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  1. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa I love rats. They're adorable. And they're a great enemy for low-level characters, although they quickly get outpaced by the PCs - a smallish first or second level party might struggle, but after that... less so. Still - rats do have a place in my heart as a monster - and as familiars for both PCs and NPCs! The thing is... you need a lot of rats. Lots and lots. Which is why (like everything else I've worked on this week, say it with me:) I've been putting this off since Reapercon, meaning to get to it. For this project, I decided I wanted to paint a lot of patterns of fancy rat, rather than just doing them all brown, grey or white. This was for a couple reasons! One - it means that any PCs with rat familiars get a choice, but two, and more importantly - this may not be enough ratte. I have a sneaking suspicion that, like the twig blights, I'm going to wind up wanting like 20 of these... And if I pick those up in a year or more, I don't want to have to worry about making them match. A nice blend of colors and patterns means that I can do whatever on the future set and they'll come out looking fine! So... How many rat colors are there? Lots: (by Marmotdoodles on Tumblr! https://marmotdoodles.tumblr.com/post/139743043576/some-rat-colors-and-markings-prints-available) Breaking them down by pattern: Basic rats are… just rats! All one color. Sometimes they have different colored paws and ears but for contrast and ease of painting I kept things pink - and did black eyes for everything but the albino, though the eyes don’t vary as much, I don’t think. 1x Chocolate 1x Albino 1x Black 1x Champaign 3x Blue Hooded rats have a solid head and shoulders, with a stripe of color to the tail, and white flanks! They’re my favorite pattern which is why I did three... 1x Blue Hooded 1x Black Hooded 1x Champaign Hooded And then a couple extra brown rats to round things out. Irish rats have a blaze of white on the chin and white paws - capped rats have a colored head and shoulders and white back half. 1x Chocolate Irish 1x Chocolate Capped And oh god these are not easy to take pictures of. My camera insisted on focusing on the paper-towel backdrop - I've got some greenstuff on the way and plan to do better pictures once I've finished the bases! I took some group shots that came out a bit better: As you can probably tell - I kept these nice and simple! Painted the bodies over grey primer, then went back and did hands, paws and eyes. They're for sure not the fanciest minis I've ever done, but especially IRL they look pretty good - and once the bases are neatened up, I think I'll be pretty happy with them!
  2. Oh, well if we're going that route... Excelericior!
  3. Briar? Bramble? Thorn? This is going to be cool whatever you name it!
  4. Wow! Here's another bunch of minis I've had banging around since Reapercon 2019' - actually, I may have picked these up at 18', I'm not 100% sure. Either way - giant/plague rats are just... such a good mini to have? I don't use rats as an enemy all the time, but up until the lower-midlevels, they're a great choice - especially in urban settings! - so I've been meaning to get them done... I'll be honest, though... I kind of hate these minis? Like don't get me wrong - they're beautifully done! Just - blisters. Hm. I'd really like a set of healthy rats this size for DM reasons, too - since giant rats aren't a bad summons for a druid, or companions to a were-rat/ratfolk ect... People who wouldn't let any harm come to their companions, let alone festering disease! I think I have one more of these somewhere, so he may get greenstuffed fuzzy :D Anyways: the swarm! Yeah, for some reason the white balance on my camera did not like these guys. One or two was fine, but more than that and it color corrected hard blue... Here are some better shots up close! I kept these real simple, since I had so many to do and they're not really small minis? I painted the whole mini grey, then added the pink ears, noses, and tails. Then I added some color to the bodies - grey mixed with green and brown below, then that mix with some orchid purple above, to give sort of a bruised, unwell color to the smooth, hairless parts of the body. After that, it was a painstaking process of dotting all of the pustules in white - nothing else, since they were concave enough that I knew they'd catch and hold the wash. After that - the wash itself, just a wash of... I think Umber? Army Painter Quickshade. Then just some red for the eyes, mahogany brown for the mouths, and dotting in the teeth, and you've got some great gross-looking ratties! From here... once my greenstuff shows up, these are going to get some cobblestones underfoot, and maybe another coat of sealer depending on how much trouble the fur texture gives me! I'll probably grab some of the newer giant rats too, just to compare - I wouldn't mind doing some up hairless and fleshy pink all over, with white eyes and a greenish tint, as sort of a zombie-rat, and I'm curious what the new ones from the Dungeon Dwellers line are like since they look so close... I think eight in this style is more than enough, though - if I need more than that I need to pick a stronger enemy to add in!
