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  1. Aard_Rinn

    Minis we would like to see

    More of those Thri-keen. Oh God yes.
  2. Just ordered 7x more ghosts from Reaper, to round out the four I had (from Reapercon). 03475 Labella DeMornay, Banshee - 6.99 x 1 6.99 03727 Drowned Spirit - 6.79 x 1 6.79 03964 Drowned Nymph Ghost: Banshee - 6.99 x 1 6.99 03965 Ghost Pirate Cook - 6.99 x 1 6.99 03966 Ghost Pirate Quartermaster - 6.99 x 1 6.99 03967 Ghost Pirate Captain - 7.79 x 1 7.79 03968 Ghost Pirate Bosun - 8.29 x 1 That gives me 10 ghosts for ghosting, and the Drowned Spirit, who is a bit more situational. I'm super pumped, I've been hoping the ghost pirates would come out in metal... I'd been oogling them in bones, but the rest of my ghosts are metal and I figured I'd wait and see. They'll look better this way, I think - I won't have to fiddle with painting opaques over the clears. Not something I was looking forwards to - my basecoat color for them is a bit fiddly. And then, after I ordered, I saw Merkalor was on sale... So I placed a second order. I guess he had been all day, but... I was starstruck by the ghosts, and didn't notice. So 2x ghoulie bags, unless someone at Reaper notices and shoves it all in a box together.
  3. Aard_Rinn

    Size of Wallcrawler 59018

    Actually, @Corsair, @Doug Sundseth, would you guys be interested in doing a group paint thread and seeing if we can get some other people in on this, if we're all looking to paint one? It might be fun for that!
  4. Aard_Rinn

    Size of Wallcrawler 59018

    I mean, while I am always a fan of another episode of Doug Sundseth's Bad Decision Thursdays , I'll clarify; it's not super-bad regardless. I grabbed a couple more pictures so you can see what I mean: If you look, the leg doesn't connect straight in - it's an insect leg with a knob of muscle before the straight, so you've got a very narrow area to pin if you want to get the right angle. That's a smal-sized paperclip for scale. Additionally, it does have those... quasi-pins?... that some minis have, a little ball of pewter to fit in moulded sockets along the side. I'm quite sure the legs can support the weight of the mini as moulded for display/light use, but if you're doing anything with a risk of top-down pressure they're going to warp and split, as much due to the thinness of the metal as anything. Putting it belly-down in GS/basing stuff is as much to prevent that as keep the legs attached... It's really fiddly, which is why mine have gone unassembled for 4+ years despite being one of my first loves from Reaper. That said I'd be really into seeing how you pin/assemble it! I'm working on a couple ideas for what to do with mine...
  5. Aard_Rinn

    Size of Wallcrawler 59018

    Aha! Pics acquired! The brass ring is 1". You can see that it's fairly large - it would squeeze onto a 1' display base, or fit comfortably on a 40mm base, even be large enough to fill a 2" if you wanted space to do interesting basing. I would say that a 25mm base would be too small. Below I've put one on a 32mm, 40mm, and 2" display bases - keep in mind that none of these are fully assembled, and the legs almost double the width of the body. They come in 6 pieces - the body, and a sprue with 4 identical legs and the head. Not too difficult to put together, but the legs are too fine to pin - you'll want to glue them in a position where they will not need to take pressure - possibly even gluing the body and leg tips belly-flat to the base, so the weight of the body is not on the legs. Also the legs are very fine and do not stay attached to the sprue, so be very careful opening the package - they're easy to lose! Sorry if that's more info than you needed - I figured I'd dump it here so people searching in the future can find it. I love this mini - I think it's heartbreaking how often it goes overlooked for being a Chronoscope, since I feel it has lots of great fantasy potential! And now that I've dug my little box of them out, I might just paint them... I've been meaning to for a long time...
  6. Aard_Rinn

    Size of Wallcrawler 59018

    I have a bunch - it's about 2" long, I'd call it a long medium. I'll grab pics at home.
  7. My goals: Mostly continuing to move through metal. I have... too much still, after this Reapercon, and while I started the year off with a bang last month, I need to finish more stuff if I want to have it mostly cleared through by next Reapercon... *laughs in unfinished minis* That said, for next month specifically: - Nagendra Warriors. I have ten of them, all primed up and ready to go. I'm going to do like four or five different scale patterns, based on a big variety of snakes, so I'll have to see how long this takes. - Seven Lizardfolk. The nice ones, that came out in Bones first. Wish these came in more varieties, but oh well. I have bowmen and club guys, and that will have to be enough. - Frogpeople. I have five of the little cute ones to do up as poison toad types. -Centaurs. Five of them - two spearwomen, two of the big man with the bow, and the cleric with the staff. That would be a very successful 27 minis, but I'd also like to keep making progress on my cultists! If I could hit around 30-40 minis, I'd be very happy with this month... and need to order a new Battlefoam case in November!
  8. Aard_Rinn

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm very pleased to see Narthalyssk and Amber making it into Bones! They're two of my favorite Reaper dragons from the older metal stuff, although i will say I prefer Amber... But they're both lovely, and, just as significant, they're the first really properly Huge dragons we've had in quite a while! Temple Dragon was lovely, but pretty solidly Large... These two, for anyone who hasn't had hands-on one, are very close to the Fire, Silver, and Shadow dragons already in Bones. Unfortunately it's a size that seems to be left on the wayside a bit too often IMO, considering how practical dragons in this age catagory are for mid-level adventurers... I have a copy of Amber on a shelf I may pull out to celebrate! I will say, I hope they're in Bones Black. Amber especially, I would worry about slouching if not. There's very little keeping her up.
  9. Aard_Rinn

