as enemies... Still - they have some interesting potential! For example, Duregar and Drow (and the other assorted denizens of the Underdark) sometimes farm them - meaning an unruly low-level party might unwittingly stumble into a colony while moving through drow territory, for example. Or accidentally drive a few fleeing fire
  10. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa I love rats. They're adorable. And they're a great enemy for low-level characters, although they quickly get outpaced by the PCs - a smallish first or second level party might struggle, but after that... less so. Still - rats do have a place in my heart as a monster - and as familiars for both PCs and NPCs! The thing is... you need a lot of rats. Lots and lots. Which is why (like everything else I've worked on this week, say it with me:) I've been putting this off since Reapercon, meaning to get to it. For this project, I decided I wanted to paint a lo
  11. Oh, well if we're going that route... Excelericior!
  12. Briar? Bramble? Thorn? This is going to be cool whatever you name it!
  13. Wow! Here's another bunch of minis I've had banging around since Reapercon 2019' - actually, I may have picked these up at 18', I'm not 100% sure. Either way - giant/plague rats are just... such a good mini to have? I don't use rats as an enemy all the time, but up until the lower-midlevels, they're a great choice - especially in urban settings! - so I've been meaning to get them done... I'll be honest, though... I kind of hate these minis? Like don't get me wrong - they're beautifully done! Just - blisters. Hm. I'd really like a set of healthy rats this size for DM reasons, too -
  14. I did! But I skipped dark depths... IDK, I went in big on Bones II, and I just really don't enjoy painting the smaller figures. That said, I have a... huge... backlog of metal minis to do, and I'll be doing some more aquatic stuff pretty soon! Brace for crabs!
  15. I'M BACK BABY! And oh man, this is a project that I've been putting off for a while... So those of you who've met me IRL may or may not remember that I *freaking love Ixitxachitl* - the awesome Demon Rays that go all the way back to 1st edition. These are IMO one of the most underrated, iconic DnD enemies - swarms of psychic stingrays with cleric levels that lived in colonies numbering in the thousands! Who wouldn't love that? So, of course, I needed some minis. BUT! While Reaper *has* a ray mini - this guy: - it's nowhere near an ixitx
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