  5. I did! But I skipped dark depths... IDK, I went in big on Bones II, and I just really don't enjoy painting the smaller figures. That said, I have a... huge... backlog of metal minis to do, and I'll be doing some more aquatic stuff pretty soon! Brace for crabs!
  6. I'M BACK BABY! And oh man, this is a project that I've been putting off for a while... So those of you who've met me IRL may or may not remember that I *freaking love Ixitxachitl* - the awesome Demon Rays that go all the way back to 1st edition. These are IMO one of the most underrated, iconic DnD enemies - swarms of psychic stingrays with cleric levels that lived in colonies numbering in the thousands! Who wouldn't love that? So, of course, I needed some minis. BUT! While Reaper *has* a ray mini - this guy: - it's nowhere near an ixitxachitl for one important reason: it's huge! Well - medium, technically, but that's a large medium. And tbh (I have a couple) I wouldn't base it on anything smaller than a 40mm because it's fairly hefty. It closely resembles an Ixzan, actually - a medium-to-large sentient evil stingray that was exclusive to the underdark, and which never made it out of 3.5 because of that. Ixitxachitl, on the other hand, are small-sized in 2e, - 3e, and 5e, and medium in 1e and 4e. So I need something appropriately teenie - and wouldn't you know it? Reaper makes something that's perfect for the job. The problem? That something is locked away in a 15$ familiar pack: I meant, for a long time, to pick him up out of the Boneyard... but I was a broke college student so I never did. Then the Boneyard went to the Boneyard, and I was SOL... unless I went to a Reapercon... So I did! Ay! After that... I kept putting it off. Not out of any reason in particular, I just never got around to it... UNTIL TODAY! Presenting: STINGRAYS! So for these guys... I wanted to keep it suuuuper basic, since I hadn't painted in a good long while... and also because I just wanted some nice, tabletop-quality stingrays. I started off painting the whole thing grey, then added details! First I painted the undersides white - this took a couple layers, but I like how it came out! Once that was dry, I used some mahagony brown to wash the inside of the mouth, and then picked out little teethies to give it some contrast. After that, it just took a little bit of a black wash, carefully applied, to define the gill areas, and the bottom was done! I sealed it at this stage because these have a lot of sharp edges, so paint rub-off was a big problem. After that, it was... pretty much just dotting the eyes. You can see I did some thin black wash on the faces - this doesn't look very good on the cameras, but IRL it gives just a little snoot definition which I quite like! I'm very pleased with the eyes - they're tiny, but they all look like they're looking in the same direction, and as out-of-practice as I am, I'm satisfied with that! the glint really makes them look alive, I'll admit - they weren't half as good without it! So, from here... I'm a little torn on basing them, whether to do an ocean-bottom base with some teenie shells and such, or whether to use the integrated base as a splash like they're leaping from the water? Probably the bottom base, tbh - I do love teenie shells! Either way - just waiting on some fresh greenstuff to arrive so keep an eye out :D Anyways - if you're going to Reapercon - grab some of these guys! They're super-light - I had them weighed at one point and I think this whole swarm was like an ounce? Just over? - and they're a great enemy to use in all sorts of encounters! Of course, Ixitxachitl on their own are fantastic enemies with some fascinating lore, but they also make great servants for other psychic evil beasties of the sea, like a kraken or illithid. You could also have them serving Ilxendren, their god, as companions to one of his other dark servants - a sea hag, evil mermaid, or wereshark, maybe? Or as the commander of other creatures in their god's name. Or, what the hell, you could use them as perfectly ordinary stingrays under the command of a non-evil mermaid or sea-sentient...