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Aight, pls all help get us to some decent Aarakocraa minis, guys! Nobody at all has them, and an Aard has needs...
  10. Aard_Rinn

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Am I missing something, or are we this many waves in, and still no aarakocra figures?
  11. Aard_Rinn

    Sacrifices and Cultists

    Not much got done over the last few days, much to my annoyance. I had a super-long shift on friday, and then I went to the aquarium and to pick up more primer and a copy of the Pathfinder 2e manual down at the Citadel in Groton today. I did manage to finish up three ghosts today, though! Lurien, Ghost; Gauren, Necropolis Hero, and the Female Wraith (03170, 14168, 03799). I wish Reaper would do more ghosts like the Ghost Bride, although there are several other spirits I have my eyes on... I do like the very specific ghosts, though, that are more like NPC spirits than spooky spectres. I was gonna get distracted again and start on painting up the owl gryphon from the Dwarven Gryphon Rider, which I picked up earlier in the week as a player mount/NPC wilderness export for the next stage of their campaign, but the one I bought had two left wings, so... I sent Reaper an email, but I'm not sure what's gonna happen with that. So I'm basecoating the cultists at last!
  12. Aard_Rinn

    Sacrifices and Cultists

    Well... I have once again been naughty and strayed from the True Path of stuff that's explicitly on my list of things to paint, in favor of stuff that's... tangentially related to stuff I needed to paint. That said, some of the stuff is specifically for my D&D group over the next week, which is nice! Tonight, I just was really tired, so I went ham on some really easy stuff - ghosts and sculptures. I painted three of the column from 02043: Undead Rising, which TBH is a really delightful little piece to pick up if you have a chance - it was really easy to get it looking good, and it's really delightfully square. I don't recall it being in Bones, but it might be? Then I painted up that old classic, the 03659: Well of Chaos. I did this one a couple of times in Bones, and I really love it, but I have to say the metal version on this is much nicer. Not that the Bones one is bad, it's just nice how crisp it stays together, and how straight the back stays. I also feel like the octopus elf lady is much clearer and easier to paint in metal - I just drybrushed her in this one and she had a ton of clear texture to take the copper paint. I also did the 03718: Ghost Bride for a module I'm going to run with my players the week after next. I may also finish the Banshees I have based up for that tonight, or I might get lazy and wait... I wish Reaper had a few more of these more corporeal ghosts, and honestly I might grab another of her to paint as an actual woman... I also got a couple other ghost-themed minis based up - the sarcophegus with the roses on it, and the gravestone with a woman on it. And the tiki head from the little tribal guys, since I was doing so much stone already... And for the hell of it, I went and built my copies of the Reaper Silver and Amber dragons. They're both great sculpts right at the upper edge of what I'd consider painting in metal - but I do prefer the metal version to the Bones one for the Silver! And Amber's pose would be impossible in Bones. I'll start a new thread when I get around to starting them, though - they're going to be a bigger project than my current crop I think.
  13. Aard_Rinn

    IDing a Reaper mini...

    Aha! Found it! It was hidden under Furniture, rather than anything terribly sensible like "tomb" "grave" "marker" or "skulls"... It's the excellent sculpture from 02043: Undead Rising! https://images.reapermini.com/4/02043_G.jpg A really good statue, somewhat oddly paired with a really eh skeleton... not sure what these two have to do with each other tbh.
  14. Aard_Rinn

    IDing a Reaper mini...

    At Reapercon I grabbed a set of minis from the bins - they're little waymarkers or something, stone posts, perfectly square and a little taller than a human, with a stone imp carved atop it, and skulls all round. It's got runes on the side of the post. Can anyone give me an SKU or name for the set it's from? I've been looking for like an hour and both Google and the webstore have failed me with any common searchterms...
  15. Aard_Rinn

    Sacrifices and Cultists

    Aight. No pictures tonight, but the shade beasts are done, and I've got a pair of Shadow Demons on the way! I decided to grab the Efrit Emir (03322) too, because I've got a couple of uses for him, rather than a third Shadow Demon, since they're one that comes up more often as a summons rather than an enemy and I'll probably only need a few... I have the Hellhounds all ready to paint, so I might do them tomorrow rather than the cultists, though I really should just bite the bullet and start them. Also, I pulled out a set of Clawed Devils (02672) and did a bit of basecoating and such. Six of them, and while I don't use similar devils often enough to spend a lot of time on them, I'm willing to do them quick and dirty just to have them handy. I also have a flock of metal Barbed Devils that I could put together, and a couple Blood Devils, so I might just toss a ton of devils into this sacrificial nonsense thread, and make a sport of it. Of course, I got distracted over the weekend - did a pair of child-centaurs (the ones from the Zodiac) for a module, and then I finally just committed to my trio of Dire Boars and painted them up... So a productive weekend, just not one that I spent on this WIP. I have to see when our next NEMPA meeting is, or if a friend has a good camera... I really would like to just sit down with my new backdrops and everything I've painted so far and do an afternoon of photography.