  7. Ordered some of the DHL Classics line to paint up as NPC/Enemy humanoids - Reaper Miniatures 03319: DHL Classics: Fighters (two of these) Reaper Miniatures 03327: DHL Classics: Fighting Women Reaper Miniatures 03297: DHL Classics: Female Rogues Reaper Miniatures 03335: DHL Classics: Wizards Reaper Miniatures 02005: Tox I have to say, these guys hit a great point between price and quality - I think it wound up being like 2.25 a model, and I like that the simpler designs on them make them faster to paint than some of the newer stuff...
  8. Hey, I'm back lol! So before I... stopped painting for almost a year so I could focus on my Transformers fanfiction, I was working on Reaper's fantastic set of sneeple, or snake people - these guys: Who make just perfect Yuan-ti Abominations. Now that I'm working on finishing them up, though, my gaze turns to Purebloods - the most human-looking yuan-ti subtype. The problem is I want them to fit in well with these Abominations and I'm not finding much. For reference, this is the 'official' pureblood miniature: Which, yeah - isn't doing it for me... Basically, I'm looking for miniatures that are - metal - reaper-scale - have a sun motif, if possible - are generally uncomplicated (no armor or bags) I'm not super-picky about human vs elf or anything - really I'm just looking for a couple models so I can order 6-8 of them and paint them up in the same colors as my Abominations... Anything coming to mind? Also if you know of any good Malison minis, HMU b/c I'm also hunting for those :D Minis I've found so far (for reference) Gars Necka (pureblood) - Serpentfold Evoker (malison type 1) -
  9. The Sagitarius mini is great, but I'd like to see more centaurs in that vein - since PC centaurs are medium in 5e...
  10. For a while I've been meaning to do a couple of character minis up, but I've been avoiding it since people are hard. Also, I don't have that many character minis, honestly - I turned most of them into melt last Reapercon to get more monsters! But I do need to fill out more general character minis, both to give me more options for one-shots, and to lend to my players. First off, I decided to do a fire sorceress, since that's a common enough thing to come up. Convinently, I have a faction of Phoenix-worshipers in my campaign world, so there's not a bad chance she'll see use as an NPC at some point, too... I used Bobby Jackson's great Courtesan mini, a nice simple figure with lots of great lines! I'm really pleased with how she turned out, especially her face! I'm trying a new technique for eyes, and while it needs a little fine-tuning, I think it came out really good. They look wonkier in the pictures than IRL, and I got them both looking in the right direction, which I'm very pleased with. I tried to use the same effects as for sheer cloth to give it the effect of this iridescent cloth I once had, that shifted from red-orange to a shimmering gold, and I think it came out well - certainly bright enough! I used a pale blue for her highlights, and her eyes, the same color for both - I wanted to give a little contrast to her cloths and warm skintone. Next up, Horace "Action" Jackson. I love this figure's afro - I wish there were more figures with that style of hair, especially in fantasy. I'm pretty pleased with how he came out! I based his cloths on a bard I painted ages ago. He's going to be a CoC character I play from time to time - a FBI undercover cop in the mid-1900s. The pictures make it obvious I need to go over his hair again, I can't see the irregular bits IRL. Very pleased with his eyes, though - he's got great focus down his sights! And to tease what I'll be finishing up tomorrow, the Pathfinder Venture Captain as a different, more specific fire mage: I decided to do her like a meteor, with strong black sections to break up a ombre from red to nova-white. The dress is just about finished - just the head and arms, and a few more details, to finish up tomorrow, and then she'll be all set. At some point, I'll get these all set up and based, and probably post them again at the end of the month or in February as part of a larger group-shot of everybody I do in the next few weeks - I'm planning to really clear out my PC minis as best I can, since I did so many minis in December that it basically hit my goal for three months in one.
  11. So, I don't typically do well at WIPs, but I'm gonna give it my best shot here, since I'm painting two waves of minis for this, and it's critical I remember what paints I'm using so the waves look similar. After finishing up (most of) my kobold pile (which I will at some point post, I promise!) I've decided to move on to another common humanoid mob, to pump me up to eventually work on my Gnolls and Orcs (hah!) Thus, I'm starting on my small mountain of Pathfinder Goblins! I have roughly 20 of these, and that's not just goblin maths - as far as I can tell, that's what I've got, though I do need to dig through my scrap pile one more time to look for stragglers. The goal is to take a week or two, tops, to paint all these... although We Shall See. I may get through Wave 1 and take a break, IDK. I have: Two full sets of 60017: Goblin Pyros 60014: Goblin Commando on Dog, plus a second, riderless Dog Two sets of 60006: Goblin Warriors, with only one of the Goblins who has a spear and sword, and an extra jumping Goblin And three extra Archers from 60006, to give me a couple more ranged warriors. All of these, if the SKUs didn't make it clear, are the metal versions. I painted the Bones ones a long time ago - I'll see if I can dig them out at some point, maybe for the Show Off thread. If I'm feeling ambitious, I wouldn't mind grabbing a few more of the riders, plus the 60018: Goblin Warchanter to round out the group a little. Also, I have a LOT of 03621: Gremlins somewhere, which may get based up 2-3 to a base as some kind of roachy kid goblins, since they're pretty simular in appearance to the PF gobbos. So, to start with this crew, I based 12 of them (my first wave) - all of the standing goblins except the archers, the side-spearmen, and the rider & dogs. My usual basing - display 30mm bases, with greenstuff pressed in and textured with a toothbrush, then the slotta pressed through and cleaned up. After that cured while I was at work, I hit them with a white primer basecoat. Next, I filled the eyes in roughly with Cavalier Orange. After giving that a chance to dry, I tidied them up with a border of Hodag Green, a nice dark cameo green that went on opaque, which will be darker than my eventual skintone. I then hit each mouth with Milani Rose, a darker-than-flesh pink that I plan to darken with a wash to detail the mouths. After that, I went on to some gear, since I was just blocking things in at this point. Goblins with caps got a coat of XX63 "p Red", one of my first red bottles, which has a destroyed label - I suspect it's Deep Red - the color I used for the caps on my original Bones Goblins. Goblins with blades (most of them, honestly) got a coat of Dark Elf Shadow, a dark purple that is going to form the base layer for the TMM I plan to use for these guys - most likely P3's Pig Iron. I also hit the torches with a layer of Cavalier Orance to start building them up for the eventual yellows and reds they're going to receive (I know that fire is red outside and yellow inside, but I'm going to ignore that, since the fire on these feels kind of weird to paint.) The Redcaps The Pyros Closeup, with everything painted so far
  12. For quite a while, the Shrieker has been my favorite miniature produced by Otherworld Miniatures. Their animals are lovely, and their other dungeon monsters are excellent, but their Shriekers are a fantastic sculpt of a monster I love using and really haven't seen one I like of anywhere else. They're really true to the art, which I appreciate: So when I got my set of them, I waited a few days to paint it, because I wanted to be sure I'd do it right... Also it took a bit to figure out how I wanted the tentacles on the Violet Fungus conversion... Then, last night, I said screw it, and painted them all up over the course of like 6 hours. It's been a long week. Aaaayyyyy! I'm really pleased with how they turned out, needless to say! Painting these was actually one of the more multi-step processes I've done lately - most of the stuff I've done this month has been pretty basic, since I've been focusing on getting stuff off my desk and finished... They weren't hard, though. I went in with a pretty good idea of both my end goal and my process, informed by some other miniatures I've painted - Reaper's mushroom men. I painted those up a long time ago, and I wanted to get basically the same stem effect on these as I had on them. I didn't remember how I did it then, though... but I knew that it involved a green, a white, and a wash. So I started with basecoats: a sort of army-green that has long since lost it's label for the body, and a pastel violet for the crown. Like a lavender. Then, I drybrushed - an even paler purple on the crown, and Osirian Sand on the trunk. After that, a wash on each - Druchii Violet on the hoods, and Army Painter Soft on the trunk - to darken and add depth to the hood, and knock down the green of the trunks. After that dried, I filled each hole with the same green as the trunk, then used Osirian Sand again to fill in the area under the hood and to rim each hole. From there, a simple wash of Soft over both areas had the mushrooms themselves finished. I picked out the shelf mushrooms on the sides with red, to better match the artwork and add a little more color contrast - I quite like them, although the idea of mushrooms growing on mushrooms is... odd. This lucky chap got the horn conversions for the Violet Fungi. He was painted the same way, and then I used Walnut Brown and Osirian Sand to fill in the horns. I only got one set of horns for all three sets of fungi I ordered, but I placed a second order (I decided I really wanted the wonderful Attercops they do, and some of their Carnivourous Apes) and mentioned it in the comments, so maybe I'll get the other two with that. I didn't want to make them mail something all the way from England just for that. These guys will probably get some of the same green flock I use for all of my cave minis at some point, but I wanted to make sure they were really, really dry first, since I'll never get a mis-applique out of that texture. Stilll, they're a lovely garden for my drow... Which is probably where they'll see the most use. Wonderful, wonderful monsters, easy to use as part of a low- or high-level campaign... Basically, they're the opposite of some of the more broadly useful monsters. They do one thing, but they do it amazingly, and that makes them stars. Am I going to use them for anything other than alerting enemies and hiding Violet Fungi? No. Do they need to do anything else to be perfect? ...Nope! Next up will probably be some beetles, but those will have to wait until Friday... I ran through a 100-pack of bases in the last month, and my next one doesn't arrive till tomorrow, so who knows what I'll do today...
  13. Lol! Don't worry, @Glitterwolf, I've got a whole pack of wolves based and primed... And I've actually got a German Shepherd and Bobcat from Dark Sword (I think?) that I'm working on ATM... Maybe I'll pull out some GS and sculpt some Sheep's Clothing on one of the wolves...
  14. For a while I've been running a teaching campaign called "Against the Goblins" to introduce younger players to D&D. That comes up fairly regularly for me... I've run it 3-4 times at this point. It's a simple little game, three sessions with 3 encounters a session, with a kid-friendly premise: the players have been driven from their homes by goblins, and escaped to a beautiful valley. Once there, they meet an elderly woman with bushy white hair (encounter one) who a few good skill checks reveals to be... a sheep, using wildshape to appear as a human... since it's a druid! It then reveals that all the animals in the valley have been given the ability to speak by runoff from a druid circle just uphill, and each species has picked a class - there's pig paladins, a hawk cleric, horserers, a grumpy bearbearian living in the woods, kung-fu chicken monks... The sheep then enlists the party to rescue her six fellow sheep from goblins. It's a lot of fun, so last Reapercon I grabbed a pile of sheep to paint up as tokens for it: Seven woolly boys... I mean, potent druids. Only the strongest, assuredly. I didn't go for anything revolutionary here - white wool, washes on the underbellies to dirty it up a bit, pink on the nose and ears, and little black eyes... Really quick, simple paint jobs. It's a fine sculpt, if a little smaller than I usually think of sheep, but I do like the rosette texture of the wool. While at Reapercon, I also decided to grab the shepherd: To make things a little more interesting. A flock of sheep is fine stakes for a bunch of 10 year olds, but a little... uninteresting... for adult players without something to spice it up. So the shepherd should make it a little more useful for stuff like that, with players being either implored to help by him, or having to rescue him and as much of the flock as they can salvage... And then I just did a couple of familiars, which I'll toss in here because I'm not making a seperate thread for just two birds... Neither is exactly a thrilling paint job, or a work of art, but they're practical, which seems to be the name of the game for me. Much as I'd love to do some really fancy sculpts, I'm just... Really enjoying getting things done? After not painting for almost all of last year, seeing stuff vanish off the bench and into a case is really cathartic. It helps that I'm back on Concerta after a long, long break - it really is a miracle for me... But yeah! I have a few PC minis I need to get done before Christmas, and a big pile of beetles (which I have yet to start) and Violet Fungi/Shriekers (based and primed) to work on, too. Then after Christmas, I have another, smaller order from Otherworld - some Ettercaps, since I decided I couldn't miss their fantastic sculpts of them, and a couple of their Carnivorous Apes... Plus I should probably find my Vampire Spawn, and there're zombies and ghouls to paint up for Strahd, and... well, it's going to be a good couple months. :D
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